Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 2 Story Review – Another Escape

The second episode of Ehd-e-Wafa was just as entertaining and lively as the first one but it ended too soon. This episode too focused on the adventures of the SSG boys with Saad and Shahzain taking the lead. It is truly refreshing to finally watch a play which is going to cover the journey of a group of young people. The reckless attitude of these boys makes me look forward to this journey even more. Ahad Raza Mir’s performance tonight was phenomenal, he owns his role completely. Ahmed Ali Akbar and Wahaj Ali didn’t have a lot of dialogues tonight either although they are just as actively involved in the group’s activity as the other two boys. Shahzain has been getting more screen time than all the other boys and I feel this could have easily been avoided. Having said that, all the boys have a definite screen presence and their performances have been on point.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 2 Story Review - Another Escape

Once again all the scenes tonight showed how the boys were completely focused on having a good time without giving a lot of consideration to the consequences. The quirkiness of the boys coupled with quite a few dialogues which were absolutely hilarious made this episode a good watch. This episode was also directed brilliantly throughout; the scene covering SSG’s meeting with the headmaster was my favorite since it was executed so well. The energy, enthusiasm and naivety of the young age has been translated faultlessly on screen by all the actors. Shahzain is more sure about himself and his plans than anyone else, he is the leader who isn’t the best student but he has tons of confidence, a trait which is more conspicuous than any other.

Enjoyable and Light-Hearted

Tonight’s episode opened with Raani telling her mother her ‘tragic’ story which was packed with lies! Raani is the female version of Shahzain, her confidence gets her in to trouble but that doesn’t stop her from trying to be in control of things, continuously. Zara Noor Abbas has given this character the right treatment which makes her scenes thoroughly entertaining. She has definitely breathed life in to this character in the best way possible. This scene was followed by the assembly scene in which the boys thought they were going to get a beating and were fully prepared to deal with the situation. Khurshid ended up getting the beating and I must say that I felt for him. This was another scene which showed the ‘worries’ and concerns of student life especially when you are a student who is constantly putting himself in danger. All these situations reflected just that which made these scenes enjoyable.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 2 Story Review - Another Escape

The azad and khudmukhtar inquiry speech was hilarious. The warden and the headmaster both are well-suited for the characters they are playing. “Iqbal ke shaheeno yani ke in charu kaminu” and other dialogues like this one made warden’s dialogues one of the best tonight. The body language of the boy who came to call the SSG boys was superb; an exemplary student who was very proud of escorting these ‘nalaiks’ to the headmaster’s office. The yateemi and massomiyat ka mask didn’t get the boys out of trouble this time around but that did not stop them from planning another escape.

The Love Story

Saad and Dua’s first chance meeting was covered in this episode but it was not a case of love at first sight (thankfully!). Saad has already seen Dua before and is completely smitten by her. While Alizeh Shah‘s performance and her character has not been too appealing, Ahad Raza Mir’s performance in this scene as well was phenomenal. He truly looked like someone who was head over heels in love but didn’t have the confidence to approach Dua. Later on in the taxi too Shahzain took the lead while Saad wasn’t sure that all of this was a good idea. This meeting was also translated exceptionally well on screen, except for the part where the boys looked directly at the girls for such a long time without Dua snapping at them. The entire atmosphere however was perfect.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 2 Story Review - Another Escape

Final Remarks

Fun, witty and enjoyable, this second episode of Ehd-e-Wafa was just as engaging as the previous one with the boys stealing the limelight completely. This drama transfers you to another world and the credit for that goes to the entire team. I was looking forward to Saad’s meeting with his father but it seems like we will have to wait another week for that. The preview of the next episode showed that Saad’s love life will be given more screen time and this time around the boys will get away with their escape, that explains why they are so ‘confident’. The background score in this episode was perfect for every scene and I love the energy with which all the boys and Zara Noor Abbas have translated their characters on screen. Waiting for more exciting episodes in the upcoming weeks and wondering how the personalities of these boys will shape up once they get enrolled in the military. So much to look forward, eagerly waiting to watch the next episode.

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Fatima Awan

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  • OKB’s character’s name is Shahzain not Sherryar. Shehryar is the name of Ahmed Ali Akbar’s character.

