Best Scenes of Pakistani Dramas From 2020

Pakistani dramas have always been popular because of how close they are to reality and portray such scenarios that strike a chord with the viewers. The scenarios and situations presented in Pakistani dramas are such that each and every viewer at times finds it very easy to relate to what is being shown and they often see their life story or similar experiences that they have had being elaborated in dramas. This aspect has been of utmost importance in Pakistani dramas where the talented writers and drama makers bring the touch of reality in every drama and don’t show any such scenarios which are not a depiction of what actually people go through.

The story of every drama is elaborated with the help of scenes and scenarios, this is how the story is carried forward and shows the skill-set of the drama makers. The factors that make any scene work are emotions that they evoke in the viewers, good dialogues, the entire setting, and also the build-up towards the turning point of the story. In recent dramas, Pakistani drama viewers and fans have come across some of the best scenes which were engaging and became unforgettable due to the way they were executed.

Let’s take a look at the best scenes from Pakistani Dramas of 2020:


Danish Lets Mehwish Go – Mere Pass Tum Ho

The controversial, much-talked-about and most importantly unforgettable scene from the 12th episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho that went viral instantly deserves a top slop on this list. There were so many things that contributed to making this scene one which even today is one of the most iconic scenes if taken in the right context. In episode 11 when Mehwish finally makes up her mind that she wants to leave Danish, he asks Shehwar to pick her up after giving her a divorce. Shehwar had earlier offered Danish 50 million rupees for leaving Mehwish. Danish refused to take the money and before bidding farewell to Mehwish, he expressed his anger by telling Shehwar that Mehwish was not worth 50 million rupees. Those people who agreed with the notion and felt for Danish loved this scene. Others who thought that this dialogue was insulting and in bad taste, criticized it. For the longest time, people shared their views about this scene and there were others who made memes to express their opinions. Surely, even those people who did not watch Mere Pass Tum Ho must be fully acquainted with this scene/dialogue if not the context. The superb direction, acting, background score, and timing of this scene added to its effectiveness.

Danish and Shehwar’s Meeting – Mere Pass Tum Ho

Danish and Shehwar’s meeting in episode 11 was the most emotional scene of Mere Pass Tum Ho. Shehwar had Mehwish’s permission to do whatever it took to convince Danish to leave her. Shehwar showed Danish the pictures which were taken in the hotel room when Shehwar and Mehwish were there together. Even though Danish was highly disturbed by seeing these pictures but he continued making excuses for his wife. This explanation he gave showed how far he was willing to go in order to save his marriage. These dialogues were penned down beautifully and Humayun Saeed’s expressions in this scene were superb. Right till the end Danish blamed Shehwar because he couldn’t even picture Mehwish not being a part of his life. This scene made the viewers cry since even after Mehwish and Shehwar’s efforts to break this marriage, Danish wanted to save it.

Dua and Saad Together Again – Ehd-e-Wafa

Drama serial Ehd-e-Wafa had so many emotional and well-put-together scenes that it was really difficult to shortlist only two scenes from the drama. It was a meaningful drama that had so many positive messages. This scene in which Saad and Dua meet after being separated for so many years was surely the best. The progressive approach of the writer reflected from the conversation Saad and Dua had when she went to see him off. All the other moments that they spent together made the viewers root for this on-screen couple.

Shehryar and Firdous Sahib’s Meeting – Ehd-e-Wafa

Shehryar’s track was always one of the most endearing elements of Ehd-e-Wafa. This scene in episode 21 in which Firdous Sahib meets Shehryar by chance not knowing who is was one which made the viewers cry. The brilliant performances by the actors involved and the entire situation was so impactful that the viewers couldn’t stop talking about it. This is definitely the kind of scene that can be watched over and over again.

Sameer Channeling Out His Complexes Through Sameera – Ishq Zahe Naseeb

Ishq Zahe Naseeb was a product of intelligent writing, good direction and phenomenal acting however there were a few moments throughout the drama that left an impact. This particular scene made it very clear that the character of Sameer, played by Zahid Ahmed, who carried a facade of a tough and sorted man had so many fears and complexes are hidden inside of him. Sameer always used Sameera to channel out his feelings and gives words to all those emotions when he felt miserable, lonely, and unworthy. This scene was so impactful because of Zahid Ahmed’s phenomenal performance and he just did not allow the audience to look away from their TV scenes. Yumna Zaidi also intelligently played along and also played her part really well in making this conversation impactful.

Seven Calligraphies of Abdul Ala & Their Meaning – Alif

Drama serial Alif was a brilliantly directed drama. It had a lot of beautiful messages which were conveyed through a series of meaningful scenes. Every scene of the drama serial Alif was crafted and designed beautifully, therefore it struck a chord. Out of so many impactful and special scenes, one that stood out was the message that Abdul Ala wanted to convey to his grandson Qalb e Momin. On different and important occasions of his life, Abdul Ala gifted Momin 7 calligraphies. This was Abdul Ala’s subtle way of reminding Momin of Allah’s message every step of the way because he understood what Momin was going to get into and that he will always need these reminders that will help him on his path of spirituality and self-discovery.

