Syed Jibran with Wife Afifa Jibran at Birthday Party Last Night

Birthday parties are the most fun event which everyone loves to attend. Whether it’s a little kid or a young lady, there is no age limit to celebrate birthdays. You get to share food, love, and most of all you get to share beautiful memories with your family and close friends. 

Our celebrities love to celebrate their birthdays with their family and close friends. They then post their pictures over social media to share them with their fans. They show-off their dresses, jewelry, makeup, and other accessories through their pictures on Instagram. 

Jibran and Afifa have been spotted attending a birthday event of their close friend. Their pictures went viral over the Internet and the couple became the talk of the town once again. 

They look perfect together and are #couplegoals.  Here are some beautiful pictures of Afifa and Jibran attending the birthday party.  Have a look at how much they all are enjoying the birthday event!

Afifa Jibran 1

Afifa Jibran 2

Afifa Jibran 3

Afifa Jibran 4

Afifa Jibran 5

Afifa Jibran 6

Afifa Jibran 7

Afifa Jibran 8

Afifa Jibran 9

Afifa Jibran 10


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