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Biggest Controversies Of 2017!

The age of social media keeps the people in media industry close to the general public at all times. From what they wore to what the ate, everything becomes part of the daily news. Controversies are a part of showbiz industry. Though stars always want to be clean and clear in front of the public due to paparazzi surrounding as well as the amount of interest in their personal lives lands them in trouble every now and then. Some actors actually create controversies to remain relevant. Every year we witness stuff goes on; some intentional and some non-intentional. The year 2017 also saw its share of strange controversies surrounding celebrities and some of them turned really ugly due to the amount of attention they got. From start to the end, here are the ones which got the most hype and some are still relevant:

Neelam Muneer’s Personal Video Leaked:

Internet went crazy when a video of Neelum Muneer dancing in her own car leaked. She was obviously with some friend and maybe that friend leaked it intentionally or it got out by accident but people were there to discuss everything from the song being played to her dance moves. She was wearing a white eastern attire and was visibly having fun with friends but the video made great controversy and she sure came under heavy fire.

Syra and Alishba Got Candid On HSY’s Show:

HSY’s show is the only celebrity show in Pakistan right now or you can say a true celebrity show. This season was much better than the last ones since the host tried to get things out of his guests. Many show off statements were made and all the celebs had something to say on one topic or another but Yousuf sisters stole the limelight. They not only had fun in the show but targeted every second actor/actress from the industry. Calling mega stars overrated to actresses alleged cosmetic surgeries; they spoke about each and everything.

Veena Malik And Asad Khattak Divorce Drama:

When the world thought of Veena Malik and Asad Khattak as the perfect couple with love in their home and their two beautiful kids, the couple gave a glance of an ugly truth about their relationship in front of the media. Veena wanted a divorce from Asad while Asad wanted their relationship to work. They went on different shows where they were called to put out their stories and reconcile. According to Veena, she was mistreated by Asad and he didn’t even take the financial responsibility of the family and Asad was just sorry while Veena was not willing to forgive. Finally, the couple reconciled on Waseem Bdami’s 11th Hour due to counselling by Maulana Tariq Jameel. They gave their relationship a second chance and both seem happy now.

Saba Qamar boycotted LSAs:

Saba Qamar made her Bollywood debut this year. Her movie Hindi Medium grossed more than 100 crores at the box office and people were praising her performance on both sides of the border. Suddenly after working so many years in the industry and giving a lot of convincing performances, she started getting the acknowledgement she never had before despite performing beautifully. She won nominations at the Lux Style Awards and people were taking them very seriously. But Saba being the outspoken person she is boycotted the nominations and the show and said that she has not done brilliantly the first time. She said that she has been working for a decade now and people are suddenly going gaga over her just because of the BOLLYWOOD STAMP! She openly questioned the credibility of the show. Later the host Osman Khalid Butt also made a joke on her boycotting the award show. Later in the year more actors also expressed concerns about the credibility of our award shows. But senior actress as Saba boycotting the biggest award show of the country made quite a news.

Sahir Lodhi Bashed A Girl During Ramadan Transmission:

Sahir Lodhi hosted a Ramadan transmission this year. Like all other transmissions, he also had debate competition and the likes on his show. A girl named Saba Rizwan also participated in the competition and while she was doing her speech, Sahir suddenly stopped her in a very dramatic way. He didn’t even listen to the full context and started shouting in extreme patriotism as what he termed his behaviour as. Saba later released a video in which she read the whole speech and people knew what she was actually going to say. Sahir was served with notices for the incident. The things went even uglier because during his patriotic outrage Sahir unconsciously gave a disrespecting statement about Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. As always Sahir later apologized for the whole scenario.

Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom Drama:

Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom remain in news for not so good reasons. Previously it used to be a spat between Faryal and Amir’s parents. But this time the couple had a falling out themselves and that too on twitter. They accused each other of infidelity and cheating and Amir called for a divorce. Later Faryal said that their social media is hacked but Amir clarified that nothing was hacked. The controversy went from apologizing to Amir’s family to Amir having a new girlfriend and then Faryal claimed that she was pregnant. Amir assured her of taking responsibility for his daughter and the other child if there was one in his words but they both were going through a divorce. Faryal was recently seen holding a picture of her ultrasound too. The most disturbing thing about this controversy: All this happened on social media!

Mahira Khan’s Leaked Pictures:

This was the biggest controversy of 2017. Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor were caught by hidden paparazzi while they were smoking outside a hotel in NYC. People were talking about everywhere with many criticizing Mahira for her smoking, her dress as well as Ranbir’s presence. Her fans and celebrities supported her during this time though she herself didn’t respond to any speculations. Earlier speculations were made about both of them dating when they met at an event in Dubai.

These were the shocking controversies that happened in 2017. Social media and news feeds were full of these stories with millions giving their opinions. Fans defended their favourite celebs in some cases while other just became a topic for laughter and bashing. The controversies are a kind of excitement we wish do not come up to us. We wish 2018 would be a peaceful year and filled with great entertainment and yes LESS DRAMATIC too!