Top 10 Scenes From Popular Dramas of 2019

Year 2019 was nothing short of a treat for the Pakistani drama viewers. The drama makers gave the TV audience a lot of memorable and superhit dramas throughout the year. Pakistani dramas always hit home because they are based on reality and due to that, the audience get so involved and engaged in the dramas that they always rejoice when they get to see the situations they were waiting for. Such scenarios often form memorable scenes, they leave an impact and stay with the viewers for a long time.

This year, there were some iconic scenes and memorable scenarios in all the superhit dramas that were being watched by the viewers on a large scale. Good direction, effortless acting, properly worded and meaningful dialogues as well as the approach of actors make certain scenes unforgettable.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 scenes from popular dramas of 2019:

Mariam’s Answer to Ahmed’s Atrocities (Kaisa Hai Naseeban)

This scene was in the last episode and it was long overdue. Kaisa Hai Naseeban was a story of a young innocent girl Mariam (Ramsha Khan) who was mistreated and exploited at the hands of her in-laws. Her husband Ahmad (Muneeb Butt) continues to stoop to new lows every single time and leaves no other option for Mariam to walk out of this toxic marriage. In the end, even after facing so much of humiliation and cruelty when Mariam decides to call it quits, Ahmad continues to showcase his mentality by abusing and accusing Mariam. This scene was iconic because it depicted the beginning of new phase in Mariam’s life who was not afraid anymore and was ready to take charge of her life. Mariam slaps Ahmad and it sure is a rarity which we get to see in our dramas where a wife slaps her husband for the atrocities he puts her through.

The Deadly Fall (Cheekh)

This scene shook the viewers because it came at a time when no one saw it coming. Nayab (Ushna Shah) falls from the terrace of her friend Mannat’s (Saba Qamar Zaman) home when the rest of the family is busy having a great time celebrating Haya’s (Azekah Danial) engagement. Cheekh was a story of murderer Wajih (Bilal Abbas Khan) who tries to get away with what he had done but in the end, he does pay the price. Cheekh drama did well in terms of viewership and popularity but the drama on the whole was dragged and stretched. However, this scene definitely was iconic because it was unexpected and directed really well. This changed the course of the entire drama and had people guessing for weeks about who must’ve pushed Nayab.

When Noori Makes Up Her Mind (Ranjha Ranjha Kardi)

This was the turning point of Ranjha Ranjha Kardi. It was the defining moment because the viewers kept on guessing what Noori’s decision would be. It was a deliberate effort by the writer to keep the viewers in the dark about Noori’s character but just in the second last episode of superhit drama serial Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, things were put into perspective. Noori (Iqra Aziz) contemplated leaving her husband Bhola (Imran Ashraf) and going far away with the man she once loved Sahir (Syed JIbran) but when she figures out his reality and gets to see his true colors, she plays along only to find out what he was planning to do. Till this point in drama, no one was sure what Noori’s decision would be but this entire scene changed the way viewers looked at her and perceived her character. Things become real when once vulnerable Noori stands tall in front of Sahir, looks at him in the eye and turns his game over. Iqra Azia and Syed Jibran were brilliant in this scene and the perfectly worded dialogues made this scene unforgettable.

When Salma Gives Ammar & Kanwal A Reality Check (Khaas)

This was probably the best scene of the entire drama. Although drama serial Khaas turned out to be quite impressive as the story progressed because it dealt with the subject which is not often explored, it also had a lot of meaningful and memorable scenes but this one in particular was the best. The fact that made this scene and argument so important was because Ammar (Ali Rehman) and his mother Kanwal (Saba Faisal) get the kind of reality check which was very much needed. Kanwal continued to feed the ego of her narcissist son Ammar but then comes Salma (Hira Tareen) who shows them a mirror, puts things into perspective and rightfully blames Kanwal for not parenting her son properly. Kanwal always covered up Ammar’s sick ideas under the veil of humor and jokes but Salma bursts that bubble for them. Hira Tareen surely was the star of this iconic scene and her effortless dialogue delivery added more meaning to it.

Sameer Channeling Out His Complexes Through Sameera (Ishq Zahe Naseeb)

This scene hands down has to be the best scene of all the episodes that have aired of this drama. Ishq Zahe Naseeb is a product of intelligent writing, good direction and phenomenal acting but there are quite a few moments which have left an impact. However, this scene made it very clear that the Sameer (Zahid Ahmed) who carries a facade of a tough and sorted man had so many fears and complexes hidden inside him. Sameer has always used Sameera (Yumna Zaidi) to channel out his feelings and gives words to all those emotions when he feels miserable, lonely and unworthy. This scene was so impactful because of Zahid Ahmed’s phenomenal performance, he just did not allow the audience to look away from their TV scenes. Yumna Zaidi also intelligently played along and also played her part really well in making this conversation impactful.

