Mahira Khan Is Faysal Qureshi’s Celebrity Crush

Celebrities in Pakistan have always talked about their celebrity crushes in talk shows but it rarely ever happens that a Pakistani celebrity feels that way about another star in Pakistan. Well guess what, it looks like our very own gifted, versatile and immensely talented Faysal Qureshi has those kind of feelings for Mahira Khan.

Mahira Khan Is Faysal Qureshi's Celebrity Crush

Yes you heard it right in a recent morning show which is hosted by Faysal himself Faysal’s friends on the show said a few things which clearly pointed out the fact that Faysal had special feelings for Mahira Khan. Faysal was also blushing when they were cracking these jokes. When Faysal asked Faizan Sheikh who he would give a flower to if he had a choice between Mahira and Hareem Farooque. Faizan remarked of course I will give to Hareem because I will be in trouble (get a beating from you) if I give it to Mahira. Then Addi said that if Faysal had such two options, he wouldn’t even be able to look at the other actress because he would be too busy looking at Mahira.

Mahira Khan Is Faysal Qureshi's Celebrity Crush

This is very interesting. We are wondering if Mahira knows that the very talented Faysal Qureshi feels this way about her. It was really cute watching Faisal Qureshi being in the middle of such a situation!