Alif Episode 18 Story Review – The Closure

Ohkay so, this episode gave closure to one of the tracks of the story, at least for now. It was one such episode which does not allow viewers to look away even for a second because everything that is happening is so intense, so gripping that you just can not afford to miss even a second of it. The credit definitely goes to the director, but more than that to the powerful actors who gave such phenomenal performances throughout the episode. Every single scene was laden with so many emotions, while listening to them you could hear the pain, the trauma that they had endured. This was one intense episode of Alif & the team behind this drama should be very proud of themselves for doing justice to this script written by Umera Ahmed.

The Closure

Sultan did everything he could to save Husn e Jahan. He only wanted to help her. It was very clear that Sultan’s intention was not to help her son or her husband, but only her, especially after he met her. Sultan found it very hard to accept that Husn e Jahan was not the same person anymore, she was now a wife who was suffering at the hands of her husband & she was a mother, a selfless one at that who wanted to forsake everything for her son’s comfort. Husn e Jahan’s helplessness was convincingly portrayed by Kubra Khan. I couldn’t stop feeling the pain Husn e Jahan was suffering from because of Kubra’s outstanding performance.

Taha & Husn e Jahan finally came to a closure. Taha said what he felt he needed to say & Husn e Jahan also said everything to let him go. She loved him selflessly, that is why she decided that the only option left for her to help her husband was to let him go. She knew that none of her justifications will be accepted by her husband. She also knew that he will always doubt her reasons. What Husn e Jahan did was the final blow to Taha’s already shattered ego & because she kept Taha’s pain ahead of hers, she decided to set him free. Taha had time & again reminded her that he was suffering because of her, this marriage had cost him everything, his choice of Husn e Jahan over Abdul Ala had destroyed him, so there was nothing else left for Husn e Jahan to cling onto. No hope, absolutely nothing. It wasn’t because Husn e Jahan was tired of this life, it was because she was done seeing her husband in so much of pain.

Once again, all this while, I could not help but think why was Taha doing all of this? Why was he time & again holding his wife responsible for his incapabilities? Why was he victimizing himself & not owning his own shortcomings? Another beautiful aspect that surfaced was that Husn e Jahan was very much sorted about what she wanted from Taha & what she wanted from this relationship. She readily left everything behind to live the life Taha was living but Taha had doubts, he had fears, he also had regrets & unfortunately, all of that made him bitter – so much so that he ended up not seeing Husn e Jahan for who she was.

Alif Episode 18 Story Review - The Closure

The flashbacks that showed the initial stages of Husn e Jahan & Taha’s relationship were so heart-breaking yet beautiful. How realistically it was portrayed that every other relationship starts on a beautiful note but its the trials which the couple has to endure which tests their loyalty towards one another. Husn e Jahan was loyal to him, Taha was too but it looked like his only resort was to blame Husn e Jahan for everything wrong in his life, which is why he failed to see her transition, how she was lifeless & how she had no needs, no desires left in her, all because of him!

Qalb e Momin enjoying his meal while his mother cried was so heart-breaking. The poor child did not know the price his mother had to pay to make it happen for him, but then this is what motherhood is all about – its about being selfless, it’s all about bringing one smile to a child’s face. Husn e Jahan did everything she could but unfortunately, she was misunderstood. Her mother misunderstood her, her husband misunderstood her, Abdul Alla did the same & later her only son Qalb e Momin ended up doing that too. How unfortunate. Husn e Jahan lived her life for others & sadly when she made one decision for herself, it took everything away from her.

Another powerful scene of this episode was of Sultan & Surraya. Surraya loved him selflessly & this is what forced Sultan to accept her in his life. He did not want to, he held onto the last glimmer of hope that maybe one day Husn e Jahan will come back to him but after he saw her, his hope died. Sultan let Husn e Jahan influence the biggest decision of his life. It was also Surraya’s submissiveness which made him propose to her. I felt for Surraya a lot, she felt happy but may be she did not know that the man she was in love with, will never be able to love her the way she deserves to be loved. Sultan sold his house for Husn e Jahan & kept that a secret from her. His love for Husn e Jahan was special too but then it was his misery that it was an unrequited love.

