Rabi Pirzada’s First Live Video After Her Videos Went Viral

Rabi Pirzada’s pictures and videos were Viral. The pictures and videos took internet by storm and it was top-trending on Twitter.

Rabi Pirzada's First Live Video After Her Videos Went ViralMany people bashed her for recording her private pictures and video but a massive number of social media users also came forward to extend their support to Rabi Pirzada, condemning the individuals who have been part of the breach of privacy.

Rabi Pirzada's First Live Video After Her Videos Went ViralLater on, Rabi announced to leave the world of glitz and glamour. By taking it to social media, Rabi made the announced in a tweet saying, “I, Rabi Pirzada am quitting showbiz. May Allah forgive my sins. And soften the hearts of people in my favour.”

Here is Rabi Pirzada’s complete video

Rabi Pirzada's First Live Video After Her Videos Went ViralAfter this controversy, Rabi Pirzada for the first time came live on social media and gave her statement. In the video, she announced that she will no more be working in showbiz. She is going to devote her life to Allah’s path.

Rabi Pirzada's First Live Video After Her Videos Went ViralShe believes it’s a trial from Allah because she is coming closer to Allah. She said, Whatever I made, it was private, it’s between me and my Allah. I am guilty of Allah.”

Rabi Pirzada's First Live Video After Her Videos Went Viral

“So many people offered me jobs, TV commercials, films, TV programs, and concerts. Like I always said, the kind of response that we get on the negative viral content,” Rabi shared.

Rabi believes her body belongs to one and only Allah and said, “Many women offered me support. We will protest for you. No one will dare to talk against you, those like #MeToo #MeraJismMeriMarzi. But no, my being belongs to Allah or my body is Allah’s will. I have disobeyed Allah in my privacy.”

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  • May Allah help u in ur current situation
    B firm in ur decision and avoid listening to negative ppl just focus on Allah He will cure all the wounds In sha Allah

  • May Allah accept ur true prayers. May b this way u have to c the right path. May Allah bless hidayat to everyone including me & forgive our sins ameen

  • Beshak Allah ki zaat maaf krny wali kafi h hum logo ko chahye ko isko support kren na k zalell agr hum kisi ki aiboon p parda daly gy to akhrat m allah hamare aiboon p parda daly ga

  • U dont need to justify ur self infront of anyone if u truely beleive what u said. No one is saint in this world. Dont publicize ur self now.. it wil be good for you.