Are Our Dramas Getting Too Serious?

The week just started and like every other week I am looking forward to watching the “few dramas” I watch on weekly basis. I have to admit that there was a time when I completely stopped watching dramas primarily because nothing appealed to me anymore and I got addicted to Star world since one can’t do without television of course….well I can’t for sure!! Star world had some very entertaining shows to offer, some used to make me sad and lots more that cheered me up. When my kids were old enough to notice what I was watching on television and started asking questions, I decided that Star World wasn’t exactly a family channel and slowly started resorting to watching Pakistani drama channels. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that things had changed a great deal since the last time I watched a drama channel; there were a lot of good dramas on air and now I can’t do without my prime time shows in particular.

Most of the times I cannot watch dramas on television except for the weekends, because I need to get the kids in bed at that time. So, most often I catch the dramas online and since dramasonline most often uploads those plays that go on air in prime time so they are always the ones I get hooked to and look forward to every week. Watching these plays is my favorite pastime once my kids go to bed. Now lately, I have started feeling that watching these dramas is no longer light entertainment but it is very heavy duty indeed. There is hardly a drama during the week which is a light play with a good story that will prove to be engaging as well. Here is what I watch throughout the week, let me know if I am missing out on any dramas that will not make me sad for a change.


I watch Rehaii on Mondays; there is no denying the fact that it is a very good play that conveys all the right messages. It does not only highlight the hardships faced by women in our society but also gives solutions. The acting by all the actors is super; it has been written very well and directed superbly also. For the past few weeks I was enjoying Rehaii because things were looking up for the oppressed women in the play but this week’s episode brought in more problems for them and I was yet again left feeling for them and all the other women like them in our society. Yes, the play made me sad; in fact I found it difficult to sleep after watching it!!

ullu baraye farokht naiApart from watching Rehaii on Monday, I am also hooked to Nanhii…I know double dose of sadness!! It is also one of those plays which I can’t seem to miss and I must catch up with it during the week if not on the same day. Nanhii is also the story of how women are exploited in our society and the problems faced by people who live in the downtrodden areas…not exactly light entertainment but very heavy-duty indeed.
I wasn’t watching any play in particular on Tuesdays before but when Ullu Barai Farokht Nahi started I was very tempted to find out what it had to offer. For now, the good performances and the sheer curiosity to find out what happens next make me watch it every week. Ullu Barai Farokht Nahi Is about the feudal system prevalent in the rural areas…very depressing indeed. It is dark and definitely a little scary, it takes you into a world of its own and most certainly gives you tons to think about *sigh*.


No dramas for me on Wednesdays, I guess because all the heavy duty “entertainment” starting from Monday takes its toll on me and I need a break! I know I could just stop watching these plays but I cannot!! If I do not watch these dramas I feel like I am missing out. Sometimes on Wednesdays I catch up with telefilms or Kitni Girhi Baaki Hai and trust me it does not help!! I am not saying at all that these dramas are not worth watching, not at all; all the dramas that I mentioned till now and will mention later on are definitely worth my time but all I am saying is that there are way too many serious dramas that go on air all through the week and you cannot watch these drams with your mind switched off while you are watching them and even later on they stay with you. Even the telefilms are too serious and can sometimes haunt you for days.

mirat ul uroos

I watch on Thursdays Mirat-ul-Uroos and Silvatein. Mirat-ul-Uroos is not as dark and gloomy as the rest of the plays that I have mentioned till now but it also deals with a lot of social issues and there is no comic element in the play. The play is serious by all standards. Silvatein does not deal with social issues and the likes but the different tracks and characters are so complicated that you can’t actually watch it with a carefree state of mind. It is definitely a little less serious and sad then rest of the plays, so yes it is always good to have a dose of Silvatein after watching all the sad and serious dramas.

Fridays of course are Zindagi Gulzar Hai nights…but kiya wakihi Zindagi Gulzar Hai? A question many of my friends have asked so many times – thank you for the line guys:). Zindagi Gulzar Hai for many weeks was the show I used to look forward to more than any other and watching it proved to be a relaxing experience. It can be a light-hearted play if one watches it with zero expectations and does not try to make sense out of the happenings…tough job I know!!

Dil-e-Muzter on Saturday has managed to keep me entertained without any stress involved but it seems like there is going to be a lot of rona dhona in Dil-e-Muzter as well in the upcoming episodes. But yes definitely better than the rest of the lot.

I watch Hamsnheen on Saturdays and I have to say that even with a very clichéd storyline, it has managed to keep me entertained. The story isn’t comical or light-hearted of course but the fact that I don’t take it very seriously helps!

Which plays are you following nowadays? Are you tired of watching sorrowful dramas that leave you gloomy and upset? Do you think that we have excess of sad dramas nowadays? Would you like a couple of meaningless, light hearted dramas during the week which you can watch with your thinking button switched off? Dramas that do not have underlying larger than life messages but just entertain us…..Please feel free to share your views.

