Hareem Farooq is stealing the promotional campaign of Heer man ja

Team heer maan ja is in Islamabad to promote their movie. Earlier, they were in Lahore for the same purpose. During the promotions whole team of Heer man ja seems exciting Hareem has said during the Islamabad promotions that do come and watch movie, its a lot of team work and hard work guys, do own your cinema its your cinema. Hareem is doing her best possible to promote her movie and not only her movie but she is always urging the audiences to reach out to cinemas no matter what. No doubt she is the biggest cinema support at the time where there are few movies releasing in a year she always comes up with her production no matter how hard it takes her to be in the race. Being social media influencers we also urge the audiances to please go once, watch movie by yourself then say it’s a good or a bad effort. Meanwhile the beautiful Hareem Farooq and the Heartthrob Ali Rehman Khan seems too excited, from promotional campaign to release of the movie, they are enjoying every bit of it.
Here are few pictures of their promotional campaign.
Screenshot 20190808 194410

Screenshot 20190808 194350

Screenshot 20190808 194329

Screenshot 20190808 194313

Screenshot 20190808 194630

Screenshot 20190808 194605

Screenshot 20190808 194428


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