Sonya Hussayn Talks About Her Absence From The Screen And Reveals Her Forthcoming Projects

Sonya Hussayn, a proven talented actress has been missing from our television screens since quite a long time. She has assayed some very challenging roles on television like in her drama serials ‘Don’t Jealous’ and ‘Nazo’ but now she is no where to be seen as she has kept herself away from acting. In an interview with Express Tribune, when she was asked what’s kept her away from the small screen, she gave her reasons.

She said:

‘I have indeed come a long way from where I began, I know that for a fact and at this point in my career, I don’t want to take up something that’s conventional or something that I know I’ve seen before,”

She also said:

“You see hundreds of serials are made in a year and I understand that that’s important to sustain a 24-hour transmission, but just because of that, will I compromise on the kind of work I want to do? Of course I wouldn’t!”

Sonya also shared that she would be appearing in a drama serial shortly, which is penned by Mohsin Ali and produced by Fahad Mustafa. The name of the serial is ‘Pakeeza’ in which she has been cast along with Nadia Khan, Sami Khan and Saba Hameed. She has also disclosed about her character in ‘Pakeeza’.

”Pakeeza raises a very relevant debate. It addresses the adversity of social media and how it can conveniently ruin a girl’s and her family’s life in our society,”

She also shared:

Pakeeza, after which the serial’s been named as of yet, is a very real character and even though I’ve been fortunate enough to have never gone through what she does, I do know of incidents where girls have been manipulated like this which is just not acceptable. Why is the girl to be blamed for having the freedom she deserves? I think it’s something that hasn’t been addressed, but it must be.”

She said that she has started shooting for ‘Pakeeza’ just a week before and she is confident that the script is extremely gripping and holds numerous subliminal messages for both, men and women of the society. She further added:

 ”It’s on the social taboo of how dangerous social media can be. It is a disturbing story, but I can assure that it won’t make the viewer uncomfortable.”

Apart from Pakeeza, Sonya has been working on Imran Malik’s feature film, ‘Azaadi’. The movie is patriotic, action-thriller and will portray the struggle of Kashmir’s independence, while also highlighting feminism through Sonya’s character. The movie also stars Moammar Rana, Javed Sheikh and Nadeem Baig. While sharing her views about ‘Azaadi’ with Express Tribune she said:

”It’s a beautiful film, that’s been shot exceptionally well across the northern region of Pakistan and also a spell was done in Thailand. In a nutshell, it offers quality cinematic experience, while also awakening the inner patriot in you. Playing the protagonist, I couldn’t have asked for a better film debut.”

Sonya’s comeback on television is long awaited and hopefully she will deliver the best as she always do. We wish her luck for her upcoming projects on both television and big screen.

Ayesha Omair