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Pakistani Actors Weight Loss Pictures and Secrets

Pakistani actors know that they need to lose weight in order to look good on screen. Although, these actors were equally talented and confident when they had put on weight but most of them realized that if they lost weight they will look even better. Then there are those actors, who lost weight specifically because of the fact that they needed to look good on the big screen. Some of these actors just realized somewhere along the way that losing weight was the right thing to do in order to feel good about themselves. All these actors shared their weight loss journeys in interviews and confessed that they got a great deal of criticism and were not given the kind of projects they wanted to be a part of when they were overweight. There are also those celebrities whose weight loss journeys were part of some kind of a healing process.

Here is a list of actors who lost a lot of weight in the past few years and a detail about how they lost the weight, why they lost it, how they felt when they were over weight and how they felt afterwards.

Sana Fakhar

Sana Fakhar was one of the most acclaimed film stars of her time. She disappeared from the big screen for sometime but then reappeared on the small screen with a big bang. Lately, she has also been playing substantial roles in different films. Sana Fakhar’s weight loss isn’t just about losing weight but for her it was a lifestyle change. Unlike other celebrities, she never did crash dieting, she ate healthy, counted her calories and regular visits to the gym played a major role in changing her mind and body altogether. Sana Fakhar has never been this fit. She also keeps on sharing her most effective exercises with her fans and followers.

sana fakhar 2

Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan’s recent pictures on her Instagram page clearly show that she has lost weight. Sarah Khan it seems is working on her physical fitness and her work more than ever. Although, while replying to one of the fans she said that she has not lost any weight but a comparison with her pictures few months back shows that she most certainly has shed some pounds. She had a chubbier look before but now she is more slim than ever. Sarah Khan definitely is not one of those actors who want to share their weight loss secrets therefore she is denying the fact that she in fact has lost weight.

Sarah Khan 1 2

Hareem Farooq

Hareem Farooq has talked about body shaming and her struggle with her weight more than any other actress. Hareem also said in one of her interviews that her weight does not define where she stands as an artist. Hareem Farooq however knows only too well that in order to play lead in a film, she just had to lose some pounds therefore she went on a high protein and low carbohydrate diet. Hareem Farooq said that she was not only diet conscious but she also exercised a lot in order to make sure that her body gets toned down. The difference between Hareem Farooq’s before and after picture is crystal clear.

Hareem Farooq 2

Nimra Khan

Nimra Khan recently lost so much weight that it was unbelievable especially because of the fact that she did so in such a short span of time. Nimra Khan started her weight loss journey when she was offered to be the showstopper for one of the leading designers in the industry at the Bridal Couture Week. Nimra Khan’s diet plan was extreme, there were no carbohydrates in her diet at all and it consisted mainly of eggs and apples. Nimra Khan also shared that she used to drink a special vegetable soup to keep her from losing her hair and damaging her skin. Nimra Khan also said that it has been difficult keeping herself away from the food she loves but it was totally worth it because now she enjoys wearing clothes she couldn’t fit in to before.

Nimra Khan 2

Faysal Qureshi

Faysal Qureshi was always a phenomenal actor but he wasn’t always as slim when he started his acting career as he is now. In fact Faysal Qureshi was like any other chubby young boy with a lot of confidence and a big personality. Faysal Qureshi has shared that Aijazz Aslam’s influence helped him lose weight when he changed his diet and also started going to the gym. Faysal Qureshi also keeps on saying that for him green tea has been a game changer since it helped him burn fats and speed up his metabolism.

Faysal Qureshi 2

Maya Ali

When Maya Ali entered the industry she was not chubby but she did look like she had some extra weight on. Well, Maya Ali’s weight loss journey started right after she joined television but when she had to play the lead in Teefa In Trouble, that is when she lost a great deal of weight. She shared in an interview that she had to limit her diet and had to leave her most favorite foods because even if she took a few calories extra or ate something she was not supposed to then her trainer used to make her work extra hard in the gym. Lately, Maya Ali has lost even more weight and according to Shehryar Munawwar the reason for this is that she no longer eats food but only smells it! Maya Ali says that she is now consistent and happy with her present weight but some of the fans think that she has lost her beauty because of excessive weight loss.

Maya Ali 2

Feroze Khan

Do you think Feroze Khan was born looking like a hero? Most certainly not! Feroze Khan was always a chubby kid and he only started training and dieting when he decided he wanted to make debut on television. Feroze Khan shared in an interview that being overweight all his life, he never thought he could do it but his persistence coupled with all the help from his mother who used to cook his diet food, made him what he is today – a physically fit young man. Feroze Khan believes that if someone like him who was always a foodie can lose weight than anyone can do it. Feroze Khan shared his old pictures to motivate all those young people out there who think that they cannot lose weight.

Feroze Khan 2

Hira Mani

Hira Mani looks really smart even though she is a mother of two boys. Some people must think, Hira Mani was always this slim but that is not the case. She gained a lot of weight few years back but when she was more serious about her career as an actor, she decided to lose weight. Hira Mani is also one of those actors who do not share how they limit their diet but she did share that Yoga has helped her a lot. Her recent pictures also suggest that like many other actors, she too has decided to start proper exercising in order to look even more young and fresh.

