Sabaat Episode 5 Story Review – Unimpressive

Sabaat has only been on air for 5 weeks yet I feel like I have been watching this drama for the longest time since it has been tedious sitting through most of the episodes! So far, Sabaat has failed to keep me interested and engaged. The screenplay and the direction both have been unimpressive, the background score has been beyond annoying! Tonight the background score was so loud and inappropriate at times that I had a difficult time sitting through some of the scenes. The writer is taking a lot of time building up the characters and their stories, I have honestly started questioning if it is going to be worth the wait! So far, there is nothing extraordinary about the story or any of the characters. I am already tired of Miraal’s fixation with Hasan and the drama has only started! We have seen many balaas and jhootis recently on our television screens, I was expecting Sarah Khan’s character to be meatier.

Miraal’s Annoying Personality

The opening scene of this episode definitely piqued my interest. I was hoping that Miraal’s track will get more interesting but Miraal, the character, continues to disappoint in more ways than one. The way she entered the office in the previous episode made it look like she was ready to take over the world yet when her father asked her to represent the company in the court’s proceedings, she wasn’t too eager to do so. After the proceedings she complained about Yasir Qureshi’s attitude and she was clearly not in control! Yes! Miraal has just stepped into practical life and it is understandable why she would feel that way but even then her whiny attitude basically proved the famous Urdu saying right ‘apne ghar mei billi bhi sher hoti hei’. Her expressions when she came face-to-face with Yasir and everything she said to her father, later on, revealed another unpleasant side of her personality. The background score when her father was telling her why she needed to supervise this case and the employee’s expressions suggested that he was probably another disloyal member of the company. Or it could just be another case of bad camerawork and inappropriate background score.

Miraal apparently can only exercise her power within the four walls of her house or with people associated directly with her family. Apart from telling the lawyer off, there wasn’t much she did about the situation. She is simply incapable of coming up with better ideas or making well-thought-out conclusions. Miraal’s father is a wise man otherwise but somehow he made some really impulsive decisions in this episode. He trusted his daughter’s judgment more than that of an experienced employee. Asking her to go to the court’s proceedings in the first place was a bad idea considering how childishly she dealt with the whole thing. The ‘saari university pareshan hei us ke behaviour ki waja se’ was one of the few dialogues in this episode which didn’t work for me!

Miraal is turning out to be an egoistic, spoiled, stubborn and rather immature young lady. As a negative character too, she doesn’t have an appeal or an impact. The fact that she would much rather go after Anaya than someone who was disloyal to her father’s company goes to show she really needs to grow up! This character is turning out to be more shallow than I was expecting it to be. Also, the manner in which Sarah Khan translates this character on screen and the way the director covers her scenes, makes it look like this character would have something grand to offer.

Sabaat Episode 5 Story Review - Unimpressive

Well, I am still waiting to find out if this character has more to offer. Miraal definitely looks like the boss lady but she acts like a spoiled brat, nothing more and nothing less. All I can say right now is that I seriously wish the character itself was just as ‘attractive’ as Sarah Khan’s look for this role.

Anaya and Hasan

Hasan proposed Anaya in this episode but only after getting her in and then out of her trouble during their final exam! ‘Ajeeb baat hei jo tumhei chahyeh wo tumhare samne hei lekin tum us se baat bhi nahi kar sakte’ was yet another extremely lame dialogue in this episode. Yes, of course you can’t talk to her because it is not allowed to talk during the exams, something we all learned in kindergarten! I really find such dialogues in this drama odd, they don’t fit into the situations that are being shown at all! And then the sir says ‘mei aap ko bari der se observe kar raha tha’, although she was completely focusing on her answer sheet all along!

Hasan’s dialogues in the scene covering the proposal were well written but these dialogues did not work from me because I find Hasan’s ‘journey’ pointless so far! I am still trying to understand what he is out to prove by not using the luxuries provided to him by his father when he has the opportunity to prove himself by running his father’s business. A change in attitude would have been enough.

