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Ali Zafar at Indian Film Festival 2011

I was offered the lead in O21, Ali Zafar

In a recent interview to English Daily The News, Instep, famous artist Ali Zafar revealed he was offered the lead role in recently released film O21 which he refused.

Speaking about current scene of Pakistani cinema

“I would love to be a part of this new-age cinema but I have to do it on my own terms,”  “Nothing appealing has come my way in the last five years. I was offered the lead in O21 but I wasn’t sure about the concept then and I declined. I’m working on two of my own scripts at the moment. Both are going to be pure entertainment – that’s what the cinema-going public pays to watch.”

O21 was released on Eidul Azha in October 2014 and Shan performed the lead role in this film. Earlier Ali Zafar also refused the character of Sarmad in film Khuda Ke Liye a role which was later performed by Fawwad Khan.


Rashid Nazir Ali