Asad Khattak Wants To Reconcile With Veena Malik

Asad Khattak has expressed his strong desire for reconciliation with Veena Malik to save their marriage.

Speaking to ARY News, Asad said, “I speak to Veena almost every hour and Mufti Naeem will help us solve our issues and everything will be fine INSHALLAH.”

Asad was all praises for Veena, “I will never want anything like this to happen because we (Asad & Veena) both have two beautiful kids and i love and respect Veena a lot. She is a good wife, a good mother and a good friend,” adding that “ALHAMDULILLAH we’re still husband and wife, there are a few misunderstandings and we’ll sort them out.”

“I met her yesterday only and everything is fine and we’ll soon come for an interview together,” he closed.

Actress Veena Malik tied knot with Asad Khattak in 2013, and they have parted ways after a little more than 3 years. They have two children together and the whole process regarding divorce was kept under wraps until recently.

However, Veena is still mum about the whole issue but her husband has expressed that he loves her and hopes that the situation will get better. We hope for the best for the couple and their kids.

Rimsha Butt