  • Actually it was more hilarious than the first oneπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚….i actually loved OKB’s and Ahad’s acting. I was rolling on the floor when shahzain said Newton ne apni quom ko jang se jany se pehly kahaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚….kaam ban gya tha lekin uski befkoufi ne kharab kar diya….Ahad Raza Mir is truly amazing. He will be an actor who is going to be a superstar. Ahmad and wahaj were brilliant too. I actually enjoyed when shehryar said,’wo hum 2no k baap hain, yaqeenan larki ko izzat aur ihtram se ghar tuk chor kar aaeyn gy’πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚…. correct me if I’m wrong but i get the feeling that you are not quite a fan of Alyzeh shah. I feel like she doesn’t have much to do right now. ZNA is truly phenomenal as Rani. Actor who is playing Warden is doing a wonderful job too. Brilliant review as always

    • I know right, what a chemistry, these boys know each other so well. Yes hilarious dialogues. You know me Ahsan, I am nobody’s fan, loved Alizeh in Superstar and praised her. I am a fan of performances, whoever performs well wins me over. Thanks a ton for liking the review and commenting. Finally a drama my husband enjoys watching with me haha!

  • Thank you for the review. I think Shahzein is only into mischief, least interested in learning. Saad is scared of his father and bit stupid. Sharia is more into studies and but not as daring as other three and also caries more of his friends (he was up waiting for other two to return) and is after girls (was eager to go to Mall Road). And Shaheyar is bit chill. Rani is devilish.
    I have a feeling Dua’s cousin likes her.

  • While not perfect ehd e wafa is an enjoyable watch. Bas i don’t like ke both epis mai jhooti Allah ki qasam thi baki sab theek hai. Everyone except alizay who was also better this time, has done a great job. Idk how some ppl are finding it as overacting! Thanks for the review 😍

    • You’re welcome Fatima. I haven’t warmed up to Alizeh’s character yet, I feel it doesn’t have the same presence which other actors/characters have.

  • It was another hilarious episode and you covered it perfectly in your review. I love how they have portrayed college life and youth in its true essence without being preachy. Although, the writers has had to bear quite a bit of criticism for this on Twitter. But i think we are hypocrites as a nation. We would enjoy even below the belt jokes in any Bollywood flick but won’t spare our people for literally any minute thing. I genuinely had a smile on my face throughout the episode. You are right it ended a bit too soon. Performances wise i think Ahad raza mir stood out the most. This guy is here to stay. However, rest of the boys were good too. I never knew zara had such good comic timing since i haven’t watched any of her films yet. The best thing about ehd e wafa is its pace. It’s a rollercoaster ride so far leaving you yearning for more after every episode.
    Also, the synchronization in the expressions of all the boys is so good that it almost looked like they have been best friends all their life. This is the first time I’m watching wahaj on screen and i have to say, I’m impressed. Moreover, Obi’s acting has also improved by leaps post baaghi.
    Weakest link in the drama in my opinion is that cousin of dua. The guys seriously needs to improve his acting. I think khursheed isn’t getting the appreciation he deserves, i mean he is as good as rest of the boys honestly.
    Overall, a blockbuster on the way maybe.

    • Thank you so much Javeria, totally agree with you. I am glad you’re enjoying this drama. You’re so right about the chemistry these boys share, right on point.

  • Love the drama!! Zarah did amazing work and I kept thinking her act reminding me of some actress and it just came to be abhi it is Juhi Chawala ! Just my humble opinion shes giving Juhi vibe especially in cricket scene

    • Yeah while watching that scene I also thought this especially when she said “hein”

  • Assalamoalaikum
    Thankyou so much for such wonderful review
    This is my first comnent a tv drama. The thing which force me to do is the perfect cast and perfect direction of this play.
    The SSG boys are well known for their acting skills but i also like the new commers in this play. The boy potraing the character of khursheed is just amazing. He is well-suited for this charcter.
    I must also appreciate the cousins of dua as well. Although they are new but they are also good in their acting and expressions also.
    The actor play the role of principal is perfect.

  • Assalamoalaikum
    Thankyou fatima for such a wonderful review
    This is my first comment on a tv play ever. The thing which force me to do so is the perfect cast and the perfect direction of this play.
    The SSG boys are well known for their acting skills but the new commers also acted well. The boy playing the character of khursheed is just amazing. He is well suited for this charcter. I must also appreciate the cuzns of DUA in this play also. Although they are new but very good in their acting and expressions both.
    The actor playing the character of principal is just perfect.

