Visaal Episode 3 Review – A Misunderstanding!

Ohkay so, this episode of Visaal was not only interesting but entertaining as well. I am glad that in this drama the writer has refrained from adding some strict & stern characters as seen in his previous projects, it somehow makes all the situations very light hearted & appeasing.

This episode was all about a huge misunderstanding that Akram was a victim of. He obviously frequents Ghufran’s place because he has assumed that Pari is his daughter that is why when Ghufran’s friend started talking about the marriage that too in front of Ghufran, Akram didn’t hesitate one bit & immediately made it seem as if he was ready because he obviously has Pari on his mind.

Taimur ended up succumbing to Shabbir’s pressures & it was obviously because of Pari as he has fallen for her at first sight. Taimur couldn’t really stop thinking about her & he did what Shabbir demanded in order to leave an impression on Pari. Shabbir was obviously very touched & impressed by Taimur’s display of respect & generosity towards him & his colleagues but little did he know that it was only because Taimur had something rather someone else on his mind.

Ghufran’s friend spoke to him about the potential of Akram marrying Naheed. I loved loved loved when Ghufran said that he will speak to his wife first because he trusted her intuition. I must say Hashim Nadeem has written some very dominating & staunch male characters in his previous dramas like that of Molvi Aleemuddin in Khuda Aur Mohabbat & Dhaani’s father in Dhaani but I am so glad he decided to go easy this time & this different spin on male characters has changed the dynamics of the entire drama. Even though a lot of focus has been made on how protective Shabbir is, but despite being a single parent & father, he has never stopped Pari from being herself. Yes, the way he guides her & protects her, shows his concerns as a father but it is beautiful that they both share such a beautiful bond with each other where they joke about things & are more like friends. Also, even though Ghufran is a Molvi, he is easy going & not as strict as they are usually shown in our dramas. The way Naheed gets the edge to fulfill her wishes & the way Ghufran spoke about discussing Akram’s proposal with his wife went to show that he believes in giving the ladies of his family their rights & respects their status as women.

So, Akram got to know that Pari’s name is Naheed. Pari on the other hand also convinced Naheed to say yes to Akram’s proposal so that she could save herself from her cousin who was known for eating Paan. Akram will definitely go ahead with this marriage because he thinks Pari is Ghufran’s daughter, quite an interesting twist!

Overall, this episode was quite interesting & the story is moving forward in a very nice manner. However, I will say that for me it is unconvincing & more like a glitch that Akram runs a shop in Ghufran’s area & everyone knows him but no one has told on Akram that he sports a very different look when he is not with those Masjid people like his leather jacket & stuff? Not sure when this aspect will be covered & when this image of Akram will be exposed, let’s see. All the actors are doing a wonderful job & both Hania Amir & Zahid Ahmed are in their element. Please share your thoughts.

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