Qalb e Momin Falling in Love With Momina Sultan – Alif

Qalb e Momin and Momina Sultan’s relationship had a rocky start and there was a time when they both couldn’t stand each other. However, when they get to work together, they develop a newfound love and respect for each other. One of these beautiful scenes depicts Qalb e Momin’s growing feelings for Momina, where despite being upset, he could only think of her and imagine Momina being around him. This entire imaginative scene was shot beautifully and the soundtrack made it more special.

Abdullah and Mahjabeen’s Nikkah – Pyar Ke Sadqay

Pyar Ke Sadqay was a complete package since it was one of those few dramas that made the viewers laugh and cry at the same time. The strongest element of the drama was how logically some of the most important turns in the story were covered. We all knew that Abdullah and Mahjabeen were destined to be together but the big question was that how were they going to end up with each other eventually. The writer did an outstanding job of setting the grounds for their union and ultimately the way Abdullah decided to enter into a nikkah with Mahjabeen made for one of the most emotional scenes. Mahjabeen’s innocence and the way Abdullah played the ‘hero’ although his intentions were not the best, made this scene one which will be remembered for a long time. Just like all the other impressive scenes on this list, this one wouldn’t have been so great had it not been for the brilliant execution of a well-written scene. The way the flashback scene was integrated into this scene to make the viewers understand why Abdullah decided to take this step, made this scene complete. This was the start of a journey with many ups and downs.

Abdullah and Mahjabeen team Up – Pyar Ke Sadqay

The viewers watched Sarwar have his own way and belittle Abdullah and Mahjabeen repeatedly in Pyar Ke Sadqay. They waited for Abdullah to stand up for himself and for Mahjabeen yet he never had the courage to do so. It was in the last episode when finally he spontaneously hit Sarwar specifically for pushing Mahjabeen away. Mahjabeen was always shown as a fierce young woman who wanted Abdullah’s help in order to give Sarwar this much-needed reality check therefore even when Abdullah was shocked and confused with his reaction, Mahjabeen decided to step in to support him and that is when these two showed that when someone decides to stand up for themselves, things take a different turn almost immediately! Those bewildered expressions on Sarwar’s face were priceless and worth the wait!


The Confrontation Between Meer Farooq Zaman & Humera – Ye Dil Mera

This was one of the most unforgettable scenes of Ye Dil Mera because of the impact it made and the way it was shot. The display of acting in this scene by Adnan Siddique and Zarnish Khan left the viewers speechless because it showed just how far Meer Farooq Zaman could go and everything that was wrong with him that made Humera reject his proposal in the first place. The rejection in the past followed by another refusal in the present made Meer Farooq Zaman cross all the limits and although he went to plead his case, he pushed Humera to detest him even more. This scene between Humera and Meer Farooq Zaman was nail-biting and Zarnish Khan outdid herself.

Amaan Telling The Truth To Noor ul Ain – Ye Dil Mera

Despite the directional flaws and continuity issues, the fact remains that both Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly gave phenomenal performances in Ye Dil Mera. The story had all the elements to grab the attention of the viewers and this was one such scene that everyone waited for so long. This was the moment when Amaan confesses everything to Ana and let’s her know that her father was the killer of his family. The performances, dialogues, emotions portrayed in this scene make it one of the best from the drama. both Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly have given phenomenal performances in this drama. The ambiance created in this scene was another tick to make this scene one of the best from the drama.

The Deal Between Ramsha & Hatim’s Mother – Dushman e Jaan

Ramsha’s character in Dushman e Jaan was a breath of fresh air. She was head-strong and opinionated but what set her apart was her sense of distinguishing between right and wrong. This is why she found herself in such an awkward position where although she came to make a deal with Hatim’s mother for a handsome amount of money which again she wanted for her family, she could not find herself stooping so low. This was one of the best moments of Dushman e Jaan where instead of making a deal, then and there, Ramsha not only reminded herself about the wrong she was about to commit and instead she made things right by promising Hatim’s mother to help her get close to her son. The dialogues in this scene were written beautifully, it showed how two women were sincerely promising to help one another.

Hatim’s Regret – Dushman e Jaan

This was not the first time when Mohib Mirza played a negative role but in Dushman e Jaan he impressed the viewers to no end. He embraced the character of Hatim to the T and did justice to all the shades of his personality. Hatim was a disturbed lonely child who came from a dysfunctional family, therefore he harbored a lot of inner demons that he had to fight with himself all the time. He was guilty of seeing things from his perspective and not giving Ramsha a chance, therefore what happened to her had a lot to do with the wrong decision he took in the spur of the moment. The regret, pain, and anguish of Hatim were phenomenally conveyed by Mohib Mirza, making it one of the best scenes of Dushman e Jaan.