    • Waelekum Asalam Noor, You’re most welcome. So glad you decided to comment, welcome aboard;)
      Yes, you’re right the new boys acted well. LOL Yes, he looks like an actual principal.

  • Superb review
    I thoroughly enjoyed the episodes it was too good.Finally we get to see something entertaining and interesting. The boys just rocked. They are enjoying their student life. From umrah package to saad one sided love story, I enjoyed all scenes of these boys. The witty one liners were cherry on the top. OKB, ahad, wahaj and ahmed all four boys did an amazing job. Rani scenes are also treat to watch. Zara is playing her character beautifully by putting so much energy in it. Akhir iss mulk ka kya baney ga πŸ˜‚. Whether is biology ka defense, asad amanat ali, sakht launda, newton ki jang, Ashna k saath bagna, wo humarehy bhi baap hein etc. I enjoyed each and every scene of ssg boys in tonight episode. Dua’s character is not appealing for me. Her scenes and character is plain.
    Looking forward to coming episode.

    • Thank you so much Omm e Nida. LOL!! yes hilarious dialogues. Zara is amazing as Rani, love her in this drama, so funny. Same here, Dua is too plain so far.

  • I have a feeling it will just b ahad raza mir who will get into army and rest in other fields.

  • Hi Fatima, The episode was hilarious and your review was superb. I am now fully into the game & journey of SSG. It definitely gives a refreshing feeling from the casual dramas. Assembly scene was too good knowing how the boys were prepared for the beating. the detailing there were wonderful and later it was followed by Hilarious book scene for Wahaj. Also, i liked the walking scene towards principal’s office and dialogue of “hum to scientist hain”. The boys were very realistic throughout, sometimes i feel OKB is over act, but its under limit. You are right, the Warden & Principal are very well suited for the roles. Warden is very interesting with his non stop chain of dialogues in one go and the Principal as cool, but very wise. Tonight Wahaj was also noted, during assembly or post assembly. He has the potential and he is delivering very confidently. Rani is also interesting.

    • Hello Aamer, thanks a ton for liking the review and for sharing your views. Totally agree with you, all these scenes were really funny. I actually like Wahaj Ali’s acting a lot,he definitely deserves more screen time.

  • Really enjoyed. This actually happened to us in school life, books, chaddis, double pants hahahahh, i remembered my moments in school πŸ˜‚. I love the dialogues, newton wala scene was amazing we laughed so hard while watching. I must say again this was much needed. Great review FA.

    • Thank you so much AH for liking the review and commenting. LOL!! yes, definitely we needed a serial like this one, something you can enjoy even with your friends, no rona dhona.

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    • Waelukum Asalam, Dillagi, Lashkara, Khuda Mera Bhi Hei, Daam, Besharam, Meri Gurya, Khud Parast, Dil Mom Ka Diya aur Do Bol ke reviews prhe aap ne? Baat channel ki nahi dramay ki hei, jo suchi baat hei ARY ne ab shortcuts dhoondna shru kr diye hei, ghise pitay formulas walay dramas ziada hei aur achay substance walay drama km jb k HUM phr bhi koi naye cheez samne le kr ata rehta hei. Lekin hm yeh nahi dekhte ke konse channel pe drama lg raha hei bulke yeh dekhte hei ke drama kesa hei. Hamari kisi channel ke sath dosti ya dushmani nahi.

      Yeh article bhi zarur prhye ga jo ARY ke owner ne bhi share kiya tha. Is ke ilawa do read Superstar review which was an MD productions. Buhat sare dramay awam mei popular hote hei aur isi liye un ko itna drag kiya jata hei ke banane walu pe ghusa chrta hei. Aap hamare reviews ko nahi, un channels se question kare jo aisa krte hei.

    • Bhai mere aap ne Reviewit ko contact kar liya ab please jaa k ary ko meri taraf se contact karen aur kahen k apnay social issues pe based lambay betukkay dramas se awaam ko tension dena chor den plz aur ho sakay to fahad mustafa k production house aur zanjabeel asim jsi writers ko faarigh kar den.

        • Please tell me why articles are not shown on home page now? it seems its not updated since 18th-September-19.

          I have searched this n found this article. I thought this website might be stopped.

          Please tell me n guide me

  • Please tell me why articles are not shown on home page now? it seems its not updated since 18th-September-19.

    I have searched this n found this article. I thought this website might be stopped.

    Please tell me n guide me

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