The struggle that Husn e Jahan was going through after coming back to her mother’s place was so evident in each & every scene. It was beautifully captured how Husn e Jahan was only doing all of that to please her mother & also because she knew this is what she had to do in order to survive. The disgust on her face, the discomfort & the resentment of the entire environment was so obvious even through those subtle expressions. Once again, Husn e Jahan had no control of her life & she had to live for others.

The Lie

Sultan ended up lying to Momina once again. I am not sure why he didn’t tell her about Husn e Jahan’s second marriage & made it look like she committed suicide. Obviously, they will reveal it all later but at this moment, I am unable to figure out his reasons. Saleem Mairaj’s minute expression which showed that he lied to Momina was phenomenal. Each & every single actor has breathed life into this drama which is beyond impressive. Momina relates to Husn e Jahan, she has lived her life through her father’s words. Momina has seen how much respect her father has had for Husn e Jahan, therefore she has a special place in her heart for Husn e Jahan, that is why getting to know about her tragic end shattered her. Momin got to know that now Momina Sultan’s name & her popularity had fizzled out his name, just a news bulletin was enough for him to understand this reality but he seemed unbothered. For him, the only thing that matters is his movie, the story of his mother & that’s about it.


This episode of Alif was filled with phenomenal performances. This episode for sure belonged to Kubra Khan as well as Ahsan Khan. Their performances, the flow in the dialogues, the display of emotions & the pain – it was all a work of art. These kinds of performances are experienced once in a while on our TV screens, therefore it was too much to grasp. However, the way everything was executed made it so seamless & easy. Each & every team member responsible for making Alif what it is should take a bow. Kubra Khan has definitely given the best performance of her career so far. It won’t be wrong to say that Alif has turned out to be one such project for her where she gets to actually prove her caliber as well as show it to the world what she is capable of as an actor. Her performance in this episode was unparalleled. Saleem Mairaj is another star of this drama. His expressions, his performance is more like an honor for the viewers to watch. All of these actors have surely breathed life into these characters. Ahsan Khan was so powerful in this episode, each expression of his was calculated, so much of grip on a character shows the intensity & the loyalty an actor has or feels towards a character.

The preview of the next episode was promising. It seems the story will now focus on the present & the equation of Momin & Momina, which I am keenly looking forward to. Oh yes, just a random thought – Sultan placing a brush in his mouth while doing Husn e Jahan’s makeup was so unhygienic. The makeup artist & Husn e Jahan enthusiast in him didn’t know that on a sanitary side of makeup world, it’s a big no no, haha. Please share your thoughts about this magnificent episode of Alif.

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  • Splendid Episode!
    I know its taboo for men to cry in our society, but this episode brought tears in my eyes. Every scene and dialogue offered was so much detailed that kept me wonder why this masterpiece is so much underrated. Also excellent review as always, keep up the good work.
    Keep Supporting Alif…

    • Thank you so much Hamza for appreciating the reviews. Oh no, absolutely not, it is not a taboo & should not be treated as one. In fact shedding a tear or two shows how one is in touch with his emotional side. This episode definitely had that pull to it. :)

  • When sultan said that husne Jahan killed herself, I didn’t interpret it as if he meant it literally. I thought he meant that she was lifeless; lived life full of sadness, grief. Or had to drop to a different level to survive.

    This episode was good but I had a hard time understanding kubra at times and thought she was muttering. The acting was amazing though from her, ahsan khan, and the actor playing sultan. Looking forward to the next episode- hopefully more scenes between momin and momina.

    • Yes! i also thought that. I actually came to comment this, i’m glad someone else interpreted it as such.

    • I still beleive that HusneJahan had a better life with Master Ibrahim than Taha. But yes, she lost her child thats why she felt empty

      • I don’t understand why she had to lose her child though ? Why didn’t Abdul ala ever clarify to him what a wonderful mother he had and how many sacrifices she made for him, including her own marriage to Taha

        • Dear sometimes and actually in life you donot need to have everyone’s approval and acknowledgement. Why on earth did HusneJahan needed Abdul Aalas approval in every minute of her life that she is a good woman bla bla…
          Before coming to Master Ibrahim, HusneJahan had reentered the industry, and to keep Momin away from industry and her portrayl’s evil, she chose to send him away

    • I am likely the minority here but I think Kubra is very overrated. She has such a hard time enunciating and emoting expressions. She always mutters. And she can’t dance ! Someone like Sana fakhar would have brought husn e jahan to live.

