Jo Tu Chahay Episode 10 Story Review – Aflatooni Mohabbat What

Opening Thoughts – Aflatooni Mohabbat (Is that even a word/expression?)

Ohkay so, this episode of Jo Tu Chahay was pretty basic yet again. To be honest, even though they have changed the title of the drama, but still while watching this episode, I was wondering what ran through the writer’s mind that she decided to name this kind of cliched & below average story ‘Kun Faya Kun’. I remember when I heard the title, I automatically assumed that the story of this drama is going to be quite substantial, considering the kind of name it had, like these are some real powerful & meaningful words for us all, but now when I see this drama more & more, I really am glad that they have changed the title. I still feel Jo Tu Chahay is again a wrong title for it, because this drama could’ve easily passed as ‘Shadi, Khana Abadi’ or ‘Jethani Devrani Ki Jung’ or ‘Kunwari Larki Ke Khuwab’ or ‘Nashukri’ or ‘Mohallay Ki Mohabbatain’ or yes, going by what our Wise & Wicked Areesha said ‘Aflatooni Mohabbat’. Trust me, this is how basic & cliched the story of this drama is & I am still hoping that they will give me something substantial that will wow me but so far, I am feeling underwhelmed. I still feel this drama is worth watching, like even though it has a whole chunk of family politics but they still have kept it real, which makes it a decent drama to tune to but it is quite below average in terms of storyline!

Aflatooni Desperation:

After watching this episode, I am totally convinced that the story of this drama is based on desperate young girls who have been brought up with brain-feeding such as ‘miyan ke ghar jaogi to apne saray armaan puray kar lena’, because other than that I don’t see any reason behind all of them dying to get married, be it Bisma, be it Areesha or even our Bholi Masoom Shareef-e-Zamana Mashal. Every single episode shows one of them weaving the dream of getting married to the cousin-Bhaiyya-next-door. Areesha is lucky that she was the first one & this has made Bisma even more frustrated & our masoom Mashal has also tasted what it feels like to get approached by the cousin-bhaiyya-next-door & then just think about the idea of marriage, that is why she hasn’t been able to take that out of her masoomana mind.

I feel if the writer was going on the lines of making Mashal’s character like that of Kashaf from Zindagi Gulzar Hai, then she should’ve made Mashal a little different. I remember in the initial stages of Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Kashaf was full of grudges & complaints against Allah SWT too but then, her character was far more than that of an ungrateful woman who just cursed her own kismat & didn’t believe in doing the hard work. Kashaf changed her life & she did everything for her mother because she wanted to reward her for being her support system. Now this is what I will call a journey but now when I look at Mashal, going by what I have seen before in the form of Kashaf’s journey, I took Mashal’s complaining that way too because I felt she’ll snap out of this self-pity & focus on shaping her life but oh boy, for her, all of her dreams of studying & finding a job vanished into thin-air the moment Armaan ‘BHAI’ approached her. Mashal got all the more reasons to be ungrateful & indulge in self-pity because her armaan of getting married to Armaan BHAI couldn’t get materialized!!!

Areesha got her visa & now she was on cloud 9. To be honest, this entire situation was quite unrealistic where Hashir & Areesha started off with shadi ki shopping but no date was decided from Shama’s side? I mean where does a situation like this happen? Hashir is quite mature so I guess he should’ve analyzed the situation first. Also, I am not sure where does this happen too where a guy buys ticket for his wife when the official Rukhsati hasn’t taken place yet especially when this was not decided at the time of Nikkah? Anyways, Hashir has time & again proved that he is going to be there for Mashal & that he will take care of her smallest wishes too & oye hoye hoye hoyeeee, our masoom Mashal has started thinking about Hashir Bhai, oh no, I mean ‘un’. The preview made me roll my eyes so hard that I am now drinking a cup of black coffee to subside the headache. I wish they had edited out the scene where Mashal spoke about her future dreams which revolved around education & a career, rather they had shown her openly speaking about dreaming of getting married to her Cousin Charming because this is what her character has reduced to. I am not saying that dreaming about your marriage is a bad thing but to see all of these girls doing airee choti ka zorrrr for getting married, where one is going to Baba Jee, the other is glued to the window because that allows her to keep tabs on her boyfrand & this 12 year old Mashal is disappointed at one rishta getting wasted is really making all of them look like desperados!

