Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 8 Story Review – Engaging & Impactful

This had to be one of the best episodes of Ehd-e-Wafa. It was entertaining as well as fast paced and all the tracks were covered really well in this episode. The screenplay and direction was on point and with the exception of the actor playing Shariq’s friend’s role, all the actors performed brilliantly. Ahmed Ali Akbar and Wahaj Ali’s performances continue to be superb, Adnan Samad Khan (Gulzar) has a definite screen presence and his track has so much to offer. The change in Saad’s behavior was a refreshing development and it revealed a great deal about his character. Some of the dialogues and scenes tonight were few of the best we have heard and seen so far.

Latest Developments

Tonight’s episode opened with Shehryar meeting Saad, this meeting was covered so well. For a second it seemed like Saad actually did get into a fight with Shehryar but thankfully that was not the case! The actual meeting showed that Saad was no longer angry and perhaps ‘insecure’. Saad was more than eager to get together with his old friends which was a good way to start this episode. After a long time the viewers got to see the friends we fell in love in the same frame enjoying a good time together. Now that Saad and Dua are friends and Saad knows that Dua likes him, he is no longer angry. He thought he had lost Dua because of his friends and found it impossible to forgive but now he has no reason to be angry. Ahmed Ali Akbar’s solid performance tonight made me like his character even more.

Saad assumed that his mother must have gone to Dua’s house with the proposal but that misunderstanding was cleared quickly. I liked how quickly all of this was covered. Saad and his mother’s scenes were sweet but his father was not even shown tonight, which was odd. By the end of this episode Saad found out the truth, waiting to see what he is going to do next.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 8 Story Review - Engaging & Impactful

The turn Shariq’s track took tonight was quite interesting. Shariq’s commitment and enthusiasm was the best part of this particular track. Shariq’s friend’s dialogues were written so well but the actor playing the role did not perform well. Thankfully Shariq survived and it seems like his track has a lot to offer.

Shehryar met Masooma in this episode and Hajra Yamin was also introduced tonight. After so many slow episodes, this one all of a sudden showed so much. Shehryar did not tell Saad what Shahzain was planning. Shahzain pretty much has a one track mind at the moment and he is clearly the most dull character right now. Raani passed the exams finally only after bribing the invigilators! Raani is quite eager to get married to Shahzain and hopefully at some point Shahzain too will stop pursuing Dua.

The Best Scene

Gulzar’s scene in this episode was the best. He was shown dreading the passing out parade and failed at it once again. The writer has shown that he lacks confidence and isn’t sure that he will make it. The conversation with his officer suggested just that. In few of his previous conversations with Saad too he kept on telling him how easy all of this must be for him because his father was an ex-army officer. The officer who called him in his office definitely proved to be a true mentor when he showed him his parents’ picture and narrated his success story. This conversation gave me goosebumps, it was so well written and acted out. Gulzar’s expressions were priceless and this surely will turn out to be a turning point for him. The flashback scene too was used intelligently in this scene. Adnan Samad Khan has played Gulzar’s role so well, he is definitely a natural performer.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 8 Story Review - Engaging & Impactful

Final Remarks

Tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa was a must watch and most of the scenes were impactful. It had a lot of important developments as well. I hope that the writer will be able to keep the momentum by making sure that all the boys get enough screen time in every episode since their tracks have enough to offer. Faraz should also have been part of this episode. Overall however, this episode had some delightful and emotional scenes.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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  • As always you have perfectly described what I was thinking Fatima!! It was a good episode finally mainly due to the screen time division between the actors and the pace. I liked Shariq’s track in particular. Saad and Dua are cute together. I really don’t like OB’s dialovgue delivery. I mean he was great in DeD and Aun Zara. I don’t know whats wrong with him. I think that scene where Sheheryar just thinks about how Saad will react wasn’t needed. They could have just shown him thinking about the consequence (with his voice in the background). Also, maybe it was just me but I didn’t like the dialogue ‘Dua to HAMESHA der se qabool hoti hai’.

    • Thank you so much Pakistan Po for reading the reviews and commenting. Yes, that dialogue was not the best. Shariq’s dialogues were well written. I am glad Dua and Saad are finally ‘friends’ and had a normal conversation tonight. I liked the idea of confusing the viewers LOL!! I liked OKB in Balu Mahi, he looks good on the big screen.

    • You are right P-Po ! I really dont like okb’s acting. Looks like stone and dialogue delivery is also not too satisfying.

