Bin Roye Episode 1 Review – Stunning Visuals!

Written by: Farhat Ishtiaq
Directed by: Shehzad Kashmiri – Haissam Hussain
Produced by : MD Productions
Cast: Mahira Khan, Hamayun Saeed, Armeena Rana Khan, Zeba Bakhtiar, Javed Sheikh, Jahanzeb Khan, Azra Mansoor, Junaid Khan, Mujtaba Khan, Gulfam Ramay
Every Sunday at 8pm on HUM TV

The expectations attached to Bin Roye were humongous, it was the most awaited drama serial of this year because of multiple reasons. This first episode of Bin Roye started a new era of dramas which will take the filminess in dramas to a whole new level. The introduction to the characters was done in a simple yet impactful manner. Saba (Mahira Khan) and Irtiza’s (Hamayun Saeed) track was the main focus of attention in tonight’s episode. The episode opened with Saba and Irtiza walking in a house in San Francisco which was once a home but now it only brought back memories which caused more pain than happiness perhaps because someone close to them both was no more. This first scene was powerful and gave those viewers who were unfamiliar with the story (like myself) a good reason to find out what had actually happened. This is when the viewers were transported to the past in which they found out more about the relationship between Saba and Irtiza and all the other characters involved.


All the love and attention which Irtiza had given Saba right from the day she was born had convinced her that Irtiza belonged to her alone. For Saba Irtiza’s presence was like oxygen in her life because she was more close to him than any other person in her house. Irtiza had been raised by Saba’s mother (Zeba Bakhtiar) because his parents passed away when he was only 8 years old. He found a companion in Saba when she was born and since then these two cousins have a very strong bond. Saba refused to call Irtiza bhai because she considered him her best friend. In one of the scenes she did call him bhai though which was clearly a blooper which should have been edited out. The best thing about the scenes which revealed Saba’s feelings for Irtiza was that they were short and to the point. There weren’t a lot of dialogues in this episode between the grown up Saba and Irtiza but the scene in which she goes to see the chand pretty much summed up how she felt about her relationship with Irtiza. The scenes showed them as best friends and not as people who were romantically involved.


The fact that Saba got tons of love from her father and grandmother went to show that she wasn’t turning to Irtiza because she had no one else around her who would shower her with love. Saman’s background story was also revealed in this episode. Saman and Saba are sisters but Saman was adopted by her mamu when she was born because he did not have any kids. The scene in which Saman finds out that she was adopted seemed odd at first because a girl her age wouldn’t have been able to understand that conversation but later on her conversation with Saba on the swing suggested that Saman was wise beyond her years. I am in two minds about that scene because watching such a little kid eavesdropping didn’t quite fit in. It also seemed like Saman’s mother made a conscious effort to ensure that she did not spend a lot of time in that house perhaps because she was insecure. Although she said that her father planned the trip for her but somehow it felt like that was not the case. The scene later on in which she apologized to Zeba Bakhtiyar’s character for the short trip showed that her character would keep us guessing. The child star playing Saba’s character in particular was the perfect choice for playing the role.


Three things stood out in this episode more than any other – Saba’s character, the chemistry between the leads and the stunning visuals. Mahira Khan looked incredibly pretty and she made the first impression of Saba’s character very likeable. Saba’s character was shown as possessive but not dominating in any way. Also, this episode was beautifully shot, every scene was visually pleasing. Farhat Ishtiaq’s drama Udaari was full of messages, something tells me that this one is going to focus on entertaining the audience and might turn out to be emotional. Hamayun Saeed made the perfect comeback with Dillagi and I am waiting to see if Irtiza is going to be as appealing as Mohid. Hamayun Saeed just like Mahira Khan is not only a great performer but he also has great screen presence. In this episode Irtiza was introduced as a very kind hearted man who believes in loving everyone. The song in the drama was beautifully sung, directed and choreographed. It had quite a few cute scenes to its credit, especially the one in which Irtiza pulls Saba’s hair! Sarmad Khoosat’s guest appearance did not go unnoticed!


Overall, this episode was entertaining and it served its main purpose of introducing the main characters flawlessly. The appealing visuals made it the kind of episode which you can watch over and over again. Bin Roye has a very talented writer, two immensely gifted directors, a star cast and a big production house to back it all up therefore we expect nothing but the best from it. The preview of the next episode showed that Saba will have to learn to live without Irtiza only too soon! The leading characters have tons of potential and their ties with each other are very interesting, definitely looking forward to what the Bin Roye team has in store for us.

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Fatima Awan

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