Cricket Heroes wishing Eid

The end of the Holy month of Ramazan is marked by the auspicious occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. It is one of the most celebrated occasion that is awaited by Muslims throughout the year. The fasts that Muslims observe during the Holy Month of Ramazan is rewarded by the celebrations of Eid. Our national heroes, expressed their love for the occasion and wished Eid to the fellow muslims in this way:

Muhammad Amir, who became a married man last year, posted a selfie of himself with the missus on twitter wishing his fans a happy Eid.

His fellow Champions trophy winners didn’t forget to wish everyone Eid Mubarak either:

And of course the selfie king wished his fans a great eid by attaching a selfie of himself with his better half and his adorable son:

Cricket stars, other than the members of Sarfaraz 11, also wished a happy Eid to the Muslim Ummah:

Arsala Khalid