Sabaat Episode 5 Story Review - Unimpressive

I was wondering last week, how Anaya will eventually fall for Hasan, well his emotional dialogues and change in thinking did the trick which makes sense. I was expecting Anaya to tell Hasan that marriage was not on the cards at the moment but that didn’t happen. Well, fair enough! I don’t find Hasan’s character appealing but perhaps Anaya does ;) I don’t find myself rooting for these two just yet!

Final Remarks

Hasan and Miraal’s father is the only one who had some meaningful dialogues tonight. He handled Hasan wisely and also gave the right advice to Miraal. Anaya’s scene with her parents was the most heart-warming and realistic in this episode. I love the on-screen chemistry all these actors share. The preview of the next episode suggested Miraal is not yet done with Anaya! Honestly speaking, I am so not looking forward to Miraal’s ‘revenge plan’!

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Fatima Awan

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  • Apt and genuine review pinned by sister fatima. Urdu mein ek saying hai “khoda pahaar nikla chuha” sabaat is unappealing to the core. I m not liking hassan track at all he is just misfit to play role. Seth fareed is just superb. Miraal bhi bus Trump ki tarah president ban key bethi hai aur dosro pey nazar rakhey bethi hai. Khud ney karna kuch nahin even though her personality waqai impressive and she is elegant. Mawra is cute and playing decently. Not happy with drama’s direction and some dialogues are over the top like you mentioned university pareshan. Mein bhi pareshan hoon Mbs ki wajah sey 😂🤣😂🤣

        • Hahaha. Bus sir sabaat bhi bin roye aur cheekh aur MPTH ki last episode ki tarah bonga nikla. Meiney tou nahin karna maaf inhein qayamat tak meri mbs. Allah hisaab lega in sey

          • Hahaahaha mbs!
            Koi nhi intezar kr lete hn kya pata acha ho jaye. BTW are you watching kashf. Its really good.

          • Kashf ki taareef suni hai per dekha nahin hai. Will definitely watch it once sabaat goes off ya aisey hee raha tou will go for Kashf. Mbs decide karti hein key kounsa drama dekhna hai ya nahin.

          • Meiney ost suni hai zabardast hai. Baqi dramay kay writer ka naam Maha Malik dekh key Darr Sa jaata hai Waqar. Oper sey Something haute waalo ney dil kharab kiya koi saahiba khan ki acting ka tou didn’t opted for it.

          • No doubt ost is amazing. Yumna is looking gorgeous. But i wanna tell you that its directed by koi chand rakh director siraj ul haq and written by the great maha malik. I started watching it because of yumna. But left watching after 1 and a half episode.

  • There are so few dramas with ordinary university scenes that I find myself looking forward to this drama if only to feel the nostalgic vibe of a blurry winter morning in Isloo…nostalgic cuz my uni days were spent there but neither was I an ambitious feminist( for at least the first 4 epis) like Anaya nor a rich guy who wants to be poor like Hassan…I mean…why dude WHY? Anyways Hassan wanting to experience life without stepping on the shoulders of daddy dearest, though unheard of in real life, isn’t the first instance in the drama/movie world so I’m not completely stumped by his thought process…though I wish it had happened slowly…so many other things are being a turtle in Sabaat, why couldn’t this scenario have taken time to develop also? I love scenes with Anaya, mostly cuz of the real feel Mawra’s acting brings to it but though lovely, her scene with the parents didn’t bring anything new to the table except for the warm fuzzies…I still loved em though. Anaya’s going strong. Hassan’s scenes with his family made one thing quite obvious, his mum’s a prop…I mean girl’s gotta start talking or everyone will keep on taking her as a sofa…or a cushion? Miraal’s obsession with Hassan is growing by leaps and bounds to the extent that she’s stopped taking interest in everything else in her life, the depression is real, I tell you Fatima. So the wet blanket dried up…hmm…I hope he cozy’s up to the wise Lecturer friend not that Miraal will care, she’ll go on trying to control Hassan. I can’t decide if her scenes are more depressing or annoying. The father’s giving a strong performance and though a clever man, his arrogance seems to get in his way at times. Lastly, what is up with Sara’s dressing…I mean if she’s not comfortable with western clothes she could’ve gone for trendy desi attire…Mahira in Shehr-e-zaat killed in the wardrobe department and she wore trousers only a handful of times thus proving that you don’t have to wear westerns to look modern. Sara’s loose to baggy tops and equally loose to baggy lowers are just unflattering. Great hair and make-up can’t compensate for unflattering clothes. Mawra can do with a style change now that she’s outta the uni as well. Her look though natural, is perhaps a bit too underwhelming for the small screen. Were you really bored with this epi? This is the only drama (besides PkS) I’m really interested in and if you stopped reviewing it, I’ll lose interest too. I love your PkS reviews and that is one fabulous drama.

