I Don’t Need Fawad Khan To Be A Hit Actress, Says Hira Mani

Hira Mani who is currently playing the role of Hania in famous drama serial Mere Paas Tum Ho. She is a former VJ, host, actress and also a mother.

I Dont Need Fawad Khan To Be A Hit Actress Says Hira Mani 4She tied the knot with her fellow actor  Salman Saqib Sheikh and the couple have two cute sons named Muzammil and Ibrahim.

I Dont Need Fawad Khan To Be A Hit Actress Says Hira Mani 5Hira Mani has won hearts of people with her acting in Do Bol and Mere Paas Tum Ho.

I Dont Need Fawad Khan To Be A Hit Actress Says Hira Mani 6Hira Mani in an interview talked about she is a successful star. She believes she doesn’t need Fawad Khan to be successful.

“I don’t need Fawad Khan to be hit. I don’t need Sanjay Leela Bhansali to be hit. A person needs to perform well in order to get success which you can give anywhere. I got a lead role in my first project ‘Mohabbat Na Kariyo’. Then I lead in my second project and it goes on. So you see, nobody plays like me.”

I Dont Need Fawad Khan To Be A Hit Actress Says Hira Mani 3She talked about how she started working after babies and said, “I am the only actress who got success after having kids. I am the only actress who gave birth to babies and then appeared as a heroine on TV. With kids, I have tried for my career whether I can appear as a heroine and will the audience accept me?

I Dont Need Fawad Khan To Be A Hit Actress Says Hira Mani 7Here is Hira mani talking about her career:

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  • I’m a great fan of Hira’s these undiplomatic comments abt Fawad Khan & others are not in good taste overconfidence is not good

  • Fawad khan is a great actor,who popularity and mahira khan popularity happened at the same time,because the audienances loved their work in super hit drama humsafar ! Hira, you should just do the whole drama by yourself,you do not needs other actors, just you,you will find out there will be no audience, watching,too! This girl needs education about acting,it is reaction and interaction,with chemistry of the artists that when works ,creates believable stories in dramas and in films. Hira is coming across as very unlikeable, person !,

  • Please have some humility. Bushra Ansari worked as a mother to small children, so you are by no means ‘the only’. Your little fame has gone to your head and makes you seems quite unlikable.

  • Hira bibi your just one irritating lady.. I cant stand your acting.. in do bol u were hit cos of affan.. and yeah u ain’t the only actress who got success after having kids.. you just want attention lol.. and we all heard what a boyfriend snatched you are and how filmy you were when u played a mute girl in real to wooe mani.. 😂😂😂

  • One can clearly see she is taking a dig at Mahira, well let me tell you one thing Hira, Mahira and Fawad are amazing actors. They are self made, only because of their talent. people loved them for their tuning and awesome performances. you have none of those things with you. Good for you, you are getting projects but no need to talk bad about others, you need to learn how to be humble. Also try to be a lead actress and see if the drama works, you are no match to Mahira, Sajjal, Sanam Saeed or Baloch.. so instead of talking focus on your work… Best wishes..

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