      • Bro actually everyone except Kubra is weak even Sajal. Kubra brought this character to life. There were no elaborate dance performances in the drama so she got away with that and her emotions were more than fine

        • Imagine thinking SRK is a great actor. Sajal, Hamza, Ahsan & Humayun are weak actors. The irony!!

          • KAL HO NA HOs last scene is a testimony of how great actor he is worldwide, compare it with the shit acting of HS in last episode, you get your answers.

    • That dialogue could be open to different interpretations but it did seem like he implied her passing away. Yes, all the actors did perform brilliantly. So glad they’re now shifting the focus on Momina & Momin.

  • I’m sorry i couldn’t comment on so many reviews. I was watching MPTH too and both on YouTube so i used to end up watching Alif quite late. That’s why I couldn’t comment but i have read all your previous reviews. Watching this drama is like touching your inner self and emotions we feel. I think Taha blamed her because he never in his life learned anything else other than Calligraphy and because he left his father, he thought he was guilty and that’s why his skills weren’t with him anymore. More than Taha i will blame Abdul Aala for ruining this marriage and lives of Momin, Husn e Jahan and Taha. Again this drama shows too much of anything is harmful. Abdul Aala thought he is so pious and their family is always doing this work. He took Husn e Jahan as a Dancer who can’t have any connection with Allah. Husn e Jahan thought by Marrying Taha she will be closed to Allah. Everyone is equal. If you want to be closed to Allah then do it by yourself. Don’t try to find him through people.
    Absolutely phenomenal drama. Script, Direction, camera work and acting is beyond amazing. Such a pity that they put it against MPTH but it had its own audience.

    • I really don’t beleive in the theory that MPTH stole Alif’s audience.
      1) take YOUTUBE views for instance where it can be watched anytime. It rails in btw 1.5 to 2mn views.
      2) 2 successful dramas rake in huge trps in same slot. for eg. Kahi Deep Jalay was 14this week and Ghalti was 9.
      Alif has its own shortcomings and general reviews I have been hearing from audience is lack of coherence and solid plot.

      • I believe that is because our nation is more interested in masala entertainment dramas then some which actually have a deep meaning and are to be felt.

    • Agree with you 100% Abdul ala is to be blamed for everything. I understand his initial anger at his son. But to answer his letters, or open the door for him, to not forgive him even after so many years of marriage. Jeez not even meeting his own grandson because of his “ana”is so selfish and inconsiderate. He destroyed his own sons life. And it was only after his Untimely death that he realized what a wonderful person husn e jahan was. Such a shame

      • Even though I am considered an Alif drama hater, Abdul Aala is least to be blamed. Every father would be mad if he learns his son has married a “dancer” or a girl not of his choice. He was angry at him and chose to stay away from his life.
        How does this affect Taha’s married life at all. Abdul Aala’s negligent presence didnt restrict him from his daily routines, from making a baby. Taha was himself a coward, a useless person who first left his father then his family. His family was starving but he was crying instead of actually doing something, blaming poor HusneJahan for all the starve and failures.
        Taha’s life was destroyed by lust and that lust wasnt HusneJahan, but his escape from what hes supposed to do and what he is good at.

        • That’s a really weird comment. He did not ‘escape’. He triedbdoing other things because his work lost its sheen and wasn’t getting him money. For family’s survival he tried doing other things but didn’t know what and was miserable.

          • Yes jhj. He kept trying but no one was buying his work. He still used to go out in search of work everyday. They didn’t show it in the drama (they should have) that Taha got the job and came home with toys, chocolates for Momin the day Sultan came and that is why he was very angry that Husn e Jahan sold the paintings and didn’t believe in him.

          • well I have only watched Tv format of the story in which Taha is only there crying not trying. If he wasnt able to sell his paintings he should have tried other things, drive a cab, become a daily wager, but no, he chose to escape from his family.
            What lack of spituality is this intelligent audience finding in this play? If you are taking care of your family, raising them well, this is spirtuality, closeness to Allah, these whirling dances and paintings dont get you closer to Allah and if Taha gets glorified for these things,,well…

    • Thank you so much Ahsan, good to know that you were following Alif & have decided to join the discussion. :) I feel Taha himself was a weak person who could not do justice to his roles, he grew up living a one-dimensional life, so when he saw Husn e Jahan, he immediately got attracted. When the novelty wore off, he yearned going back to his old life but it was too late. I won’t blame Abdul Ala completely though he did play his part, which he regretted later. Through Momin’s letters Abdul Ala learned how Husn e Jahan loved Taha selflessly & how she was shattered when he left. Each & everyone in this situation was basically a victim one way or the other. I feel for all of them but yes, I will hold Taha responsible a bit more than the rest because he couldn’t back his words.

