Ishq Tamasha Episode 21 Review-Chaos Extended!

This was an episode which all dramas have. Their purpose is to extend the drama as much as possible since there is just the repetition of all old scenarios. There was a huge focus on how miserable Rushana is. How her husband is putting her down and she is in so much pain. I don’t know if they are trying to portray Rushna as a mazloom also since it is not possible after all the stunts she has pulled up till now. There were so many unnecessary scenes for establishing the same point. I think they are not realizing that the audience wants to see some impact too. Only watching Rushna drowning in the rainwater like Mirha and at the end still not realizing her mistakes is not we want to see in the 21st episode.

Ishq Tamasha Episode 21 Review-Chaos Extended!

I think I’ll end up liking Aqeela too. At least she is one character who is genuine to herself and not scared of making her point. Mirha, who is being called characterless with dhabbay in her kirdar is getting extremely annoying. Why doesn’t she fight back? I know showing off bechari mazloom heroines is the formula of Pakistani dramas, but there should be a limit. Mirha should defend herself now and stop anyone who is defaming her. Instead, she is still giving Wahaj (who deserves a whole article on why he is the weakest character of the season). He takes Mirha for lunch and then gets ice-cream for her and the minute his mom starts yelling on Mirha, he transforms into invisible smoke. I would hate this drama to the hell if Mirha ended up with such a weak and cheap character. I know the way she never defends herself, she deserves some punishment but ending up with Wahaj is bad even for Mirha.

Mr. Kidnapper Industrialist aka Mehrab The Indecisive Boy is at it again. With the recent developments, it looks like he has fallen in love with Mirha. He married his brother’s girlfriend, sent away his phupho who was like his mother and sent away Mirha to the same hell hole she came from and now he is realizing it. Not really sure about his punishment ideas either.

Let’s see if Mehrab ends up falling in love with Rushna or not since everything is possible in Ishq Tamasha!

Pakeeza Dar