Sanam Baloch’s Amazing Dressing in Khaas

Sanam Baloch has won hearts over the years by giving some memorable performances ever since the beginning of her career. Sanam Baloch not only started young but she got a chance to be a part of some of the superhit dramas in her career span. Sanam Baloch had left such a mark in the drama industry that when she took a long break to focus on hosting a morning show, the audience always wanted to see her back on their TV screens in dramas. Sanam Baloch has proved time and again that she is a phenomenal actress. There was a time that no big drama used to be complete without Sanam Baloch’s addition in the cast.

In 2017, Sanam Baloch finally made a comeback in ARY Digital’s Teri Raza. As much as her fans were excited to see her back, they were left feeling underwhelmed with both Sanam Baloch’s acting as well as the choice of script that she chose to make her comeback. However, Sanam Baloch is now appearing in Hum TV’s Khaas, written by Sarwat Nazeer and directed by Danish Nawaz. Khaas is actually turning out to be a really good drama and it is looking like a good choice that Sanam Baloch has made at this stage of her career.

Sanam Baloch plays the character of Saba in Khaas. Saba is the kind of girl who grew up seeing her father and mother sharing such a perfect bond. Love, care and respect was what Saba learned was the foundation of a successful relationship and in her subconscious she also set this precedent for a relationship to work. After her marriage, Saba has gone through all kinds of emotions because she is in such a relationship which is toxic but seemingly looks perfect. Saba’s character has faced a lot and Sanam Baloch has given it the right kind of treatment and styling to make it seem more real and relatable.

Sanam Baloch’s styling is perfect in literal sense because she has not kept her character looking too made up and prim and proper throughout her journey. She has shown different shades and also has kept a focus on how emotions and dark phases affect one’s entire personality. Saba’s character seems realistic and relatable because Sanam Baloch has also not relied too much on makeup in some of her scenes. In some situations where Saba was going through the worst, Sanam Baloch didn’t wear makeup and kept her dressing absolutely simple and monotoned to show that Saba is just like all the regular girls out there who have their fair share of the goods and the bads. She fights the hardships, she is defeated, she picks herself yet again and continues to face the storm bravely.

Sanam Baloch has worn some amazing dresses in Khaas and her overall look and styling is very realistic because it keeps on transitioning, to portray the mental state that Saba is in at the moment. Sanam Baloch has relied on variety when it comes to dressing, she has worn some very formal dresses to showcase her character as a newly married girl. Then she also has worn some semi-formal dresses to show that she is expected to look presentable at her in-laws. When Saba’s character goes through miscarriage, Sanam Baloch chose some very simple dresses to showcase that getting ready and looking good was the last thing on her mind. Kurtas have also been a huge part of Sanam’s wardrobe in Khaas because this way, she has showcased that she also relies on casual yet decent dressing when she is at her husband’s home. Hair tied in a bun and kurtas give Saba’s character a very realistic look. The one who is responsible for styling Sanam Baloch’s character has done a fabulous job. Also, all the designers that she has chosen to wear in Khaas have really proivded her with some amazing clothes. One of the dresses also took over the internet and Sanam Baloch shared the details of the designer on her Instagram too. The designers have played with different colors and there’s not even a single color left out that Sanam Baloch has not worn. Different fabrics, different colors, embroideries, self-printed dresses, chiffons, georgettes, every single fabric has been used in dressing Saba up and all of it has looked absolutely beautiful. Sanam Baloch’s perfect frame and physique has also played a huge part in letting these clothes shine.

Let’s take a look at Sanam Baloch’s beautiful dressing in drama serial Khaas:

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Have you noticed Sanam Baloch’s dressing in drama serial Khaas? Which ones have been your favorite? Share your thoughts.

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  • Wow! This collection looks awesome. Sanam styling/ dresses selection has remained nice and realistic as Saba before and after marriage. Though noticed, this article will help many ladies out there opt some dresses for their wardrobe too. ;)

  • Beautiful dresses almost all of them but same drama also has worst dressing of actoress playing nida sanams sis in law..awful shalwar kameez …though its good to see they all are wearing shalwar kameez like any other pakistani family wear at homes but why nida is wearing so awful n plain dresses🙄

  • I noticed her grey black kurta with dupatta in the 2nd episode then starteda observing her every dress and ended up on this page. Fabulous…designer needs to be appreciated

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