      I feel Husn e Jahan’s reason of marrying Taha was beautiful. She got attracted towards the faith that he had in Allah & there’s no harm in it. :) Alif definitely is a phenomenal drama. :) Glad to have you on board. :)

  • Bohat hi khubsurat episode aur utna hi khubsurat review. Allah hamarey directors aur logo ko hidayat dein aur future me aisey aur dramas banen aur log dekhen.

  • Thank you for the review
    The conversation Taha and Husne Jahan had today, and Husn e Jahan’s word which meant that had she left her past for Allah it would had been eternal was something I have always tried to explain people. It took me back a conversation during my universities days where I told a friend that she could consider changing herself for love of a person while she has not been able to do so for Allah and another friend even tried to justify her act. :)
    PS: watching Sultan putting brush in his month, germ on it came in my mind. It’s good know someone else think that way :P

    • You’re most welcome. That’s interesting how you could relate to this conversation with your real-life happening & event. Alif does showcase the struggles of believers & the ups & downs they go through while trying to hold onto the rope of Allah. It is beautifully portrayed in this drama. LOL, oh I am a germaphobe, I am amazed you noticed too. :)

  • Somehow husn e jahan’s portrayal is the weakest in the drama as compared to the novel. The character shown in the novel was a class apart. I dont know what is not there. But I feel that her scenes have a boring feel to it.

    • I don’t think so…. I’ve also read the novel and I think Kubra portrayed Husn-e-Jahaanvs character brilliantly! Im always crying during her scenes!

    • Because unfortunately Kubra is a weak actress. Someone like sana fakhar or even saba Qamar would have Been perfect as an old school superstar and her demise. Jeez even meera ji would have been better.

    • I have not read the novel, so not sure about the comparison but as a drama viewer, I see her doing justice to the character of Husn e Jahan. :)

  • it was sad to see Husan e jahan back to square one, but at least now we now why Taha left them

  • Is there any single emotion which Alif has failed to capture? Love, heart-break, betrayal, remorse, guilt.. u name it!! And today’s episode was like a cherry on top… Mindblowing performances!!! Kubra’s dialogues coupled with her screen presence and those minute expressions really elevated the whole purpose of HeJ’s story. Indeed, she has given the best performance of her career.

    But the best thing about Alif is the ambiguity in the characters. Although it’s wrong for Taha to completely blame HeJ, but for a second I actually empathized with Taha. Love builds on trust; and Husne Jahan broke that trust by selling those paintings. On the other hand, whatever HeJ did was completely justified. See, it all depends on ur perspective..

    Another thing which I definitely have to praise is the level of symbolism in Alif. The story of the White Rose was so powerful and judging from the promo, there is a lot more to come.
    Alif has truly found a die hard fan in me.. it’s simply beautiful!

    • Thank you so much Ibrahim for sharing your insightful comment. Yes, this is what the best thing about Alif is, in this story, no one is completely wrong, they all have their reasons & all of those reasons have been conveyed convincingly that you continue to understand them & give them benefits of doubt. Husn e Jahan did everything for her son & also to lessen the burden on her husband but Taha saw it as deception & cheating. He had his reasons, she had hers. It surely is beautiful.

  • I didn’t read the novel,but its my guess that the next phase of Husn-e-jahan’s life will be told by Master Ibrahim….
    Cuz Sultan’s role in husn-e-jahan’s life ended there….

    • Yes, you’re absolutely right. Master Ibrahim will also reveal all those details that Momin himself doesn’t know because he distanced himself from his mother. I so hope they show all of that in detail. :)

  • Beautiful review Zahra , of a beautiful episode. This episode was the most important episode as it revealed a lot. Many questions were answered, why Taha left HEJ, what was her mistake and why HEJ returned to her mother. Still I have 1 question, why didn’t Abdul Ala, decide to sell his paintings at that time, and take care of HEJ and Mumin, why to let her go back to that world which she had already left.

