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Yeh Raha Dil Episode 17 Review – Phenomenally Written & Executed!

02 Yeh Raha Dil Monday

02 Yeh Raha Dil Monday

Ohkay so, this episode of Yeh Raha Dil was amazing and probably depicted the calm before the storm (which the precap promised). I know I have said this time & again & I think I will continue to say till this drama will last, that I actually love watching Yeh Raha Dil because it has been written with such an intelligent perspective and the writer has given so many different shades to all these characters, especially to women, that I have a great time watching every other episode of this drama!

So, before discussing anything else, I would like to talk about Hassan & get him out of the way. Just a moment ago he was judging Hayat & Sidra & the next moment, he was sitting next to Hayat extending his friendship to her. I am not sure if he actually meant it or was just putting up an act to teach Hayat a lesson since he has been irritated by her quite a lot, so I did get a feeling that his intentions weren’t right, like obviously he wouldn’t harm her but his intention didn’t seem as clean as he was posing it to be. Since Hayat has hurt Hassan’s ego a lot & just because is quite eccentric, I don’t think his friendship with Hayat is coming without an ulterior motive. Out of all the characters of Yeh Raha Dil, Hassan is my least favorite like I still haven’t formed a connection with this character plus to see him judging Hayat & putting her down is off-putting to be honest.

I loved the conversation Sidra had with Hayat, like I loved how Sidra made Hayat familiar with Hayat’s true nature. Hayat needed this reminder that Sidra as her friend gave to her saying that she is dignified & self-sufficient, that is why she is still not comfortably relying on her father for financial support, like all the things Sidra said to Hayat about her made so much of sense & it was good to see her friend knowing about her so much. Sidra also made a valid point that Hayat is just letting the emotions get the better of her because in this new found family of hers, there’s still no place for her as everyone in so self-absorbed that no one will walk an extra mile for her. Even though what Sidra said should’ve struck a chord but just because Hayat is too emotional about her family, she is not thinking things through.

I honestly did feel for Nida a lot when Zaki broke up with her but what I loved about that entire scenario was the fact that Nida chose not to cry in front of Zaki, yes she was emotional & yes she was saddened but she still maintained her dignity & didn’t beg Zaki to stay. The way Nida composed herself showed that she has come a long way, she has matured enough with time & she knows how to control her emotions. Even though Nida knew that Zaki was over this relationship & she was mentally prepared for this but still her heart ached because what Zaki said hurt her ego as she knew that Hayat was the reason why he was ditching her.

It was so obvious that just because Nida has read Hayat to the T, just because she knows that Hayat is so emotionally attached to this little family of hers, she was now trying to guilt trip Hayat even more & sadly involved Fatima into this game plan of hers as well. Even though Fatima doesn’t want Nida to ruin her life for the sake of a guy like Zaki who is not in love with her but being her mother she ends up succumbing to her pressures too. Just when Nida came & hugged Hayat I so wished it to be genuine & I actually thought that may be Nida will let go of her grudge against Hayat but nope, she hasn’t come to that point yet because she still believes that it was Hayat who lured Zaki & forced him to get over Nida. As much as I like Fatima’s stance about Zaki where she tells Nida that a guy like him who couldn’t respect her feelings is not worth going through so much of pain for, I so wish that at the time when Nida told Fatima to fool Hayat & help her in guilt-tripping her more, she had backed out.

As usual, Hayat was feeling guilty because she saw her sister suffering & she has genuinely grown closer to Nida. As if it wasn’t enough that Affaq himself gave Hayat the responsibility to take care of the date fixing on his behalf. Hayat will do everything in her might to make it happen as she has not only seen Nida suffering, but she is also feeling anxious as she sees herself as the culprit behind Zaki’s absurdity. Another thing that I enjoyed watching in this episode was Azra’s stand, like usually in our dramas, we get to see mothers being over-emotional about their sons & going to extreme lengths to make their son’s wishes come true but in this case, Azra even though has been introduced as an emotional woman was seen calling spade a spade as she couldn’t fathom Zaki’s thought process & couldn’t really support him in hurting a girl who he was so much in love with just a couple of months ago.

Overall, this episode was phenomenal, like there are always such smallest of details in every other scene, in terms of reactions or expressions that it becomes a treat for you to watch because all these aspects add so much of depth into every other scenario. I love the way the writer has added so much of personality that too with clarity in every single character that I feel I am watching real people on-screen with emotions. I also love the fact that every other woman is strong & empowered in her own way in this drama, like even though Nida is sulking but she is not a damsel in distress, which is refreshing to see. The preview of the next episode promised a lot of drama, where Hayat will push Zaki to the limit & will pressurize him to get engaged to Nida. Hayat is now clearly going in the wrong direction because she is completely ignoring the fact that Zaki will never be able to make Nida happy as he is not in love with her anymore. I must say Anam Gohar took the crown in this episode with her perfect performance, like I can’t emphasize enough on how much she has improved in terms of acting, like after watching her acting in Yeh Raha Dil, I definitely feel she has a bright future ahead. I enjoyed Adnan Jaffar’s & Ayesha Sana’s performances in this episode as well. Yumna Zaidi & Ahmed Ali were great as always. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yeh Raha Dil.

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