Aik Pal_ Episode 6

7th Sky entertainment had disappointed a lot in the past few months, and that is why I was reluctant to give Aik Pal a chance. I was sure that it would be too preachy and full of stereotypes but after watching it, I was proven wrong. Good job Sarwat Nazir, for keeping the balance. Last week, I criticized Bareera’s character for being too OTT and Omair’s for being cliched and the readers mistook my statement for the fact that I did not like Aik Pal as a whole or that I don’t find a balance in it. The fact is that I do enjoy watching Aik Pal but I am a reviewer and my job is to point out the good and bad in the show after watching it.  You can agree or disagree with me and I won’t mind, because I love reading your comments, unless they are not harsh.

The episode was good and a lot happened in it, especially the university scenes. Bareera didn’t forgive Mus’haf for the proposal and indirectly told Omair that Mus’haf is causing problems for their marriage. Poor Mus’haf was beaten by Omair but being the good person he is, he did not tell anyone about who beat him. Bareera smiled when her friends talked to her about the beating and refused to visit Mus’haf in the hospital. The way she immediately decided to abandon her father for Omair was unbelievable too, but I am glad that Mus’haf was there to save the day.

Areej Fatyma’s dressing was marvelous today. The black jacket over the pink printed T-Shirt and jeans looked totally cool on her. Later in the rishte wala scene she looked amazing in the red top and jeans. Her makeup was better than before, thus I enjoyed Bareera’s scenes today. Danish Taimoor was good as always. Him and Areej totally rock as a couple and that is why I loved the way Omair announced his engagement with Bareera and in the after-class scene, put his cap over her head.

I did not feel for Mehreen at all because Maryam Ansari failed to deliver. Her dialogues were too mainstream.

Omair’s parents were, contrary to my previous impression of them, laalchi! They have a lot of money but they shamelessly asked Bareera’s Dad to give them loads of jahez. Bareera did notice their behaviour but she was sure that Omair would be nothing like them. Still under the 50k impression Bareera? 

Imran did make an appearance today and this time we saw him with another woman. drinking and enjoying himself. I totally felt for Noor Fatima when she picked up her hand , looked at the engagement ring and appreciated Bareera’s good fortune. However I did not like the way she called Omair “sahab“. Was it necessary?

Overall, the episode was good. I’ll give it 7/10 stars and will be awaiting your comments.

Areeba Mohsen



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