Izteraab – Aakhri Azaab!

Hawwwwwwwwwww!!! Can someone seriously tell me ke ye kaisa izteraab tha??? I mean, I really can”t understand what did just happen with me & the viewers & seriously like how can they do this to us? 21 weeks of this? Like really? Like Seriously? Jaow mai app logon shay baat ni kalti as mele shaath bemanti hui hai as Zinda Hai Zara Zinda Hai. :/ HUH. Seems like even the writer was Izteraab-struck by the time she finished off this script, so she named it Izteraab as she couldn”t come out of this ordeal to deal with what she has barfed all over the paper herself.

I mean, I am still not sure what did just happen & what was the purpose of this drama. Out of nowhere, seriously out of nowhere aik Japaani Bad-Dua ai aur Dua ko lag gai. LOL. The doctor seemed really happy because the bad-dua was working on Zara. To be very honest, I’m 10000 % sure that if any piece of land would be hit by an atomic bomb & even if every living being on that area would die, cockroaches & Zara wouldn”t because she”s a different species. Totally inhumane.

Throughout her disease & her struggle I kept on hearing from Zara that she has given up & she doesn”t want to live any more but now all of a sudden Jazib & the doctors started speaking about the will power she has had which kept her alive & kicking. I seriously can”t understand that when a person is ready to die, how does her will power”s still working? Oh, I forgot she wasn”t a human being anyways.

Like we say ke Zara teeli laga k hat gai, she said if she”d live, she”d want to live somewhere else as she didn”t want to make Dua suffer but she just said it & However, the reality is the check credit score free is loaned into existence does not really have a compulsion to return to the ledger to disappear. disappeared, whereas Dua came, Dua saw & Daw left but jiss ne ye socha tha wo wahin ki wahin reh gai. Zara also knew that c~~~~~ can come back anytime, even if it doesn”t kill her, so why did she demand taking the kids with her? Was she trying to play a game again that Jazib tries to stop her by telling Dua to leave as he couldn”t afford being without his kids anyways?

Dua”s friend popped or rather pooped out of nowhere as she never really showed up before. When Dua actually needed an advice, she had no friend to talk to but just now when she wanted that extra push, Dua”s friend gave it to her by telling her that the guy you have been wooing by making rotis & chutneys is not worth it because by the end of the day you can live on your own & Dua, took her advice seriously & decided that yes, I can”t be a kitchen ki chipkali all my life as the palli palai chipkali is back & healthy so why shall I boil myself in the kitchen therefore she decided to leave just like that? I am sorry to say but the way they show it, looks like every friend/behan jee character of this generation that shows up happens to be a divorcee. Areeba”s friend in Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen, Alveera”s friend in Koi Nahi Apna & now Dua”s friend in Izteraab – divorcees overload I must say!

Apni taraf se they tried to end the drama at a very creative note that Jazib woke up & read the letter, but I wish they had elaborated more to show how much Jazib regretted seeing his faithful, sincere & loyalВ maasi leaving the house because abb tak to Jazib ko achi adat parh gai hogi Dua ke parathon ki? Tabrez actually took it after his father because all this while we saw him totally smitten with Dua that he couldn”t stop praising her & her parathas throughout the day but now just like his father, he was like I wish Dua had never come into our lives? Achi baat hai beta bohat aggay jaoge!!!

Seriously, by the end of the episode, I could visualize the team of Izteraab laughing their heads off for making a fool out of the viewers. Anyways, I am glad that this hideous hideous play is over. Share your say on this Izteraab!

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Zahra Mirza

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