  • Asa Fatima,
    Very nice 👍 review, you sum up the week points of this show in an exceptional manner. I watch a very few shows including PKS and sabaat but loosing interest in Sabaat.
    Team of this drama has deceived the viewers big time by showing glimpses of Usman in the OST, infact it seems he ll b there as a guest appearance. 😡
    Who cares abt the saga of Hassan, Anaya and Miraal as they are saying same, repetitive stuff to each other. No development in the story yet and 5 episodes have been shown, I think 🤔 I’ll not tolerate this torture anymore and quit watching this fanatical show.
    Being a huge fan of Usman Mukhtar I was very excited for this show but now team Sabaat has made it a torture.
    So far, it’s not up to the hype they had created.
    Hats 🎩 off to you Fatima ji, you are an impartial writer, I follow the shows mostly which u review!
    Thanks for the wonderful review.

  • I think Yasir Qureshi made more impact as compared to all leading characters :-p Less noise, more work:-D But this was another big loophole as what he did to hide his fraud?

    Sarah Khan’s expressions remain the same throughout the episode, no matter which scene it is. Her acting reminds me of ‘Belapur ki dayn’ (the dayn’s expressions :p)

    What did Miraal do to his fiance? when did he leave the restaurant? Did I miss the scene?

    Hasan and Anaya’s story seem to be a failed attempt at recreating ‘Zaroon and Kashf’. That’s what I feel when I look at Anaya’s clad. Anyhow, they are too immature. In all 4 years, Hasan only noticed her brilliant classmate in the last few days of the uni. So lame…

    I don’t see dramas. I started this one but I made a mistake.

  • I now better understand what Fatima was saying the last time. I still appreciated many things out of kindness…but find some other dramas very exciting. Wont name them. Anyway – also nice points by N above. Yes, the drama isn’t what it was touted to be but it’s also decent ish. Maybe we had too high expectations. Haha.

  • I don’t have a problem with negativity in niraala character. That’s what makes it interesting
    . Good dramas can have beleivable neg characters. But something missing yes in the story…feeling a bit unreal…

  • I was expecting it to be better. Not good at all. No depth. Ab agr anaya vs miral hona tha to whats new. I hope story better ho jaye aagy. I just hope. There should be more behind miraals persona. Hassans track is not working forr me.
    His father called anaya a sarak chaap nd hassans expressions doesn’t change a little bit. He’s just expression less.

    True review

  • this is the 1st episode i watched of this drama, although i enjoyed it, i also think exactly they way u said it so need for me to repeat things but i don’t mind repeating that yes, Miraal acts like a spoiled little child, i feel so sorry for Hasan & Anaya

  • This drama has some appealing aspects however the pace has sort of thrown me off, that said I have a theory:

    Usman mukhtars character will be miraals therapist or something along those lines as there are Hospital scenes shared between the two as well as miraals depression ( not entirely sure about that one ) and also that in the OST her character seems to undergo a phase where she seems to become a little more quiet ( I hope someone will put her in her place- Anaya maybe? ). Anyways this is just my opinion on what will happen based on posts from the actors and actresses as well as the OST.

    So far I’ve been finding dramas like raz e ulfat, Kashf and dil Ruba great. Sabaat is simmering down beneath then however it’s much better than dramas such as jo tu chahe, daasi and ishqiya. It’s more of an average drama, not bad but not great either.
    I agree, I really do hope it’s not another ishqiya

    PS: great review Fatima I always look forward to reading your reviews straight after watching a drama, they are the backbone of review it in my opinion and I wish you all the best