  • What an episode! For me, this was the first one. Itna kuch hogaya k maza aagaya. All aspects and actors were given proper coverage and that’s what we wanted, balke kuch ziada hee dikha diya. Let’s see how the next episodes are shown, isi tareeqay se Kahani unfold hotee hotee rahay to kia hee baat hai.

    The video by Shariq will play a major role for his proper entry in journalism, I guess. Loved his scenes and all the actions and emotions. Ahmed Ali Akber is already a strong actor and I wondered why he was under-performer but now his acting has left an impact as he was given suffient time. Shahzain ko bas itna hee dikhaen, and that without his dada.

    Saad won’t meet Shahzain as next episode hints that only Shehryayr goes to meet him at his dera.

    Lagta hai criticism ko drama makers ne serious le liya aur properly edit kerkey kaam ki cheezain dikha rahay hain. My Mrs always asks me about EeW, and I never recommended. But this time it was wonderful. And your review too, ma’am.

    • Thank you so much Urs for liking the reviews and commenting, I appreciate your honest feedback. Yes true about Shahzain, itna kafi hei, hazam ho jata hei;) Exactly what I was thinking, aise hi story agay brhti rahi tu acha ho ga.

      • On another note, i think they should not have shown Ahmed Ali driving bike w/o helmet in Islamabad. Aik to Islamabad main ye allow bhee naheen aur sakhti bhee buhut hai, doosra it’s ISPR drama and apart from showing disciplined Army, they should also focus on educating general public too.

  • I was waiting for the review. I loved this episode. Wahaj Ali’s performance was brilliant. I really enjoyed watching this episode. I covered all aspects and all characters as well. And 2 new female characters are introduced in this episode. I m definitely hooked up to the drama. Ahmad ali akbar was another performer. Tonight every actor had equal screen time. Which i really like especially Shahzain was shown less than the previous episodes. The scene between gulzar hussain and officer saad was highlight of the episode. I loved that scene. Definitely better episode. Raani was amusing and really funny.

    • Thank you so much AH for reading the reviews and for sharing your insights here, you know I look forward to your feedback. Yes showing less of Shahzain is definitely a grand idea!

  • Momina iqbal(masooma) and hajra yamin(ramsha) are going to be love interests of shehryar and shariq. Good to see. I like shariqs track. The actress playing her sister is good too. Now i wanna see how story will be unfolded.

    Amazing review FA!

    • Thank you so much AH. Momina Iqbal is a good actress, watched the trailers of her film and I liked her therefore I have high expectations from her.

  • I feel all actors’ performances were solid today particularly Ahad, Wahaj and Ahmed , they have invested themselves fully in their roles(except that new guy as you’ve mentioned). Great review as always. Saad & his mom and that Gulzar scene in PMA were best scenes for me.

  • Lovely episode; on point review. One observation though…do you not think that Gulzar is the Ehd-e-Wafa version of Gulsher from Sunehre Din/ Alpha Bravo Charlie? Like same lack of confidence, humble background, platoon commander mentor and so on.

  • Ahad Raza Mir was phenomenal with his acting today, especially the scenes with his mother. Love how his expressions change within a second, its a difficult thing to do. Ahmed Ali Akber and Wahaj Ali were also fantastic in today’s episode. Both of them have translated their characters so well on screen, you have no option but to feel for them. Same with the actor playing Gulzar. Obi has to be the weakest point of the drama thus far, his acting seems very stiff and he lacks the kind of expressions the rest of the cast seems to effortlessly portray.

  • Nice review Fatima. The episode was ok for me. I m not liking Saad’s character, he is a very selfish friend to have, his behavior with his friends earlier was not a childish one, but it was arrogant, and now when he met Shryar, not even once he apologized. His scenes with Dua are cute. Sheryar and Shariq acted very well. Shariq’s story going into such a tract so early was not expected. Shahzen is angry ,and he is doing all this just bcoz he is a good guy at heart and is hurt by Saad, he is a jaahil who doesn’t understand what is right and what is wrong. Im not enjoying ahy of PA or Gulzar scenes, skipped them totally.

  • Nice review
    Its was a nice episode. Finally a balanced episode which covered everyone’s story. We also get to see the essence of friendship . Saad and Shehyaar scene was nice. Finally they met. Aur Saad ki aqaal bhi thikany par aa hi gai πŸ˜‚.
    Ab shahzain bhi sudhar jaye. Exciting to see the reunion of all four friends. Shehyaar and shariq scenes are treat to watch. I am glad that finally they get their due screenspace and their heroines also made an entry. I like the pace of this episode. Gulzar scenes were too good. And Adnan samad is doing phenomenal job. Ahmed and Wahaj are acting really well. I am looking forward to see shariq story that how will he use that video. This time will gulzar able to pass the test. And when will these friends reunite.

