Tau Dil Ka Kya Hua Episode 11 – Interesting Developments

The treatment given to this amazing script by the director Shahid Shafat has made this drama one-of-a-kind. It isn’t very often that we get to see dramas on our channels which are shot and written in such a unique manner. TDKKH has an artistic feel to it; it is slow-paced yet appealing. Watching this drama is like reading a novel, the slow pace of the drama and the manner in which it has been directed allows you to savor all the wonderful moments. I can’t praise Shahid Shafat enough for doing complete justice to the script because had he not done so it could have been a complete disaster! Mansha Pasha and Sami Khan stole the show yet again! Dariya and Faris are two beautifully etched-out characters which you can easily fall in love with really quickly. Their interactions are a treat to watch and are always the highlight of every single episode. Dariya and Faris have their own weaknesses which make their characters even more appealing and easy to connect to. Their honesty as well as their confusions add more layers to their characters.

Dariya’s character in particular is like a breath of fresh air. We are watching a female character like hers for the first time on screen. She is confident but she is not batameez – in our drama most often confident also means the girl goes around telling everyone off! She loves someone who has friend zoned her but she never once has been shown feeling sorry for herself. Also, she has made it clear multiple times that she will never beg Faris for his love. I absolutely loved the dialogue about internship, this is the kind of confidence which makes Dariya’s character one of the best female characters we have seen in Pakistani dramas. She is modern, confident, kind, loving, straightforward, practical, well-educated and extremely likeable. Siraj Uncle and Dariya’s scenes are always directed and acted out so well too. It is great watching Rehan Sheikh excelling in another wonderful role.

Maya finally decided to call her mother and apparently the divorce is not final yet so she still has the option of going back to Faris. Although Faris said that he hated Maya now but that just sounded like something he did not really mean. Maya has been shown as an egoistic girl who would much rather break than bend therefore I am waiting to find out what her next move will be since she will probably not go back to Faris either unless he asks her to come back to him. Ayeza Khan in particular gave a brilliant performance tonight. Her expressions were beyond impressive in all the scenes.

Faris and Zoya’s relationship is equally interesting and also one which keeps you guessing. Is Maya the reason why they are so close to each other or is there some underlying attraction between these two? The way Zoya hung up when Faris told her how he carried her to the hospital suggested something like that and Faris also proposed to Zoya once. Even though he did so because at that time he was desperately trying to get a closure but the preview of the next episode also suggested that he will say something to that effect again to her.

Thankfully, Saif is not being given a lot of screen time lately! His track is more appealing if it does not get a lot of screen time otherwise Zahid Ahmed’s acting tends to disappoint. Overall, tonight’s episode was yet another brilliant episode of a drama which is proving to be unique and entertaining.

How many of you watched tonight’s episode? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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