Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor’s Latest Photo Shot for Structure Health & Fitness

Pakistan superstar, Ayeza Khan, is all over the social media for the contentious character she is essaying in her latest drama, Meray Pass Tum Ho. She is one of the toughest starts in the entertainment industry. Ayeza never fails to amaze her fans with her spectacular acting on the television screen. 

Ayeza and Danish have caught the public eye with some striking photos on Instagram. Both are fitness freaks and shared some of their tips to stay healthy and physically fit. They had an amazing gym photoshoot for Structure Health and Fitness. 

Ayeza and Danish are madly in love with each other. We can clearly see the madness in their eyes in their latest clicks. The couple who exercises together, stays together. 

Have a look at the latest pictures of Ayeza and Danish. 

ayeza danish 1

ayeza danish 2

ayeza danish 3

ayeza danish 4

ayeza danish 5

ayeza danish 6

ayeza danish 7


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  • Ayeza is a national treasure and Pakistan loves her for her true representation of her country. This photo shoot is disappointing, what is the point? To advertise health and fitness there are many ways but this is going to hurt the sentiments of many who love her. What’s the point ?

  • LOL for this photoshoot 😂Totally a stupid one. If they are aiming for sexy shoot, they are clearly failing, I mean what exactly they are trying to show.

  • why are people overreacting to this. They are married. This is nothing compared to the kind of stuff most do in other photoshoots or what you see among the youth

  • Totally disappointing. What they are trying to show us??? Fitness or vulgarity. She is my favourite but this kind of things dont like. Sorry.

  • I think u all ppl r over reacting.. They both r husband and wife and where is vulgarity in the pics.. They both works very well and not vulgur at all. And this is photo shoot in the gym…

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