Shahid Afridi Gets Angry at Wife?

It’s hard to raise kids, no parent would disagree. If they do, then they are certainly raising them wrong. Having a kid means being responsible for their actions because after all, it traces back to you in the end. Children are known to imitate what they see and hear which is exactly why a parent needs to be very mindful of the environment his/her child is growing up in ; the things that the kid is looking and learning. Young mind’s are very impressionable and Shahid Afridi’s story proves it. Children form a connection between a husband and wife. A mother and father are equally concerned with the well-being of their child but sometimes their this connection can be the cause of a discord between the spouses or for one to lose temper, like in this case. Watch the video to know why Shahid Afridi got angry at his wife and what he did in anger:


Arsala Khalid