Jackson Heights – Episode 03!

Hmmm ohkay so, this was just what you need after a long day; a good episode with some witty one-liners. Even though there hasn’t been much progress in the story so far & we’re still getting to know about the characters but I still feel there’s something very appeasing about the whole Jackson Heights’ experience. It takes you to the world of its own where you can actually relate to the characters & want to understand them better. This episode did just exactly that because after a busy day, I really wasn’t sure if I’d be able to review this particular episode but I am glad, it gave me a lot of giggles to get me going.

I loved how Imran Bhatti became a partner-in-crime of Haseena Beauty Parlour’s owner Aliya, even though Salma was hesitant but Aliya; being an opportunist, grabbed the opportunity to use Imran Bhatti & his contacts to expand her business. Imran being Imran, hopped on board the moment Aliya told him the actual plan of stealth marketing. Just because he felt so much at home knowing that he had to do some off-track work where people were supporting him for ambush promotion, he felt it was his responsibility to help the parlour in need. I must say the way he carried out the marketing were the best bits of the whole episode for me undoubtedly & I feel we all can’t thank Nauman Ejaz enough for breathing life into this character.

Jamshed continued being unreasonable, harsh & at times hopeful but just like they say, the moment you stop thinking about something, it happens & in Jamshed’s case, this is exactly what he experienced. Just when he felt that he couldn’t cope up with the insults he has to face & just because he was done explaining himself to each & everybody over & over again & just when he thought may be moving to America wasn’t meant to be, he got the news of his life.

This time around the focus was definitely more on Michelle & her friend, even though she had somewhat selective scenes in this episode but it still gave us a bit that we were looking for. Michelle’s divorced & her friend is heart-broken but he still feels she isn’t ready for another relation that’s why, just like an obedient admirer, he is waiting for her. Michelle is not new to his family as everyone pretty much knows everything about her, so she feels really comfortable around her friend & his family, but what is it that’s stopping her from making another commitment? I am definitely interested to find out.

I think it was great to see Salma actually getting candid with Imran Bhatti because it was probably the first time she didn’t just ignore what he asked but felt like she wanted to answer him for all his questions. Imran’s definitely dependent on his wife for his immigration that’s why he’s putting up with her tantrums & dealing with all the negativity he has to face frequently. I think there isn’t much to his & Cathy’s relation anyways so maybe he’ll come to a decision after he’d get what he wants?

It was an interesting episode but I must say I love the casualness in all the conversations, for which after the dialogue writer, I’d give credit to all the actors for making it all seem so effortless & REAL. I enjoyed watching this episode for sure & hope you did too. Share your thoughts please.

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Zahra Mirza.

PS: Can someone please tell me the name of Adnan Jaffar’s character in this drama, as I can’t find a single scene where Michelle conversed with him using his name?

& oh yes, I wish Eid-ul-Azha Mubarik to all my dear & awesome readers. :) 
Musalmanoooonnn TIKKAY lagaoooooooooooo! :D

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