Nida Yasir Answers her Haters!

Criticism is a universal but painful experience. When someone finds something about you or related to you that they do not approve of, they talk negatively about you and criticise you. We’ve all faced these criticisms and have either tried to do something to change the negative opinions or just shake it off.

Nida Yasir, is a popular host of morning show and thus she is on our TV screens nearly everyday. A huge part of her life is recorded on camera and broadcasted across the country and thanks to internet shared online across the globe too. Of course millions of people watch her show and hear what she has to say. A lot of the viewers like her but there are many that don’t too. These haters voice their opinions on internet forums every now and then and Nida Yasir is very aware of it.In the video below she answers all the hate she has been receiving from the criticisers:


Arsala Khalid