Naimal Khawar Has A Beautiful Message For Her Sister

Naimal Khawar Khan is a wonderful human being. An actress who quit showbiz to follow her passion for art, Khawar has been married to Hamza Ali Abbasi since August 2019.

Recently Naimal Khawar’s sister got married and now, Naimal, who absolutely adores her, shared a beautiful message for her sister.

“If anyone knows me personally, they will know how important this person is to me. But my most favourite thing about us is our conversations. Fizzy and I can spend hours talking to each other, from art to cinema to justice to religion to cats. Every conversation is always so enriching, so nourishing,” wrote Naimal stating that her sister Fizza was very important to her.

naimal sister 2

“Our paths in life have gone completely different ways but we always keep coming back to each other and reminding eachother of who we truly are. Thank you for existing fizzy and being an amazing fellow film buff, art fanatic, and a complete hopeless romantic,” added Naimal further.

Naimal also shared a couple of other pictures of herself and his sister.

naimal sister 4

naimal sister 3
naimal sister 1

Naimal Khawar Sister 1

Naimal Khawar Sister 2

Naimal Khawar Sister 3

Naimal Khawar Sister 4

Naimal Khawar Sister 5

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