When Abru Says Yes (Meer Abru)

Meer Abru was an amazing story which covered all the emotions such as love, jealousy, hatred and vengeance in a phenomenal manner. It was a story of two strong-headed individuals who went through a transition to find themselves as well as each other. This drama did really well in terms of popularity and both the characters of Meer (Noor Hassan) and Abru (Sanam Chaudhry) were well received. Unfortunately, one of the best characters Saim (Mirza Zain Baig) passes away, which then allows Meer to earn a place in Abru’s heart for himself and it turned out to be quite an interesting journey. This drama had a beautiful happy ending with Abru saying yes to Meer’s proposal, but the fans were upset because they did not get enough of the sizzling chemistry as well as some memorable scenes of Meer and Abru together as a married couple. Meer Abru’s ending was a perfect case of ‘its all well, when it ends well’.

Badar Confessing His Love (Do Bol)

Do Bol was another megahit drama serial of 2019. It was a perfect case of simple story executed well where the script was simple and focused on the importance of the relationships. Do Bol struck a chord and attained the well deserved popularity for all the right reasons. Do Bol had a lot of simple, meaningful scenes which made the viewers experience all kinds of emotions but this one definitely was the best out of all. In this scene, Badar (Affan Waheed) for the first time comes clean and confesses that he lied and manipulated the situation to get closer to Gaiti (Hira Mani). Badar’s love for Gaiti goes through a transition where he starts off by loving her selfishly but then ends up learning the importance of loving his wife selflessly and this is what was needed to be said and he says it. Badar lets Gaiti know how guilt stricken he was because the thought of losing her made him do things he was never proud of. Gaiti and Badar’s love story was one of its kind, it surely was unforgettable and iconic and this scene was beautifully acted out by both Hira Mani and Affan Waheed.

When SSG Got Caught Red Handed (Ehd e Wafa)

This was the best scene of Ehd e Wafa for sure. This scene was of utmost importance because it not only opened the drama but set the mood right from the very beginning. This scene promised the fans and viewers of the drama that they were in for a ride and it was going to be quite a journey covering the bond and friendship of SSG boys – Saad (Ahad Raza Mir), Shariq (Wahaj Ali) Shahzain (Osman Khalid Butt) and Shehryar (Ahmed Ali Akbar). The direction, camera work and the acting of all the boys in this scene especially was perfect. Not to be forgotten, the credit also goes to the warden Firdous Baig (Sajeed Uddin) for acting as an icing on the cake in this iconic scene.

The 2 Takay Ki Larki Moment (Mere Pass Tum Ho)

This scene does not deserve any justification or explanation as to why it has been placed in this list. This scene and the dialogue from Mere Pass Tum Ho broke the internet and everyone could not stop talking about it. This dialogue also acted as a meme generator and it goes to show how popular and well received it was by the fans and viewers of this drama. This scene covered the heartbreak of Danish (Humayun Saeed) when he was losing his love, his wife and the mother of his child Mehwish (Ayeza Khan) to her boyfriend Shehwar (Adnan Siddique). No one expected it to take such a turn where after Danish smoothly plays along and allows Mehwish to leave, he lets her know her worth right before she walks out of his life. This dialogue turned the drama viewers crazy and it is going to be remembered for a long long time.

Slap of The Century (Mere Pass Tum Ho)

This was another iconic scene of Mere Pass Tum Ho. This was the game changer, the moment which redefined everything for Mehwish that too when she did not see it coming. This scene was an intelligent piece of work by the writer as well as the director because of which it left such an impact. Mehwish was on cloud 9, she was ready to conquer the world she had always imagined for herself but she fell flat on her face when Maham (Savera Nadeem) slaps her. The viewers who are closely and keenly following Mere Pass Tum Ho rejoiced at the fact that Mehwish finally got what she deserved for betraying her husband in the worst possible manner, that is why they even trended #SlapofTheCentury after the episode containing this iconic scene went on air. Another important detail of the scene was an introduction of Maham’s character and the fact that it was such a well-kept secret with Savera Nadeem turning out to be the one who was playing this role. Ayeza Khan’s expressions were flawless, she depicted Mehwish’s state of shock brilliantly as well as Maham’s resentment and coldness was portrayed phenomenally by Savera Naseem.

This concludes the list of top 10 scenes from the best dramas the viewers got to see in 2019. Which one of these scenes are your favorite. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. (zolpidem)


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