  • Ahh.. finally after weeks of disappointment, a thoroughly engaging ep of EeW. Thank goodness the writer got the idea of giving more screen time to Shehryar and Shariq. I really liked Wahaj Ali’s performance in this ep while the ‘HILARIOUS’ acting of his friend was definitely a comic reliefπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Ahad Raza Mir is so natural as Saad especially in the scenes with his mother and Dua. But hands down the most brilliant, most impactful, most inspiring scene in this ep had to be the conversation btw Gulzar and the officer. WOW!! It really made me think of joining the army one day. However, the reference to the ‘malang’ was far too stretched and to me didn’t made a lot of sense. Why would even a ‘malang’ talk abt the army? They should have instead shown some illiterate friend of Gulzar giving this opinion or a person who failed the PMA test. Otherwise, a fantastic review and ur apt review was like a cherry on topπŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Yes this was by far the most engaging episode. Right from the start i had a wide smile on my face and remained there for next 40 minutes. Scene between saad and sherry was really cute. That’s what college/school friendships are, no sorry no thank you. You know exactly what your friend is feeling. I think i know what saad meant when he said ‘ghusa nae tha kuch aor tha’. I don’t think that behavior was bcz of dua. In fact as soon as you pass out from fsc, the time period between that and getting into any professional college/ University is very crucial. I’ve seen people behave differently ( mostly in a bad way) especially if you have parental pressure also.
    Moving on to ahad and vaneeza scenes. I think both of them are always very natural and cute together. I genuinely enjoy their presence. In fact, i feel ahad resembles vaneeza and that ‘aam ka guda nikal kay guthli rawana kardi ha’ wala dialogue was so appropriate. I just wish she had hugged saad. Itna to banta ha
    Gulzar -adjutant scene was very inspirational. The scene where all 5 adjutant are riding their horses on pma road was particularly (gulzar’s dream) well shot. Kudos to the director.
    Ahmed ali akbar , though underappreciated, has always been a natural performer. He is portraying his role to perfection. I only had one objection. Writer has mentioned several times that saad and shehryar live in pindi( Rawalpindi bhi nae pindi bola ha bar bar) then what’s the point of shooting those bike scenes in Isb. Hamaray pas bhi murree road aor Peshawar road ha :D
    finally wahaj track moved forward. Currently i find this track a little fake but maybe in coming episodes it would get better.
    Writer has done a commendable job as far as dialogues are concerned.

  • Excellent and well detailed review! Even though I have enjoyed all the episodes so far, this was one of the best. Just when Saad wants to be with his friends he finds out that the rishta came from Shazain’s family which will create a conflict between them. I wonder when Shariq will come across his friends which will probably be when his video gets on TV.
    Shazain should do something with his life but I guess this is reality when you have so much family money he has no ambitions to do something. Gulzar scene got me goosebumps as well. Amazing!

    BTW do you know why HUM TV youtube channel is blocked for abroad users. It blocks me from viewing Ye dil mera or any other drama. This is the only drama that is accessible for Hum thankfully. I mean I don’t have time to watch anything live which is why I would just read reviews when more dramas were being reviewed.

    • Thank you so much SM. Really is it? I did not know that. Yes, Gulzar’s scene was the best, loved it.

      Keep reading and commenting. Appreciate your feedback.

  • Assalamoalaikum
    It was the best episode of ehd e wafa uptill now and you covered it very nicely.
    Plz do reviews on yeh dil mera also.

  • Fatima & Zahra why you two are not reviewing other dramas? too much less reviews. Reviewit is so boring without review articles. Kindly revert back to original format of reviewit. Now the website is full of other gossip articles which can be easily found anywhere on the internet and social media. The uniqueness of this website was drama reviews.

  • Sorry I know this is not the place for this. But seriously we are missing reviews! We hate that Fatima & Zahra have been limited to review just 2 dramas. I hope that whoever has made this decision reconsiders it because we as readers are more excited to read drama reviews, especially by Fatima & Zahra. And this is also why most of us come to this website. And sad to say, most of the other articles in place of the reviews are below average & substandard if anything. We as readers are ready to vote on this if needed.

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