Aangan Episode 17 Review – Perfection!

Ohkay so, this drama keeps on getting better & better. This was yet another perfect & hilarious episode of Aangan where I found myself laughing hysterically over so many conversations. The balance between the actual issues that one faces during family wedding & those little moments which provide the comedy quotient is perfect, that is why this drama offers a perfect entertainment when you tune to it!

So, it seemed that Hajra was finally thinking about Sadaan & Afrah, like she felt guilty over what she did & that is why she went to him to have a little chit chat. I loved the equation Sadaan & Hajra share, even though Sadaan exactly knows what his mother did, but he didn’t let it get to him & in fact tried to make his mother understand that no one can take her place so she shouldn’t feel insecure!

The wedding preps were almost complete but the one major thing that had to be taken care of was Anila. I guessed it right, it was Abba Jee who had to do the honors & boy the way he made one excuse after another had my in a laughing fit. The way everyone else seemed relieved was amusing & mean at the same time because they knew exactly what Abba Jee was going to get into. I loved the way Abba Jee gave Anila a little pep-talk that she is always in need of. Anila just can not stand the fact that her brother’s wives now have an upper-hand, so she doesn’t leave any chance she gets to make herself feel valued. Well, Anila along with her daughters came & then she made sure to let everyone know that she was doing a favor, therefore they all should accommodate her as per her standards. The way Shaina & Hajra spoke about room-sharing was so realistic, no doubt family weddings are fun, but they also mean compromising on your comfort zone. It was so realistic how Shaina voiced her detest & then got a scolding from her mother who had gazillion more things & tantrums to take care of, therefore she just didn’t want her daughter to add more to her woes!

The scolding that Laila got from Zaitoon was also a depiction of how one thing gets highlighted while others are completely ignored. Zaitoon out of concern for her son’s pocket reminded Laila that she was spending a bit too much on herself but I loved the way Abba Jee reminded her that Laila also didn’t ever stop Asim from bearing the expenses too, so what if she spends on herself? After Zaitoon’s scolding, Laila also thought of reminding everyone just how much Asim was doing, which was so realistic. Before this argument, Laila never really bothered much & in fact encouraged Asim to do as much as he could, she also decided to gift her jewellery to Zoya, but the moment Zaitoon started targetting her, it was like she brought out the worst in Laila due to which she thought everyone needed to know that if Asim could do spend for his sister, then it was his right to do as much for his wife too. It was such a nice message that was imparted that family members usually tend to focus on the things that are not in line with their perspective, but just because they forget how much sacrifices one makes, things get complicated because when someone goes out of the way to do things for the family, a little appreciation is what is needed the most!

Aqdas’s family seemed really nice & they all can’t wait to welcome Zoya warmly in their family. I had a good laugh at Faseeha’s predicament as even she knew that her in laws might create a scene or two at Aqdas’s wedding. I am sure there are going to be fireworks & I can’t wait to see aur abbhi to Allauddin bhi baqi hai.

Well, Zahid continued to pester Rubina & I felt bad for her that she literally had to give him explanations because on his own, he continued to ignore Rubina’s feelings as to how much she would be wanting to look good or wear nice dresses for Zoya’s wedding. The statement about Sadqa/Zakat was so heart-wrenching. I think now that a good chunk of drama is done with, it’s about time that some changes in Zahid are shown, as I am sure everyone would love to see that!

Loved this episode & thoroughly enjoyed it. Not even a single moment went by where I lost my interest as it was so engaging & done perfectly. I loved all those one-liners which made the conversations so humorous. Every single member of the team, starting from writer to director to actors & all those who have worked behind the camera deserve a standing ovation for bringing us such a brilliant drama. Qavi Khan, Samina Ahmed, Noor ul Hassan, Irsa Ghazal, Waseem Abbas, ZQ, Iffat Omar, Uzma Hassan, Paras Masroor, Hassan Ahmed, Masha Pasha & the entire yonger lot, each one of them have made Aangan what it is & they all have given their 100% to this project & their hardwork is paying off. I usually never go back to binge-watch Pakistani dramas one they end but I will definitely watch Aangan again & again. Please share your thoughts about this perfect episode of Aangan.

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