Sultan Durrani & Nageen’s Confrontation – Deewangi

Although the story of the drama serial Deewangi was quite typical and the kind that has been seen before quite a few times, the fact that Danish Taimoor played the role of Sultan Durrani to perfection made it quite an interesting watch. Sultan Durrani was a villain in the story but it was only because of Danish Taimoor that he made it fun to watch his antics and it was pretty obvious that he was not going to have a good end. In this scene from the last episode, it can be seen how many shades Sultan Durrani’s personality had. He was madly in love with Nageen but also held her responsible for ruining his life, he just couldn’t really make up his mind and despite wanted to protect her, he wanted to take everything away from her. Danish Taimoor’s phenomenal acting made it one of the best scenes of the entire drama.

Kashf’s Death – Kashf

The drama serial Kashf has had many meaningful scenes to its credit. It was a well-directed drama with a story that was told perfectly, however, this was the crux of Kashf’s journey, and the way it was showcased left the viewer’s teary-eyed. Kashf passes away while bowing down to her Creator and on the other hand, her ex-husband Junaid, who loved her more than anyone else is seen losing his sanity. This entire sequence was heart-wrenching and impactful, making it one of the best scenes seen this year and probably the most meaningful ending any drama has gotten in recent times.

Maheen’s Feelings For Omar – Bandhay Ek Dor Se

Bandhay Ek Dor Se is a drama based on the importance and value of relationships in one’s life. In this drama, two cousins, Maheen and Omar are made to tie the knot because, at the day of Maheen’s wedding, her in-laws-to-be call it off, and then Omar’s family tries to save the day. So far, it wasn’t really made clear as to how Maheen felt for Omar because they both were best of friends. However, during this scene, it was made obvious that Maheen had feelings for her and she liked the idea of being married to her best friend Omar. This scene was a depiction of Maheen’s imagination where she was totally in love with Omar and looked forward to sharing these special moments. It was a well-directed and acted scene. The chemistry of Ahsan Khan and Ushna Shah was superb and the soundtrack echoing in the background along with the special lighting made it a very nice scene to witness.


Meaningful Last Scene – Ruswai

Ruswai went off track for a while but it will always be remembered as a drama that gave the most meaningful ending to a story that has been covered in dramas multiple times. Sameera decided to reopen her case in the end and her rapists were punished through the court. Just when the viewers thought that they had seen the best part of this last episode, Mukhtaran Mai made a guest appearance in the last scene giving Sameera her blessings and appreciating her efforts. Anyone who is acquainted with Mukhtaran Mai’s story of courage would agree that this was such a beautiful way of giving hope and courage to all the rape victims. This last episode ended with even more powerful words that would inspire many to stand up for their rights.

Guddi and Adam’s First Meeting – Mushk

Mushk is another drama serial that has so many scenes that leave an impact. Guddi and Adam’s first meeting was one such scene. A lot of screen time was dedicated to this first meeting therefore it had so many moments and dialogues that were simply the best. Through this scene, the writer revealed the different personality traits of both these characters. The dialogues were crisp and meaningful. Imran Ashraf and Urwa Hocane’s mind-blowing performances and the artistic backdrop added to the beauty of these scenes. It won’t be wrong to say that there wasn’t a single dull moment when these two leading characters met, it was worth the wait!

Which scenes from Pakistani dramas were your favorite this year? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Meray paas tum ho and Ehd-e-Wafa were the only two dramas on which I cried (Last episode). When Saad was shot and the following scenes, I had my tears held-but when Shariq was on Kartarpur Rahdari and started delivering the news, and suddenly stopped on SAAD then stood like a statue and then made a dash for it…… I started crying like a baby!!!!! Please include this scene also!!!!!!

  • thank you for a brilliant piece and for all others on this site. reminded of some great scenes, can’t quite believe Alif aired in 2020, too distant with all that went down this year… ehd-e-wafa was a family time watch. hope it’s all good at your places.

  • Although in no ways as pivotal to the story as many of these scenes, I would include most of the pilot episode of Uraan. Except Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai, I have not really seen a pilot that surprises you in the most unexpected ways with every other scene.
    Start with an Empress who accepts her punishment rather than use her influential husband to get away with it, then the backstage scene building the interpersonal stories of the leads in the previous scene (which was effectively a reflection of what they felt for each other), followed by setting up Malika’s conservative lower-middle-class background while painting a “rich guy” picture of Noriyan, only to turn it on its head and reveal that Noriyan is actually the maid’s son (I do agree that that’s sort of a cliche, but you can’t miss the execution), followed by sowing the seeds of conflict with Noriyan’s question (“What if I weren’t rich one day?”), and also building an interesting brotherly relation between the maid’s son and the master (Atif Nawaz).