Mubashir Lucman Rates Channels, Actors, Singers and What Not

Beginning of a new year always comes with the reflection over how things went down in the past year, we reflect upon the good and the bad and wonder how things can be done better. The end of a year and the beginning of the next one is always marked with annual lists especially in the entertainment industry who was the best who was the worst all is compiled in many lists by many forums.


Mubashir Lucman rated what he thought were the bests and worsts of 2017 and here’s the list.

Top Entertainment Channels



2: ARY Digital



Bad Entertainment Channels


3: Urdu 1

2: Geo Kahani

1: PTV Home



Top Morning Shows

3: Subha Sawerey Sama Ke Sath

2: The Morning Show With Sanam Baloch

1: Ek Nayee Subha With Farah

Bad Morning Shows


2: Good Morning Pakistan

1: Geo Subha Pakistan


Top Dramas

3: Baaghi

2: Alif Allah Auur Insaan

1: Sang e Mar Mar


Top Actors

5: Azfar Rehman

4: Zahid Ahmed

3: Ahad Raza Mir

2: Noman Ijaz

1: Mikal Zulfiqar

Flop Actors

3: Feroze Khan

2: Danish Taimoor

1: Osman Khalid Butt


Top Actresses

3: Kubra khan

2: Sania Saeed

1: Saba Qamar

Flop Actresses:

3: Neha Rajpoot

2: Neelam Munir

1: Mahira Khan


Top Singers:

3: Nabeel Shaukat Ali

2: Aima Baig

1: Atif Aslam

Flop Singers

3: Sahir Ali Bagga

2: Sahir Ali Bagga

1: Sahir Ali Bagga


Top Films

2: Namaloom Afraad 2

1: Punjab Nahi Jaungi

Flop Films

3: Rangreza

2: Raasta

1: Verna


That sums up Lucman’s list when it comes to entertainment industry, watch the complete episode here.


Let us know what you think of his opinion.

Mariya Haider