Effective Weight Loss Tips By Pakistani Celebrities

There are so many people who are constantly trying to lose weight yet they have no idea where to start from. Recently, many Pakistani celebrities started speaking about their own weight loss journeys. The changes in these celebrities’ outlook after their massive weight loss are evident which makes everyone wonder how they managed to change their bodies drastically. It is interesting how some of these weight loss tips are more or less the same. To sum up, making up your mind comes before everything else. We all know that healthy eating is the only way one can lose weight but there are also some modern techniques that these celebrities used to lose this weight. Some of them also shared their complete diet plans which could really help those who want to start their weight loss journey.

Here are the most effective weight loss tips as explained by Pakistani celebrities in different interviews:

Ahmed Ali Butt

Ahmed Ali Butt was always the overweight host and actor. He was never afraid of mocking his own weight and could clearly be termed as someone who was comfortable in his own skin even back then. However, it is true that weight gain brings with it a lot of health challenges. Keeping that in consideration, when COVID became a bitter reality, Ahmed Ali Butt decided to use the lockdown in his favor. His wife was already health-conscious; all he had to do was follow his lead. He switched from intermittent fasting to proper fasting as a religious ritual. This did not only result in weight loss but also made him spiritually strong. Here is Ahmed Ali Butt sharing how it all started and which path led to making him successful in losing weight.

Here is a before and after picture of Ahmed Ali Butt which shows that he managed to lose a great deal of weight. After getting all this weight off he looks smarter than ever.
Effective Weight Loss Tips By Pakistani Celebrities

In an interview he gave to Instep, he also shared that he basically wanted to be healthier and more active therefore he decided to go on this weight loss journey. He also shared his full diet plan. He shared that he started with a 16:8 ratio of intermittent fasting. After that, he did the OMAD (One Meal A Day) diet for almost three weeks but then realized this was not healthy and went back to intermittent fasting (16:8). Then he switched to a liquid diet and according to him almost 70 to 80 percent of his diet was based on liquids and around 25 percent of his diet consisted of light food.

He also stressed the importance of consuming lots of water and liquids. He also drank protein shakes and ate grilled food. For the longest time, he was having two meals a day and made sure that he kept his calorie count in check. After a few months when he had started losing weight considerably, he switched to a balanced, nutritious diet. He shared that he wasn’t doing high proteins and was consuming 1600 to 1700 calories a day, making sure that he was eating moderate proteins with healthy carbohydrates and fats.


Iqrar-ul-Hassan is one of those few media personalities who are not in mainstream showbiz but have managed to maintain a big fan base. In the past few years, Iqrar has lost a lot of weight which has changed his overall look. He made a detailed video covering his weight loss journey. He shared that due to his active participation in ARY’s Ramazan Transmission, he was expected to look good on screen. Therefore he always tried to lose weight but it was really difficult for him to stick to a proper plan. He gave Adnan Siddiqui credit for giving him a piece of advice that helped him a lot. He asked him to follow the portion control method which enabled him to eat what he liked without gaining weight. Here is a comparison collage that shows how much weight Iqrar has lost.
Effective Weight Loss Tips By Pakistani Celebrities

In this video, he shared how despite being a foodie, he managed to stay on track. Apart from the food choices, his circle of friends helped him by making sure that he was not tempted by food while he was out dining with them. He also shared the importance of brisk walk. Listen to what he has to say because it will surely help you in losing weight.

Uroosa Siddiqui

Uroosa Siddiqui has recently been in the news often because of her amazing transformation. Just like some of the other celebrities on this list, Uroosa was happy with herself even when she was overweight. She did not lose weight because she hated her body but this was a decision that she made when she found it difficult to do her mommy duties because she did not have the stamina. She wanted to have the energy to take care of her son and therefore decided to bring a lifestyle change. Uroosa has asserted repeatedly that a person can only truly embark on a weight loss journey and succeed if they have their mind made up that they want to reduce weight. Therefore, once she made up her mind, healthy eating and calorie deficit helped her turn things around. She went from being overweight to becoming slim only after this realization.

Effective Weight Loss Tips By Pakistani Celebrities

In different interviews, Uroosa shared that cutting out junk food completely from her life did wonders for her. Just like most celebrities who lost weight, a calorie deficit and regular exercise helped her attain her desired weight. She also admits that she is still on her weight loss journey since her weight fluctuates.

Faryal Mehmood

Faryal Mehmood is known for her confidence and straightforward style just as much as she is for her acting talent. When she joined the showbiz industry she weighed 96 kgs and right now she is a size zero and in her own words underweight for her height. When Faryal was overweight, even then she was confident but gradually people told her that she will not get any acting projects if she did not lose weight. Faryal took up that challenge because she wanted to make a place for herself in the showbiz industry. Even though the task was difficult but with the help of her trainer, she managed to do what seemed impossible at one time. Here is a before and after picture of Faryal that says a great deal about how far she has come.
Effective Weight Loss Tips By Pakistani CelebritiesFaryal has always been really open about her weight loss journey. In this detailed video, she talked about what worked for her and what did not. She also shared that she used the criticism against her in her favor by using it as a motivation to work out.

Saba Faisal

Saba Faisal is one of those older actresses who have always maintained their weight and look great on screen. Her fitness goes to prove that you can be at your best at any given age. Saba Faisal has worked hard over the years to look young and attractive. She is the perfect combination of beauty with brains. She is also an inspiration for all the ladies her age to stay fit and active.

Effective Weight Loss Tips By Pakistani Celebrities

In a recent interview, she shared in detail how she manages to look so attractive. She shared that she has completely cut out chapatti, rice, and sugar from her diet. She prefers eating boiled or barbeque food. She also has an eating window and she does not eat after 9 even if she is working long hours. Here is what she had to say:

Aijaz Aslam

Aijaz Aslam has been associated with the showbiz industry for decades yet he still looks just as fit today as he did 20 years back. Behind this fitness, there is an entire regime that helped him stay fit and healthy ever since he was only 14 years old. Aijaz Aslam shared that he used to be a really chubby kid because of which he was always bullied. He got tired of the bullying and at the age of 14 he made up his mind that he was going to start eating healthy and exercising. The journey that started then is continuing to date. He shared his entire routine in detail which shows how dedicated he is to stay fit. Here is his entire diet plan along with the dos and donts of a healthy lifestyle:

One thing is obvious from all these weight loss tips, losing weight requires a lot of dedication and steadfastness. Also, all these celebrities proved that while it is difficult to lose weight, it is not impossible. We hope that all these success stories and diet tips will help our readers who want to embark on a weight loss journey.


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