10 Best Looks of Sajal Aly From Ye Dil Mera

Sajal Aly is one of the finest actors of Pakistani drama industry. She joined the industry at a very young age and has worked in a lot of dramas which gave her a lot of opportunities to refine and groom herself as an actor. Sajal Aly always believed in convincing acting and displaying her skills, this is the reason she always impressed the viewers with her performances. However, in the last few years, Sajal Aly has also groomed herself and has started paying more attention to how she carries her characters in different dramas. This is the reason her looks and styling is very different which suits the dynamics of her character. This also gives her characters a realistic feel and then the rest of the impact is made with her measured acting.

Sajal Aly has garnered a lot of appreciation for her work in her currently on air drama Ye Dil Mera. It is due to end this week, however Sajal Aly has done enough to leave a long lasting impression on her fans, followers as well as all the drama viewers because of the acting she has displayed in the last few episodes. Alongside being a fine actor, Sajal Aly is also beautiful and the way she has looked gorgeous in all the episodes of Ye Dil Mera, is a proof in itself.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best looks of Sajal Aly in Ye Dil Mera:

The Casual Attire

The character of Ana is shown to be a girl in her early 20’s, therefore when the drama began, Sajal Aly kept her attire very casual and comfortable. However, she made sure that the overall look was still chic and stylish. She wore a lot of Tees and carried them with such effortlessness, that it looked like she perfectly represented that demographic. Her T-shirts were mostly simple solid colored or striped, but it suited Sajal Aly a lot.

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The University Wardrobe

Sajal Aly wore western wear during the university phase of Ana’s life. The only difference was that she threw in some checkered shirts over her plain tees and voila, she was ready. This was a perfect way of showcasing how ease and utmost comfort is the priority of the university going students who do not want to put in too much effort. The layered shirts worn on top of skinny fit jeans and jeggings was a good choice of Sajal Aly. In Ye Dil Mera, Sajal Aly’s personal wardrobe preferences can easily be seen throughout the journey!

Sajal Aly 2 9 Sajal Aly 3 9 Sajal Aly 4 8 Sajal Aly 5 8 Sajal Aly 6 7 Sajal Aly 7 6 Sajal Aly 8 5 Sajal Aly 9 5

The Office Attire

This phase of Ana’s life didn’t last for too long but the few scenes where she was working as an internee at an office, her overall looks were stylish and chic. She usually wore jackets and slim-fit coats on top of skinny jeans, knits and completed the looks with heels. Her styling during the office scenes was on point. A few classy accessories and different hairstyles gave her a very sophisticated look.

Sajal Aly 1 8 Sajal Aly 2 8 Sajal Aly 3 8 Sajal Aly 4 7 Sajal Aly 5 7 Sajal Aly 6 6 Sajal Aly 7 5 Sajal Aly 8 4 Sajal Aly 9 4 Sajal Aly 10 4 Sajal Aly 11 3 Sajal Aly 12 1

The Knits and Oversized Sweatshirts

Most of Ana’s wardrobe consisted of knits and loose sweatshirts. She has worn these at home, at university and also in Daryabagh. She carried them stylishly as well. By going for a variety of knits and sweatshirts, Sajal Aly got to wear a lot of different colors, such as bright blues, reds, browns, yellows and greys, which showed that every color looks good on her. She stuck to the jeggings and skinny-fit jeans throughout the drama and with a frame as petite as hers, she has carried it flawlessly.

Sajal Aly 1 7 Sajal Aly 2 7 Sajal Aly 3 7 Sajal Aly 4 6 Sajal Aly 5 6 Sajal Aly 6 5 Sajal Aly 7 4 Sajal Aly 8 3 Sajal Aly 9 3 Sajal Aly 10 3 Sajal Aly 11 2

The Bridal Looks

In Ye Dil Mera, Ana had her engagement party, Nikkah ceremony, then she is seen in her mayoun dress and then as a bride. In all four of these scenarios, Sajal looked beautiful and with a little change in makeup, her overall styling and looks completely changed. Sajal Aly has given a lot of thought on how to show Ana’s transition from a pampered only child and university student to a married woman, which proved to be pivotal for a visual effect and growth of her character.

