Visaal Episode 9 & 10 Review – Engaging & Entertaining!

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Visaal were pretty interesting & thoroughly entertaining. Visaal has become one such drama that I actually look forward to & enjoy watching. The story is simple, the execution is simpler but the overall impact, despite being simple is somewhat magical. It is like you are not watching a drama but a tale…the sepia tone with that music in the background really take the overall experience of watching Visaal a notch higher!

Akram decided to become Akku in front of Naheed for the very first encounter they were going to have. It is because Akram is not only not interested in Naheed, but also because he is not in love with her. I was actually surprised to see Akram pulling off this stunt because he wasn’t scared of Molvi Ghufran or his image, considering Naheed could tell on him.

Naheed’s aloofness & cold attitude just shows how she is not happy with this marriage. Akram doesn’t meet Naheed’s expectations & standards that she had set for her life partner. She just surrendered & that is why she herself is in no mood to make things work that is why even after seeing Akram’s reality, she just didn’t react, or may be she assumed that he was being a bit too casual in front of her now that she was his wife? But then again, the kind of conversation Akram had with Naheed, talking about the boys who must’ve been interested in her should’ve shaken Naheed a bit at least but she really didn’t seem bothered. This entire behavior of Naheed actually sheds a light on the emotional battle that she is fighting within. Naheed can not seem to concentrate on anything because the guilt of betraying her best friend Pari, the one who trusts Naheed with her life, is weighing her down. Even though Naheed poses to be all normal but deep inside, she has this mayhem which is her undoing. As I was thinking about it, I would hate to see Molvi Ghufran & his wife getting hurt & betrayed by Akram but honestly, this is something that Naheed has called upon her, herself!

Finally, Shabbir & Pari were back on track. Shabbir himself saw how Pari isolated herself & to some extent was punishing herself too & being a loving father that he is, he just couldn’t ignore his daughter anymore. It was so sweet to see Shabbir putting every ounce of embarrassment aside, only to promise Pari that he will take her to see Naheed. Shabbir knows that Naheed means so much to Pari, that is why, he wanted to make her happy. The conversation that Pari & Shabbir had trying to bring themselves to find out who it was that destroyed their lives was so heart-renching. Shabbir thought it must be someone ‘new’ someone who didn’t know Shabbir & Pari personally to do something like this. I wonder what their reaction will be when they will find out that it was Naheed?

Shabbir was already in hot water at his job & people thought merging his personal life with his professional was their right, that is why, they not only demoted him from his position but also decided to elect a new union leader too. It was good to see Shabbir fighting for his rights but then, there was not much that he could do as he never ever imagined that this professional animosity would take such an ugly turn that he’d get attacked like that.

Akram finally got to meet Pari, the girl of his dreams but then his friend also told him that she was recently involved in a scandal. I liked that even though Akram has an ulterior motive, he decided to get to the root of this issue & I truly believe he is the only one who can solve this case. Yes, he is doing it for his love of Pari but I am kind of relieved that he has Naheed in his grip, that will make things quite interesting & I am sure a bit difficult for him too because Naheed will try to steer him away from the clues that might get him closer to her; the culprit! I so wish, Taimur had manned up a bit & contacted Shabbir or Pari on a personal level but he just ran away. Yes, Taimur does feel bad & wants to fix everything but then again, he left everything behind like a coward. Taimur is wise enough to know how this scandal must be affecting Shabbir & Pari so in stead of listening to others, he should take matters in his hands!

Overall, I really really enjoyed watching these two episodes & it just keeps on getting better but then again, praising any drama these days seems like a bad idea because it then guarantees unnecessary prolonging & dragging if it starts doing well with the audience. I so hope that is not the case with Visaal. At first, I was not feeling Zahid Ahmed’s acting but now he has won me over, I really enjoy Akram’s subtle conniving attitude which Zahid has portrayed brilliantly. Saboor Ali as well as Hania Amir are doing a great job too. I am not sure why Tauqeer Nasir is overplaying a majboor baap, his expressions give the vibe of it being an ‘act’ & not a natural peformance. Anyways, I am looking forward to the next episode. Please share your thoughts.

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