Siridevi Appreciating Sajjal Ali

It is human nature to love and value appreciation. It is especially delightful to hear that someone who is more experienced than you in your field, more renowned than you, more respected than you, praising you. Sajal recently worked with India’s veteran actress, Siridevi in the film “Mom”.She plays Sridevi’s daughter in the movie. it is reported that the two actresses got really close thanks to the shooting of the movie. This alone is a huge achievement for Sajal as it is considered rare for Siridevi to mix up so quickly with her colleagues. Sirdevi is a huge name in India and Pakistan and to receive compliments and praises from her is a dream come true for any actor. We are pleased to inform you that Pakistan’s Sajal Ali’s dreams did come true when the legendary actress showed her unabashed appreciation to her acting during the shoots.Want to know what she said and how she acted towards our young star? Watch the video to find out!

Arsala Khalid