Fatima Awan


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • The list mostly consists of Hum Tv dramas but it's obvious because of the quality they offer. Yes dramas are becoming more serious and can leave an impact on you especially Rehaai. I would say that though Tanhai is not the best of the dramas on air but it is again less serious and is a somewhat different from the heavy duty stuff on air right now which is good. And even though it is now becoming repititive but 20 minutes of Bulbulay after Rehaai or Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi cheers you up and neutralise the effects of the serious dramas in my opinion.

    • Ehsan I have not been watching Tanhai but some of my friends have told me that it really is the sort of play which you can watch purely to entertain yourself. I tried watching the first episode but somehow couldn’t sit through it, will make another attempt! I usually watch animations with my daughter to get myself over all the heavy duty plays. Tanhaiyaan was good- it may have been a disappointment for many but it was one of those plays that made you laugh and was simple and sweet.

      • Fatima Haseena Moin's plays have always been a mixture of humour and serious element…even in intense plays like aahat and parosi she added funny characters to balance the story..which in my opinion is brilliant and not every writer can do so..if Tanhaiyan Naye silisilay had been wriiten by her it would have been a masterpeace..but Mohd. Ahmed spoiled it…even Meri Behan Maya had sweet and light hearted moments and the characterisation was awesome..making it a balanced and a more better story..but i agree the direction of meri behan maya was below average…i wish to see a new script written by Haseena Moin soon on our screens.. :)

        • Tanveer I agree with you that Haseena Moin’s plays were the perfect example of plays that had a good comic character and the story had depth too but I was very disappointed in Meri behan Maya, the story lacked depth, it was very childish. I was expecting much better from Haseena Moin. Yes the bad direction did not help too. There was hardly a time when I felt for or could relate to the characters. Bindiya’s over the top make up and attire did not help too. That of course is my personal opinion, which I am sharing with you:)

          • Just came to know that Haseena moin is writing a mega play for Iqbal Ansari once again. Hope this time the director and actors are good. Desperately waiting :)

          • I agree with you Fatima. It was so boring. There are many dramas which I stopped watching after episode1 and leave it in the middle.

    • I think we need some like Tanhiyan, azar ki aye gi barat, such much, or Alpha bravo charlie type drams or talk show like loose talk, fifty fifty for entertianment

  • may be because we r facing too many problems as a nation, may be we r getting to be more serious if not pessimist.
    I can recall the days when PTV plays used to be a good mixture of social issues and entertainment. having one or two lighthearted characters is a good idea, specially in plays like Hamnasheen and Nanhi where there is much room for such characters, yes plays like Rehai and UBFN r soooo much serious and even terrifying that comic characters will be useless there:) , I dont know what told me in teh very start of the article that u wrote it:) good work Fatima. we r having not a single good comedy programme (I watch Living On The Edge as a comedy show, and like it in that way;)

  • well ary should telecast one hour episode of bulbulay during the prime time i.e 8:00 (PST) hehe that will be nice , light hearted and entertaining… 8D

    • Hani Khan that is true but I think we need some new shows too which may not be comic but we can have a nice mix of comedy and drama both.

  • Sangel, I am glad we are on the same page. Yes I am really looking forward to Aunn Zara too, I hope it will be something cute and fun and entertaining as well. Yes it is airing on Aplus. Thank you so much taking time out to read the article and for sharing your views.

    • I always like your article especially about Zindagi Gulzar Hai. each and every article about every episode was awesome you write peoples thoughts what they have after watching those serials. You write really very well because every body have same feelings but some people have quality to express it in such beautiful words & you have that quality Please write more articles we really enjoy your writing your thoughts. I must say that you know the proper use of words.

      • aww thanks a lot Sangel, you guys have always been so welcoming and generous. I just write down what I think about an episode, nothing more and nothing less. I am not a critic just a viewer like you and others over here so that is why we can all relate to what everyone adds to the discussion. i always love the discussions under the ZGH review, everyone here adds something new which sometimes changes my point of view as well or makes me think about things more.

  • I have started watching teri meri kahani on ARY. I recommend that drama strongly because it has a very good taste of humor. I think it is created by Mani and he and his wife Hira are doing main roles. They have presented everyday family issues in a very humorous way but not in stupid style as other so called comedy dramas are doing. It is worth watching. I miss Bushra Ansari's drama dolli ki ayay gi barart series. I think now they should bring another series of it. That series make me really laugh.

    • Ruby, Mani and Hira?? Are you sure lol just kidding. Thank you for the recommendation, will definitely give it a go. Can you please tell us what time and which day?

  • ya of course it does:) hmm TNS was in that same old style that's why, waisay if we compare old and new comedy programmes, it seems as the only difference is that old plays and programmes were written by scholarly people, there was depth in humour , but really at least one or two comic characters and subtle sarcasm was an effective tool in old plays.

