Beautiful Mehndi Dresses & Looks of Pakistani Celebrities

Mehdni day is considered the most fun and colorful function. In Pakistani weddings, the family and friends look forward to the mehndi function more than any other. It is a day when people sing and dance unlike barat and valima when there is no such activity. Pakistani celebrities have started a new trend of sporting more formal looks on their mehndi day. There was a time when there was no concept of getting professional make-up done on the mehndi but that has changed. Pakistani celebrities who got married recently made sure that their mehndi looks were just as festive and formal as the function itself. Adding another formal outfit to the wedding functions gave them a chance to wear the colors which are usually associated with the mehndi function. Like any other girl, all the celebrities in this list did whatever they could to look their best and they looked absolutely ravishing on their big day.

These celebrities looked gorgeous on their mehndi.

Aiman Khan Mehndi Dress 

Aiman Khan’s look on her mehndi was completely different from that of her mayun. She wore an off white short blouse with a heavily embroidered colorful lehnga. Her dupata too was detailed. Aiman Khan also wore a lot of jewelry. She enjoyed getting all dressed up for her mehndi and made sure that she looked ravishing. The colorful bangles also look exceptionally appealing. Aiman Khan’s overall look went perfectly well with the decor on her mehndi which is why the photographs came out so beautiful.

Aiman Khan mehndi 7 Aiman Khan mehndi Aiman Khan mehndi1

Aiman Khan mehndi2
Aiman Khan mehndi4 Aiman Khan mehndi5
Aiman Khan mehndi6

Saniya Shamshad Mehndi Dress

Saniya Shamshad kept all her looks highly festive on her wedding. She herself posted on social media that she was not expecting her mehndi look to be this grand. Her friends kept on giving her different ideas and the end result was a look which was grand and gorgeous. Saniya Shamshad mehndi look can easily be passed as someone’s valima look as well. Her make-up, jewelry and dress was heavy but she looked stunning.

saniya shamshad mehndi 2 Saniya Shamshad Mehndi Pictures 11

saniya shamshad mehndi 6 saniya shamshad mehndi 10 saniya shamshad mehndi1 saniya shamshad mehndi2 saniya shamshad mehndi9 Saniya Shamshad mehndi 1

Saniya Shamshad Mehndi Pictures 10

Aisha Khan Mehndi Dress

Aisha Khan also experimented with different looks on all her wedding functions. She wore yellow on her mayun and on her mehndi she wore a combination which brides rarely wear on their mehndi. Aisha Khan wore a beautiful dark colored blouse with gold embroidery and paired it with an off white lehnga which was embroidered. The most appealing part of this overall dress was the color combination. The duppata was a beautiful shade of green. Just like all the other celebrities in this list, Aisha Khan too sported formal make-up and wore heavy jewelry.

Aisha Khan mehndi Aisha Khan mehndi1 Aisha Khan mehndi2 Aisha Khan mehndi3 Aisha Khan mehndi4

Iqra Aziz Mehndi Dress

Iqra Aziz decided to wear a stunning all yellow outfit which was really pretty. Her entire look was perfect from her tied hair to make-up that was on point. Iqra Aziz flaunted her beautiful dress and we can tell that she loved her overall look just as much as her on lookers. Iqra also wore a lot of mehndi on the occasion, which made her overall look even more appealing.

iqra aziz mehndi iqra aziz mehndi1 iqra aziz mehndi2 iqra aziz mehndi3 iqra aziz mehndi4 iqra aziz mehndi5

Ayeza Khan Mehndi Dress

Ayeza Khan’s look for her mehndi was really colorful just like all her other looks on her wedding. She wore a beautiful and traditional attire. She also wore a lot of jewelry and her make-up too was formal. Ayeza Khan focused on looking as colorful and appealing as possible. This look was perfect for an occasion which is the most celebrated among all the wedding festivities.

ayeza khan mehndi ayeza khan mehndi1 ayeza khan mehndi2 ayeza khan mehndi3 ayeza khan mehndi4ayeza khan 10ayeza khan1 1ayeza khan3

Which one of these mehndi looks do you like the best? All of these celebrities definitely worked hard to look different and attractive on their mehndi. Share your views in the comments section below.


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