Anchor Iqrar ul Hassan with his Wife Farah Yousaf – Latest Pictures

We all know who Iqra-ul-Hassan is. He is one of the nation’s hero who is serving his life as an anchor. He host a show Sar-e-Aam on Ary News where is disclose people who are doing bad toward others. He bring the real-truth about things which may get neglected most of the time.

Through Sar-e-Aam, Iqrar has helped thousands of people and continue to help the needy ones. He got married for the second time with an anchor person, Farah Iqrar, and the two are loving their married life. They are often seen spending quality time with each other and sharing beautiful moments.

Here are some of the latest clicks of Iqrar-ul-Hassan with his wife Farah Iqrar. Have a look!

Iqrar Farah 1

Iqrar Farah 2

Iqrar Farah 3

Iqrar Farah 4

Iqrar Farah 5

Iqrar Farah 6

Iqrar Farah 7

Iqrar Farah 8

Iqrar Farah 9

Iqrar Farah 10

Iqrar Farah 11

Iqrar Farah 12

Iqrar Farah 13


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