  • I agree with your analysis a 110% and although as much as I love watching our dramas, I personally feel that all of them are secretly vying for the top spot in who can make the viewers the most depressed. Sitcoms that have recently started on ARY on weekdays at 7:30 pm, are good, if not hilariously funny than not as stupid as the overrated bulbulay either, you could try watching these Fatima and see if u like them or not, I personally like meri teri kahani and adat se majboor on wed and thurs respectively or I just watch monty python, black adder or 50/50 clips on youtube when I feel I need some break from these dramas. I am also waiting for Aunn Zara it’s starting on the 25 May, I hope it,s good.

  • Weird! because i am not very fond of Humnasheen as it is very boring and kinda typical but love zindagi gulzar hai and yes it has certain flaws. The good thing about our dramas is that they are reality based and reality can't be funny right? but while mentioning all the serious dramas why did u forget the comic plays like namak parey, bulbuly, rasgulley,meri teri kahani and happily married to name a few. I think they are trying to create a balance between the serious and comic dramas which is awesome. And i do agree kitni girhen baki hain is really lame as compared to susral k rang anokhey. Whatever it is you should take them as dramas and try not to get too involved in them since it effects your sleep. But we should have more plays like zindagi gulzar hai which has a nice mix of comedy and drama both. And please do write an article on "Tarang houseful films after all 6 of them are over.

  • i agree about your comments that dramas are getting serious but i would rather watch these serious ones than stand mani and his wife which i will not even attempt to watch anything they are in there talk show is pure disappointment since your reviews are quite realistic i would request u to start list of dramas that should stop so that new ones can start like mehmoodabad ki malkain yeh zindagi hai which are quite unappealing

  • The three serials Nanhi, Rehaai and Ulloo Br…. are a good change among a lot of sister sister jealousy , husband wife problems and a boy girl love story . They are becoming popular among male viewers more than females . But They should be telecast after 10:00 PM as they have bold storyline. But you can't call them boring or depressing. These problems do exist in our society. Life is not just a fairy tale like shown in most of Hum TV plays. It have serious aspects too and we should be aware of these serious problems.

  • silvatein is the best drama that i have seen so far!
    i think we should be very selective in watching dramaz because overdose of such sad bold and serious dramas on social issues make our head stuffed with thoughts. And they have negative effect on our mind !

  • main str plus 12 salo say daikh rahi hoo.. mujhay tu koi cheez kabhi itni interesting nahi lagi..han 12 saal pahlay zee tv say kuch buhat hi serious aur achy issues per dramay bantay thay ( saas baho aur hundred and hundred million billion waly dramay nahi)….is kay bawajood main nay pakistani dramo ko kabhii gnore nahi kia,,mjhay yaad hay ntm kay baad pahla private channel Indus tha aur indus nay stating main uhat achay aur umda dramay diy,,,han no doubt kay hum tv nay akar dramo ko na sirf khara kia balkay bilkul aik nai pahchan bhi dii,,,indian dramay ki mojodgi main bhi hum tv nay rating increase ki aur ab turkey kay fizool dramo kay darmiyan bhi Pakistani dramay buhat acha kaam karrahy hay,,,,i just want to say kay main nay kabi bhi pakistani drama indusrty ko under estimate nahi kia,,aur har baar kisi na kisi dramay ki wajha say mayra relation pakistany drama industry say barqarar raha

  • Tanhai is a pretty good drama but it does have its sad moments. Yes like Humnasheen it is cliché, but I am getting hooked to it for some reason. Also this is random, but is it just me that has noticed that ZGH has a lot of music from the movie WALL-E and other Disney movies?

  • QuratulAin

    These dramas especially the culture they are trying to promote is extremely vulgar! They marked bad image regarding our Islamic Country apart from this they extremely showed fantasies,which is no more use now a days. I get stressed sometimes that what basically they tried to portray? Rona Dhona, Stupid Acts, Naa shukri, panic i mean all dramas have same theme all are on the same track nothing new in them. Life is already over stress-full we need comic a good sense of comedy not like Quddusi Sahab ki bewa. We need dramas which we feel good while watching with our entire family specially kids!

  • true! our own lives have so many problems that sometimes you just want to switch on the tv and watch something funny and goofy and entertaining!but i
    m not saying serious dramas should not be aired.!!!! they have their own importance!! they actually are reallyyyy helpful in uniting us all as pakistanis! and they help us see other people have bigger problems than us!
    but they depress their viewers for far too long a time period!!! their should be dramas to cheer up the pakistani drama audience !!

  • I like sad dramas but sad to a limit not more than a limit. Silvatein is an interesting drama that I follow. I always enjoy watching it. Kaash Aisa Ho is also another drama that I love to watch although the topic is same with the same actress but still it has much to keep you entertained. I started watching Adhoori Aurat but later on I realized that it is a show with a typical storyline so I quitted watching it. I watch Meri Dulari because I have read its novel with a different name "Hum Jo Moatbar Thehray" and it is also an entertaining drama. Shab e Arzoo Ka Aalam is very cute and interesting drama with many lessons to learn. And what to say about Zindagi Gulzar Hai it is nowadays becoming very boring drama.
    I also want to share my views about Pakistani comedy shows. They are not much funny and one can't laugh by watching them.Our comedy should be like Indian comedy dramas which are very comic.