    Kubra khan was the star of this episode, she was excellent, the beauty of the characters is such that everyone’s actions seem to be so believable and every character seems to be right , and wrong, you cant blame anyone, its just the circumstances and the ego that put cracks in the relationships. Ahsan also performed well. Now the only suspense that’s remaining is how and when did HEJ married Master Ibrahim, and how much Sultan knows abt all of that, as there is lot more which he didn’t reveal yet and lied to momina that she committed suicide.

    Firstly I was not convinced abt Monina crying so much, but looking at the preview it was clear that she saw herself in HEJ, so many situations in her life also took her away from her love Faisal and also she is still unable o keep her parents happy even after so many achievements. Now she will have so much respect for momin after knowing his backstory, looking forward to the next episode.

    Zahra, is anyone going to review Jhooti, it stars Iqra so watched the first episde, but was not very impressed, iqra is too loud in this one, and the name of dram should have been lalchee.

    • Thank you so much Tiger for your insightful comment. Yes, this episode was brilliant & it was definitely an important one because it revealed a lot of secrets. I have not read the novel so I am not too sure but I think Abdul Ala didn’t do business on his paintings. Remember Mr. Khalil telling Momin that he begged Abdul Ala to draw a painting for him & charge him money but he never agreed. May be his source of earning was exhibitions that were conducted to acknowledge his artwork, that is why he didn’t sell his work to support Husn e Jahan. I also feel he must’ve felt it was the right decision to let her go back to her family. He obviously must not have known that Husn e Jahan’s mother will force her to go back in the line of work which she left. I think this is the reason Abdul Ala later got her married to Master Ibrahim to bring her out of that circle where she could just lead a peaceful & normal life.

      Momina has always related a lot to Husn e Jahan’s story & now knowing a lot more about her, especially the tragic end that Sultan told her, she was devastated. I want to see how Momina will clarify Sultan’s name because till date Momin holds him responsible.

      I think Fatima will be reviewing Jhooti. I saw the first episode too, not too impressed. It does seem heavily inspired by Dil Mom Ka Diya though.

  • Apt Review. Cleared some of the doubts I had. Kubra’s performance as Husn e Jahan is definitely unparalleled and not expected . I think even she would be surprised . looking forward to next phase now.

  • Amazing episode and great review! This serial has really grown on me since last 6-7 episodes. Initially it was too slow but now I realise that it was the demand of the script. And we really feel for all the characters because of the base laid down in the initial episodes.

    Regarding the LIE , I really feel that Sultan was not lying. Husn e Jahan faked her death so that she could live her life peacefully in the path of Allah and be away from everyone in her past life. Thats the reason everyone in media thiught she commited a suicide.

    The scene between Taha and Husne Jahan was really EPIC! Normally in an argument between characters, the writer sides with one character and one is shown to be wrong. But it is the beauty of Umera Ahmed’s writing that one could feel for both Taha and Husne Jahan in their scene. Both had sacrificed a lot for each other.
    I have a feeling that it is coming to an end in next 3 -4 episodes and feel sad☹️ Though Hats off to Umera Ahmed.

    • Thank you so much Saud. Yes, this is the beauty of this script that you can not just blame one character. The viewers are getting to understand the characters & they also understand their reasons behind behaving a certain way. Umera Ahmed has balanced everything & she has not shown either Taha or Husn e Jahan being wrong, she has shown them being victim of circumstances. Oh, I so don’t want it to end too soon.

      I think the novel readers obviously know that Sultan didn’t lie but for me as a drama-viewer, because I have not read the novel, I felt he lied because he knew a lot more about Husn e Jahan. I think it was meant to be revealed later where even Sultan didn’t know about Husn e Jahan faking her suicide to live a life in isolation.

  • You summed everything up. Great job.
    I’ve never seen a character like Husn e Jahan and Kubra has given her heart to this character and her performance. And you’ve rightly pointed how Husn e Jahan suffered in every relationship she cheered and that’s the sad part.

    You know when I was reading the novel they revealed her second marriage very late and at this point I actually thought she had died a tragic death and I was very unhappy that she never found the peace which she had left the world for.

    Also I love how Momina relates to Husn e Jahan on many levels. The scene where she cried for her was very heartwarming.

