Asim Azhar Releases First Bollywood Song “Humrah”

We know that Bollywood love’s Pakistani artists especially our singers. If you look into it, before the tensions between the two countries rose to a breaking point last year, collaborations between Bollywood and Pakistani singers was a must. In fact Atif Aslam and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan were a regular where Bollywood film songs were concerned. Out of the every 10 films that came out, 7 would feature a song by Atif or Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

After the cultural collaborations between India and Pakistan became suspended, a number of tracks recorded by Pakistani artists were re-recorded in India by Indian singers. Amongst these, was the film Malang’s track Humraah.

Although Malang already featured Nescafe Basement’s Bol Hu, by Soch the band- Adnan & Hadiya Hashmi, as its background score, the film also had Asim Azhar’s vocals for another song titled Humrah.

Because of the tensions between the two countries, Asim’s song was re-recorded by Sachet Tandon and was featured in the film.

However, Asim Azhar did receive credits for his contribution in the film and was mentioned as an official part of the film’s music.

Now, Azhar, has released his own version of “Humraah” and this one is a captivating track. Asim Azhar’s vocals have already received a lot of appreciation from across the border as well and had his version been used in the film, we were sure, the singer would have been the recipient of a debut award across the border. Nevertheless, here we are enjoying Humraah from Malang for the time being.

Tell us how you liked the song too.

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