Sajal Aly 1 6 Sajal Aly 2 6 Sajal Aly 3 6 Sajal Aly 4 5 Sajal Aly 5 5 Sajal Aly 6 4 Sajal Aly 7 3 Sajal Aly 8 2 Sajal Aly 9 2 Sajal Aly 10 2 Sajal Aly 11 1

The Newly Wedded Girl’s Styling

Sajal Aly once again wore very simple trousers and long shirts in a few scenes where Ana is shown to be going for a dinner or getting ready to go out. Plain solid colored shirts and white trousers, at times black chiffon shirt and trousers with long dupatta. She didn’t miss to wear nude heels, dangling earrings and bangles, which was enough to show her as a newly wedded girl. She has shown that the simplest of dresses when worn with confidence and grace end up looking so elegant and stylish.

Sajal Aly 1 5 Sajal Aly 2 5 Sajal Aly 3 5 Sajal Aly 4 4 Sajal Aly 5 4 Sajal Aly 6 3 Sajal Aly 7 2 Sajal Aly 8 1 Sajal Aly 9 1 Sajal Aly 10 1 Sajal Aly 11 Sajal Aly 12

The Semi Casual Eastern Attire

Ana also wore a couple of kurtas during the day when she was newly married to Amaan and would wait for him at home or go around looking for clues. The choices of kurtas were just right and also gave another edge to her character that she had pretty much given up on her tees and wanted to look presentable all the time wearing fancy design kurtas.

Sajal Aly 1 4 Sajal Aly 2 4 Sajal Aly 3 4 Sajal Aly 4 3 Sajal Aly 5 3

Different Hairstyles

Sajal Aly has carried so many hairstyles as Ana and has looked perfect in each one of them. Sajal is blessed with naturally beautiful hair, therefore the hairstylists made the most of it and did everything they could to give her different looks using variety of hairstyles. She has worn her hair in fancy braids, in buns, has worn them in lose luscious curls as well as kept them straight. In all the different scenes, her styling was taken a couple of notches ahead with perfectly styled hair!

Sajal Aly 1 3 Sajal Aly 2 3 Sajal Aly 3 3 Sajal Aly 4 2 Sajal Aly 5 2 Sajal Aly 6 2 Sajal Aly 7 1

Fresh Looking Minimal Makeup

Sajal Aly has worked a lot on the kind of makeup that she wears in her dramas. She does not need much makeup but because it is the demand of the camera, she makes sure not to go too heavy handed. In Ye Dil Mera in particular she has kept her makeup to an absolute minimum and has gone for the looks which make it believable that a young girl can do that much makeup to get ready to go out. A thin layer of foundation, an eyeliner thin enough to accentuate the natural beautiful eye shape of hers, neutral shades of browns and lots of mascara is what Sajal’s makeup is all about. She also wears lip and cheek tints to give her face a healthy flush of pink and that’s all that she needs.

Sajal Aly 1 2 Sajal Aly 2 2 Sajal Aly 3 2 Sajal Aly 4 1 Sajal Aly 5 1 Sajal Aly 6 1

The Winter Wear

This was worn by Ana during her visit to Daryabagh and this was probably the most stylish look of all. She wore beautiful jackets on top of plain tee-shirts, knits, skinny jeans and long boots. She also added in different mufflers which completed the winter wear look and during the last few episodes, her styling has definitely caught the attention. The loose curls, natural looking makeup and such stylish yet simple western wear has definitely become Sajal Aly’s look to remember.

Sajal Aly 1 1 Sajal Aly 2 1 Sajal Aly 3 1 Sajal Aly 4 Sajal Aly 5 Sajal Aly 6 Sajal Aly 7 Sajal Aly 8 Sajal Aly 9 Sajal Aly 10

This completes the list of 10 best looks of Sajal Aly from Ye Dil Mera. Have you also noticed how gorgeous she has looked throughout the drama and how perfect her styling has been? Which one of these looks and attires are your favorite? Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below.


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