Nazr e Bad Episode 7 & 8 Review – The Consequences!

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Nazr e Bad were quite interesting & had a lot of development to their credit. I love how all the characters are getting equal coverage & their ordeals are being shown in a very detailed manner. So far I believe they have stayed true to the message that they had in mind, which is letting your ego get the better of you, & I wish the drama right till the end doesn’t lose its impact. I must say, I like this drama for the fact that it has some scary scenes too but yes, that means I am not watching this drama alone anymore, haha. Even though I am good with the scary & horror movies but this one scares me like anything. :/

So, despite all the odds, Maham & Aftab got married. I liked the fact that Aqmal took a wise decision & hurried in this marriage because he knew that misunderstandings were ruining this relationship. I actually thought that Aftab would stand by his wife’s side through thick & thin but as the story progressed, it looks like he is going to act like a typical husband who will only find faults in his wife & will believe everything that he will be told by his mother. Considering that Aftab got married to Maham after falling in love with her & he literally stood by his decision, I was expecting better from him, especially in the matter where he would give his wife the time to adjust & would deal with her with a lot of patience. The way Aftab was reacting just a few days after marriage made it look like he has been married to Maham for years & the novelty has worn off!

So, the first consequence that Parvez had to face for getting involved in black magic was losing his father & what’s sad that was Shamsi Chacha didn’t let him go to the funeral because he knew this was the moment to test Parvez & to know what he is made of. Parvez chose to fall prey to everything that Shamsi told him, using Maham’s name & since he is so blinded by his one sided love, he stayed back. Everything that Humera said to Nusrat was meaningless, she conveniently blamed Nusrat for her father’s death but then again, I really hope one day she finds out that it was the price that their entire family had to pay for the things Parvez was doing.

To be honest I find Shahista’s character quite annoying. Yes, it is alright to have compassion for your family members & your nieces & nephews but then how can she be so shameless that even after Maham has gotten married, she is helping Parvez to instill the seed of doubt in Aftab’s heart against Maham? Maham is just as much of a niece to Shahista as much as Parvez is her nephew, but to see an aunt literally planning & plotting to ruin her niece’s married life is something intolerable. For a moment I also believed that Parvez’s apology was heartfelt & he was actually trying to score some brownie points in front of Maham’s parents but I didn’t know he was only putting up a show that too on Shahista’s suggestion. That entire scene was quite amusing later when it was exposed that it was only an act.

Salma really needs to accept Maham, yes, it is quite evident that she doesn’t like Maham but to create misunderstandings in such an early stage of marriage goes to show how lifeless she is. All her conversations with her ‘friend’ were absolutely boring yet amusing at the same time. To tell Maham to dress up like a newly wedded girl & then telling Aftab that she was showing no remorse over losing her Taya was a bit too much. The way Aftab believes everything that his mother says & doesn’t allow Maham to speak makes me think this marriage is already doomed. Maham has tried to come clean a lot of times regarding the misunderstanding about her & Parvez being involved in a relationship but looks like Aftab has brain-fed himself into believing that what Maham is saying isn’t true, that is why he seems indifferent to her already.

The scene where Maham spotted the piece of meat was scary, her reaction was believable & it was good that at least in stead of keeping it to herself, she decided to share it with her mother. Nusrat is right in feeling that this is something that Almas’s family is capable of. I really think Nusrat should leave this place, like she should convince her husband to move out because everything that is happening isn’t healthy for her family. I had a good laugh seeing Abeera making a pass at Ahmer, like her father has just died but she has moved on & on the other hand, Maham is being reminded of her Taya’s death time & again & is being told to act like she is mourning the loss of a relative!

All the scenes which showed Parvez carrying out the rituals were scary like anything. Shamsi finally died & he passed on his entire asset; his knowledge to Parvez, it made him feel empowered but little does he know what he is doing with his life. It is actually scary that Parvez himself has seen the life Shamsi has lived & the death he has died, still he is perfectly alright with everything. Parvez’s friend is equally responsible for what Parvez is doing because now he has told him to start making money on it by turning it into a business & Parvez is obviously going to follow his instructions because it is an easy way to make the money plus he literally doesn’t have a mind of his own!

Overall, this drama has been quite an interesting ride. What they are showing is a true depiction of what is happening these days & these things are far more prevalent in our society than we can imagine. The acting of all the actors & the direction of this drama has been really strong. The story has been conveyed convincingly. They also touched upon the fact how daughters in law are held accountable & responsible for any mishaps in the family, like this mindset is also so dominant in our society which definitely needs to be changed. So far all the actors have been quite impressive in their performances & the main leads, Sara Khan, Ali Abbas & Azfar Rehman are doing an amazing job! Definitely looking forward to the next couple of episodes. Please share your thoughts about these episodes of Nazr e Bad.

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