    • Thank you so much Maha. Oh, that makes sense, that the readers must have thought she passed away but she moved on & remarried & probably Master Ibrahim gave her a good life. As much as I am keen to see Momin & Momina’s story, I so want to learn about the sort of relationship Master Ibrahim & Husn e Jahan had, I am sure it must be amazing. :) Kubra has surely given her heart & soul to this character, no wonder why her performance is so phenomenal. :)

  • Perfect review Zahra!!
    I watched the episode last night and couldn’t write anything here because I was having a difficulty thinking about the words to praise the performances and everything in this episode.
    The way Haseeb has taken care of every detail like the rupee notes shown were the ones used in old times, is phenomenal.
    I am still speechless. I watched the episode again and I was mesmerized. Never thought Kubra Khan will be this brilliant portraying Husn e Jahan. The way she has given life to this character and Ahsan Khan!! Brilliant! I think it is not just Kubra’s best but also Ahsan’s best performance (even best than Udaari). Sajal was phenomenal in that one scene she had. I want to hold an award ceremony to give all the awards to team Alif. I can’t wait for the next Saturday. Alif is masterpiece!! Alif is mesmerizing!! Alif is something else!! Alif Basss!!

    • Thank you so much PP, oh yes, I so agree, it’s Alif Bassss these days, isn’t it? :) Yes, both Ahsan & Kubra’s performances were lit. Haseeb Hassan surely has taken care of minute details, this is why it adds so much reality to this drama. In every flashback scene, I also notice the furniture pieces & interior designs, they actually have used such spaces which take you back in the time with the olden touch. I noticed the old currency detail too, it does leave you mesmerized. :)

  • Beautiful review!
    I’d just like to add a bit in it! I think Sajal’s performance in the last 2 scenes was beyond perfect!
    She was so good that I literally started crying seeing Momina like this! Hats off!👏🏻
    Also that OST’s part that played in the background when she was seeing herself as Husn e Jahan in the mirror! It was heartbreaking!
    I was propelled to pause, cry and think that every success has a downfall!
    This scene was definitely not as impactful while reading as it was while watching, which is very rare!
    Marvellous execution!👏🏻

    Keep smiling & stay blessed! :)

    • Thank you so much Fatimah. Aw, I am sure all of us shed tear or two while watching this episode, it was so emotional. Momina does feel burdened that although Sultan is not responsible for wrecking Husn e Jahan’s home, she knows that Momin thinks that way. She feels she’s turning into Husn e Jahan, that fear was portrayed beautifully by Sajal Aly. She is such a fine actor. Thank you so much for your kind wishes, I am reflecting them back at you. :) <3

  • Great review Zahra! This was a good episode and finally HusneJahan’s story was told from her own perspective and not others. She is the only one so far who achieved spirtuality. Lines like “tumhare zariye usko paana chaha & mushrik hui” made a lot of sense in times where writers are equalizing casual flings with Shirk.
    No pity for Taha, he seems to be constantly blaming HusneJahan for his lack of skills and even spirtuality. Men like Taha dont need to be glorified or cried upon as due to their ego and lazy self, their wives and children suffer. All he could see was his “izzat being neelam”, not his starving family.
    The drama seems to be on ending stage and lets see if they manage to put forth a strong ending as there is nothing much strong plot in the present timeline, only the past timeline seems to be driving story till now.

    • Thank you so much Sarmad. Yes, this episode surely revealed a lot of important details regarding Husn e Jahan’s life. Taha had his reasons, this is what the strongest aspect of this story is, everyone has his or her reasons but they are not entirely wrong. Taha definitely deserves to be blamed because he failed to back his promise.

  • Hi Zahra, it was another flawless episode and perfectly captured review. I think it will be no harm going through your review again to response viewer’s comment. Anyways, you are right, Kubra khan perfectly delivered helpless, but dedicated family character. Should be her best performance so far. And when you appreciated Saleem Meraj’s work, i felt vey happy, because he is a actor which goes in any mould and here he delivers flawlessly. His character have time change, and he made it felt us through his look, expressions & body language in all different eras. I am also confused when he says she committed suicide because i started thinking that wasn’t she married to Master Ibrahim. I did not read the novel, so it is good to me reveal as the story unfolds. His unrequited love (i googled this work, haha) is really appreciated and good to know that a daughter now does not blame her father as a reason of turbulence in Husn e Jahan’s married life. I totally blame Taha. People love and get married, but do they leave their work or daily routine, no. Marriage is part of life, he could have concentrated on his spiritual work; calligraphy or dance while being a married person.

