Ishq e Laa Episode 9 Story Review – Important Developments

With this latest episode of Ishq-e-Laa, the story moved forward to its next phase. The characters and their tracks are gradually making more sense than they did in the initial few episodes. For the first time, I felt as if the emphasis on the visuals in certain scenes in this recent episode, affected the overall impact of these scenes. The birthday surprise however was shown in the most elaborate and beautiful manner. It was like a scene out of a film. Other than the unnecessary physical closeness between the main leads, their romantic scenes are perhaps some of the best we have seen in Pakistani dramas. This was such an important episode in terms of narrative progression yet Shanaya’s mother was literally absent tonight! This is turning out to be such a huge and unnecessary ‘distraction’.

Important Developments

The grim turn which the story took tonight was expected but I was not expecting Sultan to exit the story in this manner. I was expecting Shanaya’s charity work to be the source of friction between the newlyweds but this particular angle is being linked to Azka’s track in an interesting manner. I am certain I am not the only one who was waiting to find out how these two tracks will merge together eventually and this episode laid down the foundation for that. Shanaya and Azlan’s priorities and outlook towards life were always different therefore it was just a matter of time that these differences created a rift between the two. The beautiful and romantic start to Azlan and Shanaya’s married life was definitely the biggest surprise. Azaan Sami Khan and Sajal Aly’s on-screen chemistry has also made their couple one which viewers have all the reasons to root for but it is quite clear that Azlan will also experience a big loss which will alter the course of his track. In my opinion, Ishq-e-Laa, therefore, is not entirely Azlaan and Shanaya’s love story but I feel that their track will be utilized to carry forward the main messages which will most likely be spiritual.

It was interesting watching Azka raise the same questions which many of us did when Shanaya was shown madly in love with Azlan. The writer also made it quite clear in the beginning that Shanaya also saw these differences but she had no control over her feelings for Azlan. The birthday surprise yet again showed Azlan’s soft and romantic side. He even canceled his important meetings for the event which was once again quite different from the image of this character that was established in the first few episodes.

Sajal Aly is usually more than comfortable in her own skin. She has been seen sporting natural no make-up and casual Looks in dramas whenever required. However, lately, there seems to be a great deal of emphasis on how she looks on screen. I noticed the over-emphasis on her looks in Yeh Dil Mera and In Ishq-e-Laa as well, tonight in particular her hairstyle and make-up did not go well with the situation. She had walked out of a party to help Sultan’s family but surely she could have found the time to tie her hair and the lipstick should have softened with time. The high heels could easily have been replaced as well. The change of clothes and make-up for the show was understandable but the rest of her looks while she was struggling to get an FIR registered.

Ishq e Laa Episode 9 Story Review – Important Developments

Azlan was already against Shanaya getting involved with this matter and after learning the details about the individual responsible, there will be even greater pressure on her. Azlan and Shanaya’s interactions were once again penned down well. Shanaya always makes sure that she speaks for herself and her cause. At the same time, she values her relationship with Azlan and ignores a lot of things that she might not have had she not been in love with him. Azlan has a misogynist side to his personality but at the same time, he does show some flexibility and is not as toxic as some of the other male leads we have seen in Pakistani dramas. The negative and positive aspects of his personality are being shown more convincingly now than they were in the opening episodes. In the opening episode, the main focus was on his shallowness and materialism; there is definitely more to his personality! After their wedding, I can connect to the reasons why Shanaya fell in love with Azlan. Even though he is not as open-minded and kind-hearted as his wife, he definitely is in love with Shanaya and very often does things for her which he would not for anyone else.

Shanaya’s mother is out of the picture completely which is highly unfortunate because Laila Wasti carried the character she was shown playing with utmost grace. Also, Shanaya’s relationship with her mother was definitely one of the most important ones in her life. I wonder why such important characters are relegated to the background without an actual reason!! The immediate family members of the main protagonists should be kept in the picture at all times. Yet, more than once, when the female protagonists got married their loving parents who were always by their side disappear in thin air! The writers and directors definitely need to pay attention to this since it is happening more often than ever now.

Final Remarks

Ishq-e-Laa has grown on me and as the story progresses the characters are coming into their own. The story is different and the drama is picking up pace with each passing episode. The preview of the next episode suggested that Sultan’s killers will be forgiven but then the previews of this drama have been quite misleading – which is always a plus! I would definitely give due credit to the person responsible for putting these previews together because he has been doing a brilliant job.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Ishq-e-Laa? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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  • Great review Fatima. I completely concur with you about unnecessary physical closeness the main leads on screen. Good to see the hero is supporting his wife and Shanaya can stand up for herself. The tracks leading to the main story have picked well. Looking forward to the next episode.

  • Well I’m liking the story. The review is so accurate, depicting my thoughts exactly. Sajal’s makeup and the unnecessary physical closeness between the main leads are quite distracting.

  • It was a good episode, though Sultan’s early exit came unexpectedly.

    I see some similarities between Ishq-e-Laa and Yaqeen ka Safar. Shanaya is turning out to be Daniyal and eventually will make an exit too, owing to the troubles she is getting herself in.

    My thinking is that Azlan will be heartbroken and depressed on losing Shanaya, as they are stressing on their developing relationship and how much Azlan is getting serious about Shanaya. Azka, if she does end up becoming a doctor, might be the one to treat Azlan. Azlan, however, could also hold Azka and her family responsible for dragging Shanaya in this matter.

    It will be interesting to see how these tracks are woven together.

  • It is an engaging drama to watch. However, I felt very uncomfortable watching the romantic scenes of the leads – the closeness seems to escalate every episode. In particular, it is jarring with how Shanaya is shown to be a regular prayer offerer. Call me conservative or whatever. I feel that not everything is meant to be shown on-screen.

    I also felt that after his injury, it was unfair that Sultan would die in such an ugly manner; however I understand that it is an important plot point.

    Shanaya is perhaps pushing her luck with her hubby at this point. It was admirable that she left the party to be with Sultan’s family, but she could have easily returned after visiting the police station. When she knows that her husband is making an effort to adjust, she should have shown the same too.

  • Didn’t understand that intimacy bed scene…pakistani dramas r now a days making so non family content…it was so uncomfortable to see with family…were sajal and azam real life husband and wife that they r showing such intimacy

  • Great review Fatima! I did have a feeling Sultan might die especially since his wife’s change of heart. Though I had been wondering how they’d link it all to Shanaya. Let me say, I loved the way they did it! I totally agree about Sajal Ali’s overall look. It is the hair that is completely distracting me! As much as Azlan was annoying me, I must say the character with all its nuances has now grown on me. Looking forward to his growth towards spirituality. I really hope that doesn’t mean that Shanaya is going to die too 😬 I think Azka’s track will now grow into her own person as well. Let’s see how the drama progresses. At this stage it looks like an absolute must watch!

  • A very bakwas drama and cheap storyline…I just hate drama because of bold scenes.we can’t watch it with our family.