Chup Raho – Episode 21

Our little heroine with a VERY BIG mouth seems to have forgotten all about her past that could be the only reason for her new-found (annoying) confidence! Are we watching season 2 of Chup Raho as well because Numair and Manal are totally out of the picture and Rameen is not behaving like someone who went through hell very recently!

Rameen took over Yasir’s house like she was born there! The way she gave advice to everyone big or small and the manner in which she argued with Yasir’s character in particular was something that just did not work for me! Giving him lunch because she “felt” for him was one thing but advising him on how he should be raising his kids was just plain unbelievable. I am sure someone like him who has enough money can afford a very good governess for his children, there was absolutely no reason for him to rely on a total stranger who clearly did not even respect him! I was dumbfounded when Yasir’s character actually opened up to Rameen when he said that he was responsible for his wife’s death! Why does he even think that he owes Rameen an explanation?

I can’t imagine Rameen being a “mother” to these three kids since she has a lot of growing up to do herself. My biggest problem however were the continuous arguments between Rameen and her “boss” because they were not relatable in any way at all. Yasir’s character had no reason to feel responsible for Rameen, he could have easily left her at the nearest police station or a welfare centre. His concern for her even though he did not have a very high opinion of her was another aspect which seemed forced. The kids did not take much time to warm upto Rameen probably because they are lonely and they need someone to talk to. The fact that Rameen’s name did not ring any bells means that Numair never mentioned her name to his friend or it could be that he does not remember it.

I had no high hopes for this play even before but now I am utterly disappointed at the way the story is being stretched. For how long will people continue watching this show out of curiosity? Many people I know have already given up on it and for good reasons too. The preview of the next episode also suggested that for now we will only get to see Rameen adjusting in her new life, Numair and Manal are nowhere to be seen. Azar is already out of the picture, Rameen however does not know yet that her husband who she loves so much is dead! I would give everyone including the kids full marks for the acting but can’t say the same for the new twists and turns in the story. Do I want to see Yasir’s character and Rameen to have a future together? Most certainly not!

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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