Khaas Episode 9 Story Review – Getting Better

Opening Thoughts – Interesting:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khaas was good as it showed the ray of hope making its way into Saba’s life in the form of Fakhir. Even though it is the beginning but it sure is going to have a huge impact in Saba’s life & that will be interesting to see. The direction of Khaas has surely improved & it is turning out to be a decent drama to tune to week after week.

Ammar Is Troubled But No One Can See:

I will say that Sarwat Nazeer deserves to be commended for coming up with such a difficult & complex character like Ammar. It is interesting to note how she has balanced his negativity with all of these positive traits that he carries on the surface because of which Saba finds it very hard to convey it to her family & friends about the issues she has with Ammar. It is like no one around Ammar can actually understand the problems he might be putting Saba through because on the surface he seems to be the most genuine, sincere, caring & harmless husband but the reality in front of Saba is totally different. It is because of the impression that Ammar has created in front of others, that Saba will have a hard time making everyone believe what he is actually like as no one will believe a word that she’d say. Since Ammar does so much for Saba financially like gifting her all those expensive gifts, he feels he is doing more than enough for Saba & she should be thankful to him for spoiling her with materialistic things. Ammar fails to see the problem in himself & that is why he feels that Saba is just ungrateful. It sure is commendable how the writer has created a balance in Ammar’s personality because it blurs all of the things that are wrong with him!

Ammar went out of the way for Faraz & the moment he dealt with everything, Faraz couldn’t stop praising Ammar, which means a liberal & supportive father like Faraz will also tell Saba to stay in this relationship. Faraz will obviously fail to see an issue with Ammar because of his impression management.

Saba has made up her mind that she is going to find a job & she landed herself an offer too but then she knows Ammar will give her a hard time. Ammar’s mother has started to speak in favour of Ammar quite a lot as even she thinks Saba doesn’t know how to make Ammar happy.

So, Fakhir got to meet Saba & he could clearly see & feel everything that Saba was going through. Fakhir being a sensitive person who is in touch with his emotions knew exactly what Ammar was putting Saba through, it was enough for Fakhir to meet them only once to understand their equation. Ammar continued to put Saba down in front of Fakhir & Saba was just infuriated. Fakhir left quite an impression on Saba, even though he didn’t try at all but considering the kind of situation Saba is in right now, even the subtlest of gestures are going to move her emotionally. Saba was taken aback by the sketch as it definitely came as a pleasant surprise. The very next unexpected meeting of Saba & Fakhir again made Saba realize that there was someone out there who could read her face & understand what she was going through. Fakhir didn’t try to impress Saba or anything, he was just being himself in front of her & that kind of forced Saba to think about him as well as the fact that he could actually understand her & her state of mind. I must say even though we all know that Saba & Faakhir will end up together, the way Faakhir made his way into Saba’s life was done convincingly. It could have looked forced or something but the writer made sure to not let that happen.

Closing Thoughts – Getting Better:

Overall, Khaas is surely getting better with each passing episode & because of more detailing the issues between Saba & Ammar are now coming across as serious issues & not self-created assumptions of Saba. Sanam Baloch at times seems too tired & lethargic, which actually adds more screen age to her. Also, I guess there was no need for Saba to dress up so much in the scene where she was only going to inform her friend about the job offer that she has got. I wonder how far she will take it when she will actually get the job. Anyways, all the actors are doing well. Also yes, my assumption was right, Nida likes Fakhir so I guess in the future we can totally see her turning into a typical nand when she will see Fakhir not reciprocating her feelings while being friendly with Saba. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khaas.

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