Aangan Episode 8 Review – Entertaining!

Ohkay so, it was yet another entertaining episode of Aangan. A lot happened & once again, a lot of details surfaced about different characters. Watching Aangan is like watching your own family because the societal pattern & the thought process remains the same, that is why you always relate to what is being shown in this drama!

Anila obviously couldn’t mind her own business, so she reappeared to try her hands on ruling her bhabhis once again. Even though Anila knows that she has no say in this household whatsoever, but she still keeps on trying thinking she will be able to change things that bother her. Since Anila has everything sorted in her life & now that she has nothing else to do, she has assigned herself a duty of reminding her parents that their daughters in law are doing what they deem fit.

The most interesting bit was Aqdas teaching Abba Jee the usage of social media. It once again struck a chord because in this day & age, we all get to connect with our senior relatives because almost everyone is now getting used to YouTube & Facebook. The conversation where Zaitoon described American presidents was not only hilarious but spot on as well because it is a fact that the ladies of our families usually have nothing to do with foreign affairs or international politics but yes, it was also suggested that Zaitoon did know about the former & the current president, like she had an idea because the men of her family watched the news channels, so she was well informed!

So, Shaina got the undue credit for Zoya’s hardwork. Zoya wasn’t jealous but she was actually hurt seeing everyone’s reaction to Shaina’s publication because she knew that things would’ve been totally different if everyone had known that it was Zoya & not Shaina who wrote that story. Zoya could see that just because Shaina had her parents’ support, everyone else was encouraging her too whereas just because her own parents didn’t encourage her, she never got a chance to pursue her passion. Zoya’s heartbreak was nicely covered because she could see that she wouldn’t have gotten such encouragement from all of her family members because when it came to ghar ki betis, they had a pretty old school thinking!

So, Zahid finally came back, as staunch & as stern as ever. This entire aspect told how everyone has an issue with everyone in a joint family system, but some stay quiet out of courtesy whereas others blurt out anything that comes to their minds because they think they’re entitled to voicing their opinions. Hajra’s reaction showed that by the end of the day, she was a mother who put her children above everyone else. It was the same Hajra who scolded Sadaan in front of Asim & Zoya when he brought Afrah home but now when Zahid did the same, she couldn’t tolerate it. Zaitoon also chose to be a mother & that is why she didn’t see anything wrong with what Zahid did & she also chose to let Hajra know that she didn’t appreciate the way she reacted. These subtle family politics & family dynamics make Aangan a very interesting watch where you get to understand everyone’s perspective.

So, Abba Jee got to see his grandson’s university pictures, it was actually quite sweet that he hid those pictures from Zaitoon because he knew that she won’t like them as well. Abba Jee chose to do something about those pictures on his own because being a grandfather, he was actually & genuinely quite concerned. I must say I laughed a lot when Zaitoon chose to go with Anila, basically trying to send Hajra a message that she is not alone, she puts her children above everyone else as well & that she is not dependant on her. It was quite funny yet sweet!

Overall, it was a very interesting & entertaining episode of Aangan. Just when I was thinking that things should progress in Zoya Aqdas track, the precap of the next episode promised just that. Things are obviously going to get more interesting when Hajra will have a misunderstanding & Aqdas will actually be asking for Zoya’s proposal. I can’t wait to see more. Loving the acting, the direction & the script of this drama so far. I must say the background music as well as the OST is amazing too. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Aangan & oh I will say, I legit missed Aalu & his sarcasm in this episode, lol!

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