Hira Mani 2

Faryal Mehmood

Faryal Mehmood has lost a tremendous amount of weight and she openly talked about how it happened. Faryal shared that before starting her showbiz career she honestly had no idea just how overweight she was. She said that very often people would tell her to lose weight and comment on how overweight she was. That is when she started to realize that she really needed to do something about it. Faryal said that she tried all kinds of diets but eventually it was Faysal Qureshi who took her to the gym one day and then there was no turning back after that. Faryal Mehmood said that now going to the gym and staying fit was something that was part of her lifestyle.

Faryal Mehmood 2

Hina Altaf

Hina Altaf talked about her weight loss journey and how important it was her in detail. She shared that she was depressed and physically unfit, she did not have the stamina she needed to do her work and that is when her doctor recommended that she should change her diet and start exercising. Hina Altaf said that she took small steps which eventually led to great results. Hina also said that drinking coconut water and eating organic low calorie food was a major part of her diet. She said that there was a time when she was spending a huge amount of money on food. Hina Altaf also said that when she joined the industry she was so overweight that no one wanted to give her leading roles in dramas therefore for her losing weight was necessary for her mental health as well as for her career.

Hina Altaf 2

Nadia Khan

Nadia Khan gained a lot of weight after her first pregnancy and she was also hosting her morning show at that time. She was under constant criticism which she said was really unfair given the fact that this was the first time ever that she had gained weight. Nadia Khan relied solely on counting her calorie intake and focusing heavily on fruits which were not fattening. She also shared that while she was trying to lose weight banana was one of her favorite snacks.

Nadia Khan 2

Juggun Kazim

Quite interestingly, Juggun Kazim is one of those actors who actually stayed and survived in the business for the longest time even though she was overweight. Juggun Kazim lost a lot of weight specifically before her marriage and the difference between her appearance is huge. Juggun Kazim shared that she changed her eating habits and that is what changed things for her. She said that she was not used to being overweight since she had been slim always but gained weight after her pregnancy and never tried to lose it. She shared that the overweight person she had become was just not who she was therefore shedding off that weight and being slim was something she was much more comfortable with.

Juggun Kazim 2

Sanam Jung

Sanam Jung was also hosting her morning show when she started gaining weight due to her pregnancy. It was not easy for her to host the show while being overweight. She said that she used to hide behind chairs and tables and tried every trick to look less fat but nothing worked for her. Sanam Jung followed a proper diet plan and has been doing extensive workouts to get back in shape. She has lost a lot of weight but she thinks she wants to and needs to be even more fit.

Sanam Jung 2

Farah Shah

Farah Shah started her showbiz career as a newscaster and later on she started acting too. She used to be really smart but then all of a sudden she gained so much weight and looked twice her age. She was being cast in characters which did not suit his age because of the weight gain. After realizing that losing weight was a must in order to bag good projects, she lost weight and since then has been seen in many important projects. Some people also think that apart from dieting, Farah Shah also got cosmetic surgery done.

Farah Shah 2

Zara Noor Abbas

Zara Noor Abbas’ overall appearance has most certainly changed after she lost a few kgs. In a recent interview she openly talked about how she was body shamed and how it affected her. Zara Noor Abbas said that people used to tell her that her arms and thighs were too fat therefore she should think twice before wearing sleeveless or jeans. She also said that people suggested shortcuts like liposuction and other surgeries. She said that she decided to limit her diet and go to the gym instead and since then she has lost a lot of weight.

Zara Noor Abbas 11

Ayesha Omar

Ayesha Omar was never too overweight but she has definitely lost a lot of weight. Ayesha Omar shared in an interview that she always thought she didn’t need to lose weight but actually she did. She said that now that she looks at the before and after pictures she realizes that she needed to lose weight. The difference in Ayesha Omar’s overall appearance is quite apparent from these pictures.

Ayesha Omar 2

Minal Khan

Minal Khan joined the industry as a young girl and she has grown into a beautiful young lady now. She decided to lose weight along with her sister Aiman Khan and this progress was gradual which basically proves that she worked hard to reach her perfect weight. Now that Minal Khan is more fit than ever, her beautiful features are more obvious too and she looks great in Eastern and Western outfits both.
Minal Khan 2

Ayeza Khan

Ayeza Khan always tries and stays fit but after giving birth to her first baby, she gained weight. This was right after her most popular drama serial Pyare Afzal went on air. These before and after pictures in the same outfit basically show how much weight Ayeza Khan lost within a few months. Ayeza Khan is really particular about her diet and high calorie food items are never an option which is why she never gained this kind of weight after her second pregnancy.

Ayeza Khan 2

Sana Javed

Sana Javed was also one of those actresses who were slightly overweight but she always looked pretty even with that extra weight. Sana Javed started a crash diet when she signed her first film Mehrunisa V Lub U. Nida Yasir shared in her show that Sana Javed’s diet was so extreme that once she fainted on the sets of her film. Sana Javed denied that and said she was following a healthy diet in another show.

Sana Javed 2

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