Mohsin Abbas Haider Shares Why He Posts So Many Pictures With Minimal Clothing

Mohsin Abbas Haider is known for his brilliant performances, people who follow him on instagram know that he posts pictures in which he shows his built up body without any reservations. When Mohsin was invited as a guest on One Take, he finally told why he does so. Mohsin also read the comments of the people who find such pictures inappropriate.

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Mohsin started off by telling that he started going to the gym and working on his body when he had to appear without a shirt in Na Maloom Afraad. At that time the director of the film said to him that his body should look ‘presentable’ if he was going to appear without a shirt in the film. That is when he joined the gym and there was no looking back after that.

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Mohsin Abbas gave candid replies to all the criticism and also gave one logical reply. He said that he posted his picture only in his underwear because some people were saying he only works on his upper body and not his legs. He also said that in all the weight lifting competitions men wear minimal clothing therefore there was nothing wrong with these pictures. He also added that he had no wish to be Salman Khan of Pakistan and the reasons behind posting such pictures were entirely different.

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