Jugnoo – Episode 15!

Ohkay so, to be honest, as much as I take Jugnoo as a light hearted entertaining drama, I really think they need to move on. I am sure they might be having some new things to offer but they are now making it look like they have run out of story & are now just dragging the drama for the sake of reaching the 20 episode mark. I have always enjoyed the spontaneity of this drama but to be honest, last few episodes have offered us nothing new. All the episodes seem to have a similar pattern, where Jugnoo tries hard to be with Zulfi, Zulfi is being brain-fed, Tanveer & Baba Sahab are planning & plotting, Kissho is whining & in the end, we get to see some supposed comical scenes where Jugnoo’s putting up a show at Zulfi’s house, that’s it but to be honest, even those scenes have started to look forced because they don’t stir a laughter anymore. I really think they need to move things on because the drama has started to lose its charm & it ain’t fun watching repeat telecast of every previous episode, every single week.

Looks like Kissho is about to have a baby because a lot of their conversations are revolving around that subject. They think they might not have one but eventually this is what will happen to bring both Rafique & Kissho together. I loved the way Rafique gave a piece of his mind to Kissho & her sisters. To be honest, I find him right this time because he actually tries to make things right but Kissho doesn’t want anything good to happen to her. I have started losing the sympathy that I once used to have with her because looks like she herself doesn’t want her life to be smooth & she invited all these problems in her life herself.

Zulfi really needs to get a life or sleep a deep sleep because he is so brain-dead that it’s not even funny. Looks like he can process things rightly but he doesn’t want to & I have no idea why everyone is fixated with him. What’s the point of undoing something that Zulfi has been done. Yes, Baba Sahab & Tanveer are blinded by the rage & their egos but then, I find their dialogues so monotonous that I know I don’t even have to listen to what they are saying because there’s nothing new in it.

Of all the people, Zulfi annoys me the most. He not only is spineless but he has no brains as well, that is why he chose to believe what Tanveer said & even followed his command & started doubting Jugnoo, how stupid is that? As much as I love Jugnoo’s character that she is tackling everything on her own, I really don’t think there was a need to make Zulfi’s character so spineless. I think our writers need to find a perfect balance because normally, if a guy is too head-strong, the girl is brain-dead & in this drama, it’s the opposite. I feel the writers overdo the extremity in the characters which they should avoid because only then people can enjoy the situations both the main leads are involved in.

The preview of the next episode suggested that Ayesha is talking about how Zulfi doesn’t support & stand for Jugnoo, then I need to ask, when she knows Zulfi in & out, why did she want her younger sister to get married to such a guy? In the initial episodes we found out that Tanveer wants Zulfi to stay at some distance because he didn’t want any partner in the business, so why is he so focused on parting Zulfi from Jugnoo? Isn’t it an ideal situation for Tanveer to just let both Zulfi & Jugnoo be, because that way, Zulfi will remain too distracted to even think of joining the family business? Anyways, I really hope the story moves on & if not, then the drama ends within next couple of episodes. Share your say with us please.

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