    • Hi Aamer, thank you so much for appreciating the reviews & for always being a consistent contributor to each & every thread of Alif. :) Yes, Kubra’s performance was brilliant. Saleem Mairaj is like an institution in himself when it comes to acting. I have never seen him not doing justice to any character that he takes up. I am so glad they assigned the character of Sultan to him because he could bring him to life on-screen.

      Yes, at least for now Momina does know that Sultan is not to be blamed but she will still feel burdened knowing that Momin holds Sultan (her father) for ruining the relationship of his parents. Let’s see how Momina will be able to clarify that.

      At this moment, I do also hold Taha a lot more responsible for failing at keeping his word. I also do understand that he had his reasons but it is unfortunate that he decided to just go away & never come back. :(

  • I think sultan actually thinks Husn e jahan committed suicide. She likley faked her death, got married to Abdul ala’s friend to live a life of obscurity

  • These are the lines in the novel when Taha leaves….
    “Usse yaqeen tha wo palte ga, aaye ga, Taha Abdul Aala uske baghair jee nahin sakta tha….aur wo theek sochti thi, wo uske baghair jeeya hi nahin tha, jeeta to palat aata” I CRIED WHILE READING THESE LINES!

  • Hello,

    Zahra thanks for the amazing review as usual. You always manage to analyze So beautifully & intricately.

    As a few readers mentioned, I disagree that everything is Abdul Alaa’s fault. It’s very painful for a parents when their child, who also happens to be an only child, leaves you for someone he just met. I also think that Abdul Aala felt that Husn e Jahan’s presence is taking Taha away from his spirituality. Remember When Abdul Alaa says that a man whose hands used to write only Allah’s names are now drawing a woman? I know that they show Husn e Jahan as very pure from inside. But most people even in this day & age In our country would find it unacceptable to marry their son to a dancer, leave alone someone from a pious family thinking like that. Now I’m not saying that we should be judgmental about Husn e Jahan or someone in her profession. On the contrary I do believe she turned out to be quite the opposite of what Abdul Alaa thought of her & She was a truly Doting & selfless wife & mother. I Don’t think that anyone is at fault as such. But yes Taha is probably the most To blame if anything. It is indeed truly human to find someone to blame for things when they go wrong. But seriously, when a woman leaves everything for you, then the least you can do is, Be a Man & Take ownership of your failures !!! Seriously. Why is everything always Husn e Jahan’s fault?

    • Thank you so much Sana for sharing your insightful comment. :) I absolutely agree, I gave Abdul Ala a clean chit the moment he confessed in front of Momin that he was wrong in his approach & he was also wrong in judging Husn e Jahan. He learned from Momin’s letters about his mother, therefore he felt for her & knew that Taha picked the right woman for her. I am sure no one blames Abdul Ala, I feel they all were victims in their own way but yes, if there’s someone to be blamed, it will be Taha.

      All this while when I see Taha holding his wife responsible for his failures & shortcomings, I wonder if he had behaved the same way if he had gotten married to anyone else too? He made it look like marrying someone out of love was a sin. He couldn’t own his decisions & easily blamed Husn e Jahan for everything. :(

  • Brilliant review, Zahra. Im commenting here after ages and I felt like I had to. Kubra khan amazed me, I really loved her in sang e marmar and muqabil but this one is something else. She definetly outdid herself. I count hold my back my tears ooouff.
    Thank you for such detailed and beautiful review, would be looking forward for the next review.


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    Ab agr pakistani audience ko hi nahi pta k kis trah ki cheezu ko dekh kr kis tarha k content ko support krna chahye ta k Pakistan mein mazeed is tarha k achay dramas bnen tau is mein Alif ka kya qasur?

  • Once again absolutely magnificient and details review as always! But one thing I don’t understand is previously in the drama when Momin asks what mistake his mum made Abdul Ala says ‘even God won’t forgive Husn e Jahan’s mistake’ what was he referring to here.. what kind of assumption did he have of her mistake being unforgivable.

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