So, Hashir has proved that he cares for Mashal & now after what he has heard where Mashal was yet again complaining to her friend, Hashir will go out of the way to do something nice for her & she will take this as an opportunity to think about ‘un’ yet again. I like how everyone tells Mashal that Hashir is her bhai but she has developed feelings for him, oh well, let’s ask Hashir what did he mix in those 2 scoops of ice-cream that Masoom Mashal ended up falling in Aflatooni Mohabbat for him? LOL!

Closing Thoughts – Aflatooni Cliched:

This episode of Jo Tu Chahay was Aflatooni One-dimensional. I guess the story overall of this drama is quite aflatooni cliched but let’s see if there’s something more to it than cousins longing for each other? *cringe alert*. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Jo Tu Chahay.

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  • Your review is much more interesting than this drama. I feel like I’ve already watched today’s episode. 5 star ⭐️ for your review

  • I have told u already no need to review this aflatooni girls drama …
    Itna acha aur standard lekhti hai aap in jaisai fazool dramo pai apna mind mat thakaao aur apnai alfaz zaaya mat karo ..
    Aur kahaan kashaf aur kaha ye masooma ..wo bht mature writing thi yaha to bus merai khwab reza reza ..

    • Haha thank you so much. Bas kabhi kabhi aisay dramas bhi review karne ka aur readers ke saath fun karne ka maza hi kuch aur hota hai. :D Waqay hi, humne to isay Kashaf type samjha tha, ye to Mashal hi nikli. ;)

  • Hi Zahra, great review and correct rating of 1.5. you spoke my mind throughout. Yes when Mashal was studying hard to get a job and be with her Aapa jee with all the complaints, it gave me also the feeling of Kashaf. I can not forget that character and the drama, that was my first drama which developed likeness of dramas in me. But no way, we can not relate this drama with that masterpiece. True, all the developments happening looks superficial. The sudden love between Armaan and Areesha than marriage then inseparable love, what the heck. Mashal, her age, study and love stories or desires to get married, is no way relatable. Only Hashir-Bisma love story was good, but that is not shown as honestly or shown as very casually where Hashir is Me. Cool, that’s why it is also non relatable. Anyways, i have lost interest in this drama more when i see the preview saying “un” by Mashal for Hashir. Oh god, save me.

    • Thank you so much Aamer for sharing your thoughts. I honestly took all of Mashal’s complaining thinking she will do something for herself & prove everyone wrong but here, her track has taken a different turn & she is nowhere near Kashaf. Bisma & Hashir’s track is definitely better but then it is nothing new either. Let’s see what more do they have in store for us.

  • 12 year old Mashal? Come on Zahra g that 12 year old is going to romance with Ahad Raza Mir in her next play…btw they have started to cast these teenage girls in much older roles which doesn’t look fit… starting from Iqra Aziz and then Aiman, Minaal, Hina Altaf and now Alizeh shah. They all are really wonderful actresses but it’s just they don’t look mature enough except for Iqra Aziz who btw now looks a little more matured. Anyways this drama is just another run of the mill show. It is written by Qaisara Hayat and I know how limited she is as a writer. She doesn’t do any innovation at all. I Don’t know why all these girls are desperate. I Know one thing that only those girls dream about marriage all the time who are bad at studies and doesn’t do much household work. It’s a decent watch with predictable storyline. I don’t know but maybe Hashir is dumb. Did you notice how weirdly Mashal kept glancing at him when he gave her the suit. I was like wth girl? Ye bhaiyya saiyyan mein tabdeel ho rahy hain? Aesa to hum larkon mein hota ha k hum apni kisi cousin ko behan samjty rehty hain lekin 1 din ammi kehti hain k behan ni ha ub wo aur fooran hum usy 2sri nazar se dekhny lag party hain…

