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Aik Pal_ Episode 19-22

These four episodes have been very well-executed, well-directed and well-acted. After 22 weeks, Aik Pal came to end today, and I got to say, what a complete end it was, despite being predictable. All the tracks were...

Aik Pal_ Episode 16

After a much happening last episode, I was expecting this one to be better, but it was poorly executed. There were a few developments, but they were already expected. When a husband tells his wife, that he married her...

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Aik Pal_ Episode 15: The message comes through!

Wow! This is the kind of episode that a reviewer likes reviewing. :P I must say, this show is getting a lot better. The message is clear and the story is making a lot more sense than it did a few weeks ago. The...