An Open Letter To Mr. Sahir Loathe-ee

Dear Imposter with an inflated ego,

We were kind enough to ignore your outlandish behavior when your film completely flopped at the box office only because we thought that this would be the last time that you will use the common man and patriotism to make your point. In fact we didn’t feel it was important to give you any attention that you were stirring the pot for, however this time around you have gone too far and you deserve to be shown the right place for what you have done. You termed people who criticized you, as demi-gods but the fact is that you are the one who thinks has the right to insult people without even thinking how your uncouth behavior might affect these people who you pass judgments on like you are perfect! Are you really so naive that you have no idea just how ill mannered and bossy you are or do you have sick justifications in your head for your obnoxious behavior?

You might think that people have forgotten all the atrocities that you have committed over the years in the name of entertainment on your different shows be it your Orange Patiala Shalwar paired with Pink Kurti or your unsightly dances on Bolly tunes on Eid shows, but let us burst the bubble, we haven’t. We still remember how you would call regular people (those regular people who you termed as your fans when trying to sell your movie) to your shows and insult them because you thought you were better off than them and also because it made you feel a tad bit better about your sorry existence? This is exactly why the card that you tried to sell using ‘common man’ didn’t really strike the chord as you yourself are guilty of ‘disrespecting’ the common man time and again. This has become a national debate as to why people love to hate Sahir Loathe-ee, some might have solid reasons and some don’t and every time we think you are just a nobody, doing your job so you should be left alone, you push all the wrong buttons and show your reality to the world, justifying exactly why people should ‘Loathe’ you even more.

The female student that you invited on your Ramadan show to participate in a debate had a valid point and she was clearly not saying anything against Quaid-e-Azam but you couldn’t stand the fact that the audience there appreciated her without you ordering them to applaud for her. Thank you for defying the essence of Ramadan which teaches people patience, forgiveness and the art of letting go. Thank you for proving that for you ratings stand above the lessons that Ramadan brings with it. There is a limit to showing off one’s narcissist personality traits in public and to thinking that you actually have the right to treat people like this. You are a clear example of a loser who has been trying to make a place for himself in the entertainment industry for such a long time yet he still has to resort to shortcuts like these to get ratings and attention from people in order to get your presence acknowledged.

Also, correct us if we’re wrong, but didn’t you bring your mother, a woman, into a limelight to seek sympathy from people when your movie got bad reviews? Didn’t you drag your mother’s name to show what a cry-baby you are? So, what does this tell us? In the hour of need you would use a woman as a shield and in the hour of rating, you would use another woman again but for all the wrong reasons? Why so rating-hungry Mr. Loathe-ee? Why so hungry? I wish some ‘woman’ in your ‘family’ had taught you how to respect women and how to put forth your opinion in a respectful manner especially when the one at the receiving end of your scripted, calculated and unnecessary fury is a woman.

You know what, it isn’t just your fault that you are such a twisted character, those people who sat there and watched you insult that strong and intelligent woman are equally responsible for creating a monster like you. Also, those channels and producers who think you are worthy to host such a show should be penalized for putting a sorry excuse for a human being like yourself in charge of Ramadan transmission. Also, let us resort to your tone and now ask you, ‘who gave you the right to come on TV?’, ‘who gave you the right to think you are capable enough to host shows?’, ‘who gave you the right to think you are intellectual enough to be insulting people left, right and center’ and in the end ‘who gave you the right to come on TV to spread T.B’?

From the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely advise you to see a psychiatrist ASAP and get a proper diagnosis for your condition. Also, while you’re at it, please hire someone to deflate that balloon of an ego which keeps on expanding inside your tiny body. Just in case you want to use our names in your next Live Facebook Rant, then there you go:

Fatima Awan & Zahra Mirza

Fatima Awan & Zahra Mirza