    • LOL @ Bhaiyya Saiyyan mai tabdeel ho raha hai, lol, no other way to put it aptly. I was honestly shocked when I saw Mashal talking about having feelings for Hashir. I mean how is she any different from Areesha or Bisma? I know falling in love doesn’t mean that you are not masoom but they have shown Areesha & Bisma’s love as a state of desperation but when it comes to Mashal, all is justified? Yes, I stated 12 year old Mashal because this is how masoom she has been shown in this drama. Alizeh Shah is an eye-candy, that is why she is getting good projects for sure. Let’s hope she works on her acting skills too.

      • She is too young to be considered for such roles. The only reason I had hardly watched this drama is this little girl who is playing role of a 20 year old in the attire of 12 years old. She is pretty, innocent looks but doesnot go good with these type of characters where she is falling in love and desperate to get married as we witnessed in ishq tamasha. I literally feel bad as to what msg these dramas are conveying to little girls?? Qaisra Hayat is a good writer but this time she failed and so did the director.

  • I am actually not watching this drama but I do read your reviews on it sometimes. I must say that your above review was so hilarious, absolutely loved it!! Seriously, why try to make it so meaningful when it isn’t so far!

  • Loved this review…made me LOL so hard I’m afraid some of the water on my mouth came out my nose. I agree with both your review and rating…and yet… there’s something about this drama that makes it very watchable (to me at least).

    • Hahah thank you so much. I am glad I made you laugh after this boring episode. ;) I know, this is what I have said too, I still feel this drama is watching material but not reviewing material. Like it is not one of those dramas that don’t give you a reason to tune to them, you actually want to see more, but I am sure it is because all of the other characters & not Mashal.

  • Hahahaha 🤣 Totally agree with every single word.Apaa Jee bhi bohat ba-roub aur wise dikhayi gayi hain lekin Armaan aur Areesha ki shaadi ka aamirana decision jis pe koi bhi raazi nahin hai 😒 Quite biased with most annoying Mashal.😑 lack of substance in the story.Sometimes acting seems pretty basic too expect for Nargis Rasheed.

    • Yes, in the initial episodes, it did look alright because they were showing how cruel Mashal’s relatives were & why her whining was justified but now it looks more like their story than Mashal’s. Time to move on please!

  • They could also name it “Khandani Shadiyaan” or “Ghar Ki Baat Ghar Main”- for contextual reference, I posted this comment on twitter today:
    From the OST and foreshadowing, I think she’s going to be Hashir’s 2nd wife. It’s like there’s nobody outside of the family. They’re going to have 1 brother’s son and daughter marrying the 2nd brother’s son and daughter and the 3rd brother’s daughter become a third wheel. 🤯

  • The girl playing Areesha played a similar role – Vareesha in another Hum TV drama. She was equally annoying there too. I find it disturbing that dramas continue to push the concept of shadi and desperation hand in hand. Mashal needs to stop whining to get her point across- we know! She’s an orphan and feels neglected. Let’s move past that. It was so annoying seeing her falling for another bhai! Geez! Seriously this drama is a pure waste of time.

    • Omg really? Areesha & Vareesha? I think the casting directors can’t do much either since she has that kind of look suited for such characters.

      I am tired of Mashal & her whining. Kal tak she was desperate to study & get a job but now she is eager to get married but oh well, her desperation will be brushed under the carpet since she has Appa Jee’s backing. I kind of understand where Shama comes from. Too much meesnapan displayed by Mashal & then tactfully covered by Appa Jee. 😂😂😂

  • Jo tu chahy drama ki episode 11 ku nhi upload hoi ???? I am still waiting for new episode…. Kia kl new episode nhi lgi kia…. Koi btaye ga plzzzzzz